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Pikmi Pops Doughmi Surprise Packs

[Music] today on unbox daily we are taking a look at pikmi pop surprise dummies we found these at target for 10.99 each for ages 5 and up wait a minute did you say 10.99 each those better be some good donuts i mean domeys there are over 40 to collect they are jellyfield and you crack and reveal it’s a jelly pick me center inside we will find a sweet scented donut plush jelly pick me and three surprises each one comes wrapped in plastic and it says look out for squish and rise domies each one comes wrapped in plastic on the back there is a plastic pull tab ah you would think i would be getting good at this by now and a paper sleeve i think this can come off too and you’re left with a giant plastic donut i’m getting all of these unwrapped so i can make my own doughy shop come on come on to the froggy domy shop one dummy please sure which one would you like purple with green sprinkles blue with pink sprinkles or pink with a pink drizzle um surprise me okay one pikmi pop surprise coming up whoa it’s mine oh mine we have to crack open the center to reveal the jelly filling and yeah that was pretty easy here is the jelly ew this is super squishy but it’s not sticky so that’s pretty cool but there are more surprises so let’s open the donut the scent is very strong i can already smell it and our donut is wrapped up in this plastic so let’s see which one we have is it open no i gotta rip into the plastic ah there we go and our domi is oh it’s a little bee there are more surprises in the bottom this is a ring it’s like an ice cream cat our second surprise is it’s a donut charm and this is it looks like a couple of bracelets or maybe use it to attach your domi to your book bag here are the names of our domies beelish the bee and jelly there is a collector’s guide that tells you all of the scents and the availability looks like beelish is common our last surprise is a set of stickers i’m trying to figure out what the smell is without looking it smells like i want to say like a caramel or vanilla oh i was way off it’s custard cream we can store all of the little pieces inside of the domey case for safe keeping that was my first domi experience let’s open some more gotta find that jelly filling this looks a lot like the one we already have yep it’s jelly the llama again gotta find out which domain we have hopefully this is a new one yes this is a new one it’s a cat this is definitely some kind of chocolate smell yep it is monkey the kitten and it is a chocolate cream let’s check out those surprises oh we have a little tiny domi it sounds like there’s something inside can we pull this apart yep it has a filling i just realized this is a doll size domi i’ll take that thank you then we have another ring bracelets and stickers come on new jelly filling and is that different color i think it’s a different color i think it’s purple it’s a rare tips the turtle if we have a rare jelly pigment maybe we have a rare domy this time i’m using scissors and our domi is a crab this one has a very fruity smell i’m i’m thinking this may be like a blueberry yep it’s the rare appy the hermit crab with a berry glaze that i like a lot better than the chocolate we have another doll size domi with filling and an eraser domi the bracelets seem pretty standard as well as the stickers i don’t know why i keep calling these bracelets i’m pretty certain they are so you can attach your domi to things our fourth one is another purple feeling wait this is different it is the rare snow the snail so we might have another rare dummy and what is that like a turtle the smell is not that strong it’s kind of like a vanilla this is the rare tux the turtle and the smell is classic glaze so awesome it came with another domi eraser a tag and shiny stickers tux the turtle stickers and bracelets come on special edition nope this is common buzzle the bee and the domi is whoa just realized there is a perforated edge at the top okay so we have a penguin who smells like the classic glaze whoa i was way off this is coconut dipped and pipski the penguin who comes with another doll size domi a ring bracelets and stickers we are down to our very last one and we have what i believe is an ultra rare jelly pick me i could be wrong but i think this might be the zebra or the sea otter well the only way to find out is to open up the rest ah come on there we go this is the moment of truth it’s a walrus and it has sparkles so that must mean it’s special it is special edition boston the walrus and it is squish and rise we have another doll size dummy a tiny penguin the jelly was the sea otter and we have the usual stuff you can also find small domies these are 4.99 each whoa there’s some fine print here warning scented product discontinues if an allergic reaction occurs used under adult’s revision use and evolves in a way the area keep away from heat sparks and naked flames discard the product if content leaks if swallowed the content do not increase vomiting seek immediate medical advice rinse skin immediately in the event of contact with pellets flush eyes with water in case of contact with pellets if irritation persists or rash occurs seek medical advice caution do not eat whoa lots of important information there so be sure to always read the fine print the smaller ones do not have a jelly filling you just open it up to see you’re domi this is pouty the llama inside there is a collector’s guide a string and a little information the donut case is considered a part of the toy there are different cases and these also come in common rare special edition and limited edition let’s see who we have this time it’s another fuzzy one it’s zeppo the hedgehog i like the different textures on the smaller ones and the hedgehog is rare maybe we’ll get a special or a limited edition this time nope it’s just sweets the rhino common this is our very last small domey and it is dunk the koala and this is definitely chocolate another chocolate cream i think the scents are very strong the dummies are adorable you can have fun stacking them we can totally find ways to use them in the dollhouse they can totally be floor pillows and i can use it kind of like a bobby for my little brother hey froggy didn’t you have something like this when you fell ice skating and almost broke your tailbone thanks jade thank you for joining us while we took a look at pikmi pop surprise dummies like comment share and subscribe don’t forget to ring the bell and follow us on instagram at my froggy stuff and the frog vlog and we will see you next time for another unbox daily and that’s our collection for now [Music] [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4WkiYADltc

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