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Odd Things These People Found Under Their Homes

what’s lurking under your house these people were shocked at the discoveries they made right under their feet one woman may have stumbled into history [Music] but when maya moody got back on her feet she witnessed something epic it’s a true cave we say hey it is a true stalactite i mean water dripping her cousin steven adjeman bought the harrisburg pennsylvania house back in 2017 and this underground tunnel was what sold him on the place the first year of living here it didn’t matter who you ups guy knocks on the door you got a cage wanna see it and they were all just as crazy as me they’re like oh yeah but cousin maya hadn’t gotten a chance to see it until this year maya thought her tick tock viewers would like to see this place which could be of historic significance [Music] harrisburg had a lot of history for you know uh underground railroad activity and things of that nature so we’re we’re trying to prove it with some hard facts but we don’t have that for sure what we do know for sure is that during prohibition there was an underground bar steven is working with local historians to try to find a direct connection to the underground railroad something similar happened to illinois homeowners who also found a tunnel under their house gary and beth matchins made the discovery when their sidewalk started to buckle there’s the opening we have to shimmy into it revealed an entrance to the pristine tunnel that hadn’t been seen since 1895. inside the tunnel was a brick archway in near perfect condition and a large pile of dirt however they don’t yet know what it was used for this family didn’t know about a secret room in their house until they heard a big bump in the night the bush family of idaho awoke to find the floor in their garage had caved in and they were surprised at what they saw when they peeked down the hole there were shelves toys a handbag and mail among other items they called in an engineer to inspect their find and he reported that it wasn’t a bomb shelter but there could be more rooms under their home just waiting to be discovered spirits were present in this historic home but we’re not talking about ghosts we were always told that our house was built by a bootlegger and now we actually have some proof when nick drummond and patrick baker bought an old house in ames new york in 2020 they knew it had a story to tell so they started pulling up floorboards and ripping out walls to uncover 60 bottles of prohibitionara booze this wrapper includes a bottle of the finest scots whiskey procurable they did some research and found out the previous owner was a well-known bootlegger who made a fortune 1923. i know it’s pretty amazing that is so cool and he left behind some contraband for future owners of the house to try give this a go so did the liquor stand the test of time not bad it does you know what it’s pretty smooth cheers cheers workers installing a home security system didn’t expect company when they had to crawl under a house in los angeles they were in the crawl space like crawling around doing work until holy bananas there’s the mountain but being la this is no anonymous mountain lion he’s actually famous he’s known as p22 and he’s appeared on national geographic courtesy of a trail camera in griffith park where he usually makes his home but he decided to take up residence in this home and a tracking device proves it’s really him understandably the homeowners wanted him evicted wildlife experts fired bean bags and tennis balls at p22 hoping to clear him out but this diva wouldn’t budge for them however the homeowners say he quietly moved out in the middle of the night they’re hoping the next time they see him will be on television for inside edition digital i’m mara montelbano
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