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Pigeon Pose – Yoga With Adriene

hey everybody and welcome to yoga with adrian i am adrian and today we are going to learn one of my favorite poses pigeon or one-legged pigeon super yummy posture i know i say that a lot but it really is a yummy posture sorry i can’t stop saying yummy let’s hop on the mat and learn pigeon okay so we’re going to begin on all fours and i’m going to take my left toes extend through my left leg take a deep breath in spreading through the toes and on an exhale i’m going to carve a line with my left knee all the way up towards the front of the bat you can also come into this posture from downward facing dog but today i’m going to take it nice and slow i’m going to take my right toes now draw a line straight down towards the bottom edge of my mat so now i’m kind of in a half split here one legged pigeon from here i’m going to press up and out of my fingertips so i’m already beginning to create a little bit of support in my spine so i’m not just collapsing into my hips or collapsing into my bones no dead weight but i’m maintaining that lift in the heart here that open chest now i’m going to take my attention to my left heel my left foot i’m going to slowly walk my left foot towards the right edge of the mat nice and slow i can’t all the time in in yoga and in life but really especially here i advise you to go nice and slow and be mindful so let the pose unfold no dropping into anything here so left toes are crawling towards the right edge and it’s here that i maybe come into my palms and i bring my awareness now to the left hip i’m not forgetting about this this right leg okay in my opinion we often just kind of forget about this leg when we can really engage through the top of this right foot supporting so i’m opening up through the right hip crease and then i’m finding that external rotation in the left hip so i have two things going on in in each leg i’m breathing finding that lift in the heart now if you’re nowhere near this i wasn’t always able to drop into this this uh deep of a posture here so couple things you can stay lifted again that’s why maintaining this this space in the chest and this kind of integrity from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone uh is important so that we’re not just dropping in straining anything uh in the knee or in those hips we can use a block here to stay up this may be the pose for a long time for you breathing slowly again releasing into the posture letting it unfold rather than driving it in you can have the block at any level sometimes if you don’t have a block you can use the wall just kind of a little steady you know support to go a little deeper so i might just stay here breathing softening on the exhale keeping the heart lifted on the inhale to go a little further again i’m going to bring my awareness to the front of that right hip keep crease come on to my fingertips here i can keep my block there for the next step and i’m going to want to make sure that i don’t roll onto my outer edge of the hip so right now i’m letting you see the opening of the right hip crease but in a second i’ll switch and we’ll look at this external rotation of the hip but for now i’m trying to stay centered here pressing into the top of that back foot for a little stability and then i believe i believe i believe i believe uh i’ll begin i don’t know why i said believe i’ll begin to slowly melt the heart down i can just bring the palms to the mat against using my arms to support or maybe in time i come to the forearms voila maybe in time i come to rest all the way on the forehead again in time letting the pose unfold or use my block or any of those steps along the way it’s nice sometimes a little restorative to rest the forehead a couple of extra action points so we already talked about uh keeping that engaging quality in the back leg same thing with this foot here keep a little bit of a brightness my buddy christie always asked me what do you mean by brightness i mean a little bit of energy a little bit of awareness in that left foot so this will protect the knee keep everything engaged often you’ll see especially with the internet these days you’ll see people with a nice open leg here kind of right angle that’s fabuloso if you’re very flexible in your hips so be mindful of where you’re at maybe drawing this heel in as close as the groin to begin and then slowly slowly in time again letting it unfold walking it out just seeing where you’re at keeping those shoulders drawing down and away from the ears shoulder blades in together and then finding your pigeon pose i’m going to press into the palms to come up i’m going to curl my back toes under come back to all fours i can take a quick downward dog here if i like i just want to show the other side by extending the right toes out and then carving a line with the right knee in i’m saying on the center line here as i allow my left toes now to go towards the back edge of the mat and again breathing into that left hip crease and then i slowly start to inch my right toes out towards the left edge of the mat and then each side is different of course so be mindful of that again i can use the block here or the wall for a little support keeping the heart lifted here long belly shoulder blades in together and down if this hip starts to externally rotate over maybe lift up a little bit so we can start to to unfold that space so if we’re just kind of hanging on the hip we’re kind of teeing ourselves a little bit of the stretch of the opening so maybe come up a little bit engage the belly navel to spine opening the chest drawing the shoulders down we can also take a block and bring it to the hip here for a little support oh that is great long smooth deep breaths or i can keep my block here for stability and use a blankie to kind of support here lifting the earth up to my hip to my bum and then same thing here keeping the chest open i can find what feels good ding finding what feels good here forehead on the block maybe coming to the forearms in due time maybe you’re rocking and rolling today you’re going to bring the forehead all the way down and find a mudra so just experimenting but being mindful no matter what same thing here i press into the palms lift back to all fours to come out and then send it back extended child’s pose okay so that was one-legged pigeon or pigeon pose a great hip opener great heart opener i love pigeon it’s also the name of one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bands tennis pigeon it’s a good song check it out if you have any questions or comments please leave it below in the comment box i love hearing your feedback um if you haven’t subscribed to the channel subscribe to the channel already hop on the newsletter bandwagon and like us on facebook if you haven’t already so you don’t miss anything thank you so much enjoy pidgin and namaste you
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