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Perfect Fish Pie | Jamie Oliver

hello lovely people I hope you well okay we’re gonna make fish pie an absolutely great British classic there’s many many variations I’ve written a whole load of recipes over the years but this one it’s super creamy nice big chunks of fish the feta cheese the spinach and the pea works totally well I do it for my family all the time I’ve got one pot on here with some boiling water I’ve got one tray on here now the beginning of the story starts with a little tablespoon of olive oil in a cold pan let it heat up and I’m going in with one russia of smoked bacon now I know you might be thinking why one Russia okay I don’t want bacon in the fish pie per se but I do want that incredible smoky flavor then I’m gonna use some spring onions right a slightly sweeter flavor we’re gonna get in there we go in with the spring onions now this is a clean carrot actually there’s no benefit in peeling it whatsoever so I’m just going to slice it lengthwise this beginning where we’re just sort of sweating off the veg that actually caramelizes the natural sugars so in we go with the carrots this is parsley really really fresh one of the best bits of a fish pie other than the fish is the beautiful potato II top right and I want to pimp it not just in flavor and visual appeal but also nutritionally I want to give you more stuff that’s good for your body so what do we do first up the tip is don’t peel it the most nutritional part of the potato is the skin so the potatoes go into some boiling water now potatoes are classed as a starchy carb they’re not bad for you but if you have too much of them that can be a bit of a problem so by going 50/50 sweet potato and potato we’re really you know doing cool stuff well boil that until they’re just sort of softened and cooked so the potato cooked let’s drain those that steam sort of going is really important so don’t start mashing it straight away just leave it for a couple of minutes so let’s talk about fish you want about 600 grams of fish right so I’ve got 500 grams of salmon 100 of prawns you can take that completely away and just reflect what is good in your local fishmonger that’s right what I want to do is just chunk it up into bite-sized pieces we need to turn these veggies into the base of a truly delicious sauce so the way I’m going to do that is we’re gonna add some flour two tablespoons of flour go in and that’s your thickening agent so we’ll mix that up and now we can start to add 600 mils of milk don’t add it all at once otherwise it will just not work and it will start to thicken and this is going to give you that lovely silky thickness 2 teaspoons of English mustard are gonna kick this party up I’ve got frozen peas and frozen spinach I’ve got 400 grams of each as I heat these up in here they just start to kind of melt and this sauce will just go really green when I go in with the peas now and with the fish right the salmon and the prawns turn the heat off now we don’t really need to cook that at all we’re just literally mixing it up that’s kind of perfect now but I’m thinking there’s gonna be a bit dry when it’s actually cooked you just pop a little bit of water or milk I’m just gonna stir that through there’s 125 grams of feta cheese its seasons the whole dish beautifully so mash up the potatoes and sweet potatoes you know don’t overly mash it I quite like seeing the two different colors I definitely give it a nice little season of salt and some pepper and now let’s top it sprinkle it on the top and you don’t have to take it right to the edge the reason I’ve done this is because I kind of wanted like a little mountain range right and the more peaks and troughs the more surface area the more crispy bits I’m gonna wet it’s in the oven ah come on look blipping all around the sides nice and juicy crispy crispy crisp I always go for the corner because I get double crispy bits that’s just our secret right so don’t go and tell anyone that it’s a really really good one so a nice little salad wedge of lemon let’s have a little try super creamy the topping with the sweet potato in the potato is really really good nice little tip there the feta cheese which is quite unusual in a fish pie works totally well if you want to know more about my new book super food family classic click the I box up there and enjoy thank you you
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