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[Music] hello and welcome to Ninh Binh this is a very peaceful quiet tourist village called Trang Ann just outside the small city of nimbin just sort of on the edge of northern Vietnam getting closer towards central Vietnam if you look on the map I’m here for a very short stop before heading further south tonight and another overnight train to dong hoi the area is full of these halong bay esque large rock faces some very picturesque things made of bamboo just as I mentioned bamboo I’m now walking on it towards this makeshift little sanctuary in the middle of a pond here pretty cool hello I’ve not seen this type of landscape looks like avatar or the dinosaur period in fact Kong Skull Island was actually shot here in this area of Ninh Binh which is probably why it has this otherworldly look to it in a way all sort of dinosaur period look as I said a lot of really nice home stays which are very affordable here run by authentic local people son just getting lower now reflecting that beautiful light aunty all of the greenery around [Music] [Music] so far this is the best place I’ve been to in Vietnam after sapa and a brief stay in how long City which I didn’t mention I actually went there but then had to leave very quickly because if you’ve been keeping up with the news then typhoon man cut is heading towards southern China Hong Kong and I think at this point the northern regions of Vietnam so that’s why I’m also taking the overnight train to dongja way to try and avoid like the worst hit areas has already hit the Philippines but it won’t be as strong when it finally gets to Vietnam but still if it’s not a typhoon it’s gonna be strong rain strong winds I don’t really want to be in the main area for when that hits by the time this video is uploaded the typhoon will have well past so we’ll probably all know just how severe it was in terms of hitting this area vietnam but it’s a super typhoon and the strongest one this year I’ve walked quite a long way nearly one hour maybe a little bit more a few miles at the very least actually and I’ve reached this place where you can actually take a boat you can hire some people to row you I think you can even go yourself it’s a little bit late and I have to get back and shower have some dinner before my overnight train but it’s worth just looking at now before the rain kicks in which it will in a second as it’s tying to spit check out the reflection on the water here with that low-lying Sun it’s that light I always talk about my videos that makes it images just pop really cool sort of figure here where this arms flared out I’m not really sure what it’s about it’s not actually a figure I just realize now it’s electricity line but it looks like someone doing this without [Music] getting darker more reflections on the water here tinge of mystery this time of early evening still so quiet Sun has now gone down and you can see here the lanterns in the view seeing here with this very peaceful view in front of my homestay and with that I’m gonna end the video thank you very much for watching peace [Music]
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