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Pilates Butt And Thigh Burnout – Squat Free Pilates Workout For A Lifted, Round Butt & Toned Thighs

hey guys it’s Kelly from Fitness winter comm today I have a butt and thigh workout for you that doesn’t involve a single lunge or squat we’re going to be doing about seven different exercises for 40 seconds apiece there’s no rest time no breaks this is a very quick transition so go ahead and grab your mat and we’ll get started our first exercise is going to be rear leg lift so you’re going to go ahead and get down on your forearms so that your weight is here and your knees putting strain that leg out behind you and we’re going to be just living straight up without rotating our torsos go ahead and start so you should be feeling this right in your glutes make sure you contracting that muscle the whole time so you’re getting the most out of exercise keep your toe pointed and again only go up as far as you can without having to open your hips up remember we’re doing this for 40 seconds on each side of the body a good breathing pattern is breathing out on the way up in on the way down out on the way up make sure you’re not holding your breath about five seconds left three two gone switch right over to that other side straighten the leg go up towards the ceiling keep those toes pointed just barely tap the foot to the ground if anything you don’t actually have to go all the way down to make sure you really squeeze that topper intervention I have about 15 seconds left next up we’re going to do the same motion on this on both sides but we’re going to bend at the knee and just poke poke upwards for the ceiling just at the top of the range of motion to make it really burn to run all right switch back to the other leg then and just poke right there so it really burns keep the toe pointed just a really small range of motion this is where you want to make sure you’re not holding your breath this is going to really start to burn if you’re doing it right make sure you’re not using jerky motions be really smooth about it that’s half way 10 seconds 5 I’m going to switch quickly over to the other side to 9 and switch it same motion just straight up nice and with Mike nice and controlled this this side hurts a little bit worse because of the supporting work it was doing with that first round on the opposite side how about 15 seconds left remember to breathe here’s five four three two gun now stay down and take this leg and tap on the other side of your body and go all the way out so you should feel this on the outside of your glutes just working a different range of motion different group there’s three different muscles that make up the glutes so you want to make sure you’re hitting all of them out and then cross and tap out there’s fifteen seconds five seconds get ready to switch to the other side okay let’s have on the outside of the body all the way up to the other side of the body just try to get a full range of motion without you definitely don’t want to feel any pain and you shouldn’t be putting your back in any awkward positions either halfway a couple more reps 5 seconds to 1 alright your step we’re doing blue circles so stay down at the top of this this should be the bottom of your circle make a circle in each direction so your just any spot that wasn’t sore should be sore after that you should make that really bird try to keep your back and your hips level stationary keep it all in that glute muscle just 10 seconds left all right switch sides up make that circle make sure you’re alternating each time each rep should be going the opposite direction we feel that in the hamstrings the backs of your thighs as well and inhale on one way around and exhale on the other ten seconds left – one there you go okay so see answer straighten your leg and we’re going to do hamstring poles so this is one you really need to focus on contracting everything if you’re doing it right it should really hurt focus on controlling it and squeezing the entire time you should feel this not only in your butt but also in the back seam your thighs keep your leg up nice and high the entire time as high as you can without rotating three two one switch it that leg up level with rest your body and then extend squeeze the entire way through contract your core make sure you’re not holding your breath exhale away from your body inhale to arms exhale away we have about five seconds left and then we’re going to go into a basic black bow or Superman which everything good call again you’re going to want to focus mostly I’m squeezing those lips so come up and then go down losing both upper and lower body off of your mouth I have just one more after this we’re going to do a hold of this motion and really make it barred we’re going to hold it for 40 seconds ten seconds left five to around here we go hold it right here you can bring your arms in here so make it easier or you can pull them all the way back in here since this is a button fly workout you want to focus mostly on getting those thighs as far off the ground as you can so if you’re starting to struggle instead of lowering here pull in here okay that’s half way make sure you’re not holding your breath this is a really easy one to hold your breath on that I don’t want you passing out all going at home ten seconds left five four three two none mmm here we go all right nice job guys this workout is complete you
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