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i thought we couldn’t do it put that big pizza in there put that on broil keep it open we got an eye on the pizza in the oven it’s looking like a big cheesy tongue sticking out of my oven my oven’s ready to lick your mom’s with his pizza tongue look how big this slice of pizza is right now just take in how big this slice of pizza is i want to know you think we’re [ __ ] around today it’s just a question take a good look do you think we’re [ __ ] around today in the kitchen what we’re gonna do with this is we’re gonna take this big slice of pizza and we’re gonna wrap up a big ass meatball sub it’s like a stromboli a meatball stromboli except it’s next level kitchen [ __ ] bro on a whole new game hey paisanos it’s a super stromboli super show making epic meals ain’t cheap in fact it’s pretty expensive way more expensive than you get paid from youtube when you do the type of [ __ ] that we do every single day so today’s episode is sponsored by hellofresh canada’s most popular meal kit it’s the convenience that really can’t be beat you have 22 different meals to choose from every single week i got three laid out right now and i’m gonna choose one this is the bad boy that i’ve selected that we’re gonna eat right now herby italian chicken with pesto pasta salad and green beans so easy i could cook it myself come here let’s do it oh you want convenience of course you do can’t have your mom cut your crust for you your whole life brother we got a choice of meals but let me show you how fast we can bang out an herby italian chicken with pesto salad and green beans for your jazz we finna make this chicken italian well i just cooked this in fact it was very easy and convenient for me to cook and now i get to enjoy my own delicious cooking that’s delicious that’s convenient check out the link in our description right now to get 80 off and free shipping back in the kitchen back with the beef no games [ __ ] we’re making the tightest meatballs you’ve never seen using your mama’s muffin rack to make these meatballs shapely like baseballs oh and you thought we were done with these meatballs no it’s time to put them in a marinara jacuzzi give them a little heat now this part you got to be real careful you want to make sure you still keep that base in the back intact this is where this is where a lot of chefs i am victim to it too we will not respect an oven’s broil if you turn your back on a broil game over your meal could be being done in a second so this time amir learns 10 years later keep your eye on the broil and that’s why we got a mirror here because that’s the only guy i know that doesn’t blink amir doesn’t have to blink me on the other hand i blink a lot because my eyes are really close together and deep inside my skull and now that i pointed it out it’s all you’re gonna notice you know since 2010 i’ve had my ups and downs the channel has had their ups and downs chef atari’s had his ups and downs heck youtube itself has had its ups and downs but you know what’s been consistent this entire time can bakers should say baby hey someone’s gotta pay the bills right now we gotta encase our baking strips and hold them in place with some mozzarella cheese oh just like that sexy cheese we made a meatball sub but now we’re taking that meatball sub and we’re wrapping it inside of a gigantic slice of cheese pizza sickest roller in the game since 1998. we straight up rolling up a meatball backwoods baby let me tell you something over a billion views we’ve gotten 7 million subscribers like 20 times you think i give up what you tell me in the comments route you can’t take this back from me ten years later you don’t watch i don’t give a [ __ ] and that’s why i’m chilling in the kitchen making the tightest meatballs you’ve ever seen wrapping it in a [ __ ] pizza and calling it a dead at the office you don’t get to take from me now you don’t get to take [ __ ] it’s too late write it in the comments oh you got a suggestion suck the sauce bosses sorry baby the rules have been set the game has been played and epic meal time’s on top i don’t give a [ __ ] about a subscriber count boy i live my life i live my life this episode gets 100 000 likes the next time muscle’s glass is going to be on the episode and trust me she’s not going to be happy [Applause] [Music] me
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