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Pan-fried Salmon & Pesto Veg | Jamie Oliver

hi guys we’re going to do a gorgeous food revolution recipe food revolution is my campaign to celebrate how cool it is to cook cook of your family how to live a longer healthier happier life I pick 10 recipes that cover the broad spectrum that if you learn them can pretty much sort you out for the rest of your life and this is one of these recipes crispy skin salmon cooked to perfection with homemade pesto sprouting broccoli lovely French beans new potatoes simple humble food if you want to see any of the other recipes from the food revolution pack and the 10 recipes to save your life click up there or look in the information box below so let’s see what we’ve got I have here come forth some new potatoes the new potatoes have been cooking for about 10 to 15 minutes lovely French beans these require about 6 minutes put those in a little go back on top we’ve got our salmon here four lovely pieces of salmon season with just a little salt I’ve got a nice non-stick pan I put that on full whack and I’m going to go into a cool pan skin facing up as that heats up it’s going to render the natural fat out of the salmon so that will start frying then we can turn it onto the skin side and it will go super super crispy so it’s really crispy delicious and in the middle flaky and juicy so let’s get on with the pesto first up half a clove of garlic I will go in with a little bit of salt I’ll smash that to a paste in a pesto there’s always nuts now classically pine nuts some people toast them off and you can lightly toast them I prefer to leave them raw you’re going to get a real creaminess from that so that’s about 20 25 grams of pine nuts just bash that up go in with the basil now what I’m going to do is I’m going to pick the lovely smaller leaves into some water they’ll freshen up and then we’ll sprinkle that on top at the very end bash up this battle now if you just look at the salmon over there guys you can see how the heat thus far has gone up about a centimetre overcooked fish is a real the money it’s not very nice so just kind of getting your confidence up with those skills that’s why I put this dish in 10 recipes to save your life because the principles of pan frying cooking fish making vegetables taste delicious that’s what we’re after so let’s come down here we’re going to turn it over notice there’s lots of natural oils here now and I can just turn the temperature down a little bit now and I’ll cook the fish all the way through on the skin side down I’m going to go in sprouting broccoli they only literally need a minute with the pesto once you’ve got it to a nice little paste I’m going to go in with the tablespoon and a half extra-virgin olive oil I like to put just a tiny squeeze of lemon juice in to this pesto it’s not classic you can make it smooth or chunky have a little taste very nice and then about 20 grams of parmesan and that balance of the lemon juice parmesan basil garlic is going to be amazing so pesto is done these veggies are cooked if we cook the veggies in one pan we’re not making loads of washing-up and that’s cool too with the new potatoes you can either squash them like that or we can slice them up while they’re kind of steaming and hot this is the perfect time to get your pesto in there just one spoonful is going to completely transform this whole dish you dress it sprawl those wonderful greens all over the place those lovely new potatoes the smell it’s phenomenal let’s get the salmon on see how juicy is that’s what we want absolutely gorgeous those little basil leaves that we saved put those in and around a little squeeze of lemon so there’s one of the 10 recipes to save your life check out the others in the link below a lovely simple everyday dish that’s delicious let’s get in there you’re getting this incredible crispy skin really really good and then the pesto just tastes totally different when you make it then when you buy it from a jar it’s just none comparable so there you go until next time that’s a love
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