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Papua Nutella – Handle It

this how I read I can’t read a book unless it’s up on a shelf my eyes don’t work from any other distance it’s nice-looking cookbook go order yourself a cookbook welcome to handle it instructional cooking show brought to you by Epic Meal Time I’m cousin Dave today I’m gonna teach you how to make some Nutella pots papua new teller papua so I hope you had dinner already if you didn’t you’re a psychopath skipping dinner going right to dessert slow the [ __ ] down go watch one of our other videos that teaches you how to make something for dinner and then come back here and we’ll make some papua new Tellez pause right over here for all of the tools and ingredients you’re gonna need to get the job done today including the epic meal time cooking arsenal go to shop tada every mealtime calm get yourself cooking Arsenal right away and then once it arrived in the mail we resume play on the video and follow along in this recipe could take seven weeks for sure alright first step is I am going to chop and fry some bacon because we’re making candy bacon insert bacon into pan you know like full Alec French Canadians go to Florida yeah Norwegians go to pan alright now that the bacon is to pan we’re gonna let it sit there for a bit but leave that alone for now because it’s gonna take some time I am going to use a food processor to chop up all these cookies leave five cookies aside do not shut up and crush all your goddamn cookies because then you’re gonna be left with your chip in your hand having to finish off these Nutella balls with your penis back to cookies thanks to science and technology men back to the bacon frying these need to be at a full ten on ten on the Josh Elkins scale of bacon cooking this the second you don’t respect to scale that’s when you’ve got all right now that our cookies are crushed up grab yourself two heaping spoonfuls of Nutella and just come off into this thing here right here this is a metric heat give it a little you could smell all of it right now just follow along that’s the point of the show you didn’t take that half cup of cream cheese slam it in there oh they’re becoming balls they can Sun cooking got myself a little cinnamon brown sugar mixture right here dump it right into the pan give it a full stir hey that’s good candy bro who’s that guy now all I need is a baking tray some aluminum foil and a little bit of this stuff little spray just so that it doesn’t stick you know those cookies we put we put to bed before well they’re back they are back and they are ready to on just want a basic little crush and get them on there what this is gonna do is it’s gonna add a nice little bit of texture you can do little balls if you want you can do tiny little like 14 tiny little balls or you can do real man-sized cousin baby from here they’re gonna go to soft land which is also known as the fridge so we put our balls on ice they got a chill for about 15 minutes in the meantime let’s get this chocolate ready because this my friends we’re friends now by the way I hope you don’t mind me making that distinction I know you could rely on me to treat you like a friend all right minute give her a stir right back Wow be careful cuz that’s hot Oh would you look at that that is just totally not melted just keep stirring them the chocolate is like this but now we have to act fast that’s the problem because that’s in hardened so go and get your balls now what you’re gonna do is one by one coke once they’re nice and complete leak Hubbard pull them out of this here thing and you put it right back from whence it came and just repeat that step a thousand times actually eight times candy bacon Papua the candy bacon is gonna settle into the chocolate the chocolates gonna harden now we’re good we can take a deep breath we can relax realize that we are almost at the finish line remember that white chocolate put that in the microwave for about a minute and a half also halfway through stir it just to remind it that it is chocolate and it can’t tell you what to do back in for another you know thirty seconds or so at all all this depends on your microwave your microwave might be shocked away it might take five to ten minutes mmm no boy parents bought you your microwave 1980s it’s like who knows this is what is gonna really impress that lady that you are trying to acquire you court oh the lady that you’re trying to fight this is what’s gonna take her pants right the football take this white creamy chocolate and sprinkle it right on top of your balls back in the fridge 15 minutes I’ll meet you back here then we did it guys we did it I am I’m thrilled that you could join me on this year journey look at these suckers Wow come in here come here come here and get this that is something they I would buy but now I don’t have to cuz I know how to cook it I learned it here on handling thanks for watching see you later [Music]
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