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Perfect Polish Pierogi With Damian Kordas | Jamie Oliver

Hey guys, Jamie here and today I am
cooking with my polish friend Damian. We have been meaning to cook together for one year. I’m gonna tell you about that in a minute, but we’re gonna cook the most delicious pierogies. Pierogi. Pierogi? Pierogi. Pierogi? Perfect. It’s with mashed potatoes, smoked cheese, cranberry jam and we eat on Christmas time. Let me just explain who Damian is. He’s won Master Chef in Poland right, he’s published in the last two years, 3 cook books. Tell them what happened. It’s complicated, I tagged my photo
on Instagram and tell my followers to do the same. Basically I got stalked by about 500 thousand Polish people and in the end I had to find him and then we agreed to meet and to cook, and today is the day. So we start with the pastry? We use the flour, it’s important to use warm water. Just a tablespoon of oil. And then you just kneed this for like two, three, four minutes until it’s smooth? Yes, now give it a rest. I have a tip when you boil your water, here’s your bowl. Yeah. So heat it up? Yes and then this warm bowl. And now half hour. So let it relax. Yes. We can now make your filling. That’s right. So we have an onion finely sliced and we’re gonna fry these onions in clarified butter. Yes, a little bit of salt. When did you discover your passion for cooking? I always watch my grandma while she’s cooking. And what’s her name? Fela. Fela? Yes. Fela! From me and Damien. We’re making your pierogi, Fela! Smoked cheese. I’ve never seen the cheese like. This is the traditional Polish cheese, very popular in mountain in Poland. Yeah, can I try? Yes of course. It almost feels like, like a firm mozzarella. Yes. But smoked, delicious. Yes, yes. So I guess any good cheese that melts is gonna be delicious, right? Yes right cheddar, smoked cheddar, it’s really perfect. So what’s next Damian? Yes here’s our a mashed potato. We add our grated oscypek. About three or four tablespoons of cottage cheese. This is cranberry jam and onion we can add. Okay now mix it. Nutmeg just a little. Pepper just a little. Just a little he said, just a little. So using some cream? Yes. Delicious. This is exciting. This dough have to be thin. How do I know when it’s thin enough? When you see your finger under there dough. We can cut it. Start to fill it. How much? More. More? Yes So you pull it up like this? Yes. Pinch the sides together first. Yes. Like this and then do you do anything else do you any, oh nice little pinches. Okay. So if it’s Christmas time and if pierogies are important. Yeah. And if the whole family is sitting down making pierogies, do they have a little vodka or little you know? In Christmas Eve you can’t drink before the first star in the sky. In Christmas Eve. Look I know a lot of Polish people and I’ve never seen them look at the stars before they have a drink. They have a drink when they want to have a drink. This is very traditional thing. Yeah I believe you. So what time is the first star? About six, seven. At night? Yeah. That’s quite early. We have some boiling water here, pierogi go in and then we fry. Yes. Clarified butter. So the pierogis are floated to the top. That’s right so then one minute and it’s done. Okay. And then how long do you fry them for my friend? Until they’re golden? Yes. Ohh look at that. You have the crispy side and the soft
side. Yes. Sour cream, chives and that’s it. So now is it the time? What would you normally drink with this in Poland. Don’t say a cup of tea. No, milk or sour milk, soy milk? Okay. This one is later. Okay. The stars are not out yet, okay I forgot. Delicious. It’s got sweet, it’s got salty, it’s smoky, it’s soft, it’s crunchy. If you love dumplings, if you love gyoza then you’ve got to go and get yourself some Polish pierogi! Yes pierogi, all of his details are in the link below. Now we’re gonna have some milk. Sour milk. Beer.
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