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Over 70 Big Mac’s In This Mac & Cheese – Epic Meal Time

what up Internet boy the South’s bow aka the Mac Carly Culkin of mac and cheese aka the Mac Kali Culkin of dancing to return to the Mac in 93 I gave the Mac Kali talked about never home alone I stay strapped with a stack of cash and a big macs whether they call me young masters day today but ever since I made the internet my son and Big Daddy Mac aka Big Mac for sure shout out to my boy short Mac he was too little to ever get on the rides at the carnival we’re talking about the Big Mac Big Mac today care of Big Mac you know I’m talking about when I say Big Mac talking about McDonald’s Big Mac but I’m also talking about Big Mac like mac and cheese so what if we have big mac and cheese made up of these burgers from McDonald’s would that be a Big Mac Big Mac you ever seen a Big Mac Big Mac I have it what I would love to see a Big Mac Big Mac you know the greatest trick the Big Mac ever pulled was convincing the world that it didn’t exist what does that mean well sometimes the quotes just so hype you gotta throw it in the bed if you want it not I got plenty more you want a Big Mac you can’t handle a Big Mac what we got to do to make this Big Mac Big Mac a reality we got to make a big ass custom elbowroom we got to get that cheese dripping we got to get that key so liquid gold lowen boy I like cheese I’m literally blowing my own mind we’re out in this kitchen here making these culinary moves and I’m freaking myself out man I’m sweating I am hot I feel like we’re making a indifference in this kitchen right now Bing Bing bong that’s all I got a sink sometimes the words don’t come out real life I’m just hyped up about this Big Mac Big Mac yep it’s confirmed this has never been done before it’s about carne Fiesta you’re we’re about to drop the people’s elbow elbow noodle perfect garnish topping for this big macaroni and cheese is none other than the bacon strip but it’s not gonna be stripped it’s gonna be put into bit lay them on these trays on these trays can cook them in the oven and right here at this moment is a perfect opportunity for you to hit that like button that like button for this bacon we make this Big Mac Big Mac pushing the culinary capabilities of what is possible and what is not possible what I’m doing wasting all this money creating some extravagant recipes that you post on Instagram for likes catch them oops are you are worse our yard we’re in snow toys blazing past you like drunk and Canadian snowmobiling on the mountainside your ass is snowshoes at the bottom of the hill catch the up dog we’re going to the future and there’s place for you but you gotta smarten up I got a little carried away I’m very excited about this Big Mac Big Mac nobody makes Big Mac Big Mac ladies and gentlemen it’s the Big Mac Big Mac a big macaroni and cheese made up entirely of Big Macs stuffed with Big Mac bitch-ass what are you doing man making goofy ass recipes on instagram step the up bro a real step tougher gun [Music] [Music]
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