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[music playing] [knocking] – Hi.
– Hi. Welcome. Welcome. I’m excited to get started
with my new clients, Katherine and Jason. I’ve talked with
them on the phone and seen pictures
of their kitchen, which they’re ready to redo. What’s not working for you? It’s not
entertaining friendly, and I do like to have friends
over and love to cook. Right now, I just feel
like we’re boxed in. It’s a big space. By taking out these walls,
it could be amazing. I mean, you can put a
massive island in here. That’s what we’re hoping for. Yeah. I would love to take out the
wall separating the kitchen from the dining room, the
wall separating the kitchen from the living room, the
wall separating the living room from the office,
and the wall separating the kitchen from the pantry. So then we’ll have this wide
open amazing space that is just going to be a blank service. We could do whatever
we like with it. We can create not only a
new kitchen but a new dining and living room area as well. Be so nice. It’s going to be wonderful. I don’t know which
walls are load-bearing, so I would love to get
my contractor out here and get an exact bid on that. From there, once we
have an open floor plan, I would love to create a
massive island for you, one where you can have
people over and entertain and just have the chef’s
kitchen of your dreams. And we can put the range
in here, we can have uppers and lowers, a large
farmhouse sink right here, and we can slide the
refrigerator down. That way it’s more functional. We could do a large pantry. Sound good?
– Yes. Yes. All right. Oh my God. Bye bye. Oh my gosh. This island is massive. It is humongous. But I’m so excited with
the amount of entertaining I’m going to be doing. Oh my gosh, I love it. Isn’t it huge? Yeah. It’s giving my island
a run for its money. Like, your range is,
like, right here now. So do you remember, like,
all the cooking space you had before. Like, now you’re gonna
have this whole area. What cooking space? I had no cooking space.
– I know. I know.
– Good point. And it’s a two slab
island, meaning, like, one countertop does
not even fit on this island. You have to get two. Hey, go big, right? Right. What do you guys
think of the counters? The guys just brought ’em in. Oh my gosh, they are a dream. This is finally coming together
and looking like a kitchen. What do you have
in mind to finish off the space over there? So I’m thinking it’d
be nice if we did, like, a table right here,
which could kind of be a work top for the kids. OK. And then over
here for you guys, we can just do, like, a
really cute setup with, like, four chairs and a nice table. And I think your
dining room table will look good where we have
it over there by the window. OK. OK. [music playing] We’re so close to
the finish line, and I’m so excited for
Katherine and Jason to actually get to
use their own space. I think they’re going
to be blown away with how gorgeous everything
looks after we add the new furniture and decor. [music playing] Jason, you’re so quiet. I’m at a loss for
words ’cause I’m taking– it’s a lot to take– Take it all in. There’s a lot
to take in, yeah. There is a lot to take in. Look at these. Bar stools, this bar, I
mean, this seating area, it’s gorgeous. This area over
here is amazing. I’m so glad that we decided
to take this wall out. I know. We had that wall that
blocked everything out. It’s just livable spaces. It went from being boxy and
dark with a lot of areas that were not usable that you guys
weren’t using to just now being wide open, and I can
literally visualize you guys using every
square inch of this space. Oh my gosh. It’s like one huge
functioning space. Yes and just this whole area
is so– it’s entertaining. It’s together. And look. Olivia is going
to love this area. [music playing] Because it is so open and I
have a similar thing going on at my house, like, I just
want it to look and feel, like, kid friendly and
usable but at the same time still look beautiful and go
with the style of your house. And the flooring, the
flooring is just beautiful. And the way it looks with
the island, it gives it, like, that natural earthy feel. I am so, so thankful we did
not do an all-white kitchen. I would have never
done this on my own. It’s like a magazine. This project was a
massive undertaking, but all the hard
work really paid off. Which side’s gonna be your
side, that side or this side? That side. That side. That side. I’m so happy for
Katherine and Jason. It truly is an amazing
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqYG_5XI-qc

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