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Oaty Bars & Blueberry Shake Recipe | Big Night In

sorry buzzes Jamie and bender in the kitchen we’re just waiting to be fed what’s on the menu by second as if that wasn’t playing some Jamie thanks Jay saying we’re having flapjacks tonight huh shut up they’re gonna be amazing staying in it’s the new going out but only if you’ve got great food and your mates with you unfortunately we don’t have any other friends – the food is incredible in each of these episodes two of us cook up something awesome to share and to kick-start our big night here we go that’s amore sweet Hey what yeah yes no it’s all Jamie and sister get to finish up a turquoise plate right in front of you we have flapjack exactly with some sort of library i am i deduce oh that the blueberries got mashed up and put into that what gave it away suicide this is an incredible shapes you got blueberry you got maple you got almond you got cereal milk and whiskey Jamie’s favorite whiskey and over here I’ll take on an awesome blackjack with pomegranate molasses and pumpkin seeds and white chocolates a little bit fancy blackjack cheers cheers Cheers I have no idea what to expect in this oh thanks good what that is really different adult milkshake can you tell me how to make it because I don’t want to Google adult milkshake we basically started by making breakfast pouring the milk over the cereal letting it all stick down for about 10 minutes and then mushing it down through a six you get all the starchy goodness and the sweetness from the corn flakes in the milk rendered milk flavored milk there basically we whizzed all of that up into a mixer with some blue grist obviously fresh some ground almonds and maple syrup and then the best improvement of all the whiskey I know you’re like this is all about balancing out flavors so a shot of whiskey for the shake not a shot each this is my favorite part I know you can have a shot on the side to go with your ot flashbacks time feels good whiskeys and then of course the actual flapjack itself we ate it yeah please do hmm all right no now it tastes kind of a fruity sweetness sometimes you sit down just our secret weapon it’s a pretty classic flapjack recipe all the usual tricks in there with one added twist for the flapjack itself it’s the same kind of method you’re doing it really obviously no don’t rock always rolls back you do the same method you would always apply to a flapjack we’re gonna melt down butter and sugar into a pan but then instead of honey or golden syrup yep we’re using pomegranate molasses some molasses is one of those things that’s always confused with it because people seemed to have suggested online that we’d use it instead of golden syrup or honey or some of my other recipes and then Turia’s asked where are you going to use molasses other than in bacon so if y’all just bought this big pomegranate molasses use it in substitution of honey and golden syrup and treat and things that I it’s not as bitter as treacle try it’s quite tangy very fruity but not just in bacon you can also put it into marinades you can put into dressings you can even mix it into hot water with some mint to make like an iced tea iced all of those things you have on its own is it I really like it it’s Moorish I think in the porridge oats comes next along with pumpkin seeds all into our bubbling therapy buttery goodness topped it your syrup has been bubbling and your pan is hot do this bit away from stove of the ways there’s a chance porridge out start to burn pack it into a baking tin bake it off 180 degrees about 20 minutes you want that nice golden color on top you’ll notice the edge pieces slightly more color than the rest that’s just the edge of the tin baking off you kind of want those quick bits as well smear that’s what makes a flapjacks then let it cool but top tip as it’s cooling quickly make a few cuts in it while it’s still warm because it’s almost impossible to cut it as one solid block when it’s completely cold and as if this wasn’t enough we’re also going to drizzle it with white chocolate for your whole thing off ah oh you’ve got redundant CH and thought about dunking wicked good recipe lads finally has been cooked an amazing flapjack and recipe fan Jamie and Jamie but he’s also pulled off the side of his Wendy house I think fair trade boat so today’s question it’s honest I’m worried it’s encrypted I need more whiskey before we start no Kristen wants to know the brand and model of our first mobile phone our hobbies and video games that we used to play Oh Jamie I my first phone was a Motorola it was a weapon stands for that wireless access protocol so it has the very first mobile into the older it was white and it has an area of sticking out of it my a t-1000 boy yeah we don’t know many months yeah yeah that’s good okay what about video games I used to have a Sega Megadrive Sega Genesis as they’re known in the u.s. oh really yeah I love that Streets of Rage Street letter by the same car you had to sit on line around a great dream in chess yeah spotted last law so I bought it Ecco the Dolphin because it was paperboy hey move the bed Cory games destruction the first game our ever completed likely that was a brick winner if the jump on the world nice perhaps the first and last game over complete that’s a nice to get the hell go they notify eanes were terrified and was it does it Colin McRae’s rally crash strong rally take was a problem while I was playing doctor Mario theme Hospital you
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