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New Years Hangover Cure – Epic Meal Time

[Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] you’re Tyler Tyler how long was I out like three days my head hurts hungry yeah my brain is turning to hanim hungry we’re gonna make some grease and some sugar and a whole bunch of liquor to cure these hangovers oh cool idea meet me in the kitchen don’t watch cookies and pancakes one thing I know is [ __ ] love Donuts cookies and hanging foundation of this culinary creation is crumbled up chocolate cookie crushed up chocolate chip cookies and a whole bunch of donuts inside I’m pancake batter mix that sugary blob up until it’s suitable for your throat vagina all right now I’m Gordon Bombay is a hero to every single person on the planet so we have a drink called the Borden Bombay which we named after the Gordon Bombay pour a little shot get a buddy of yours to come and take the shot hey Dave come grab some of this junior and then once he’s consumed the shot of Bombay call him Gordon the rest of the night there you go Gordon shut up you need to appreciate life you need to appreciate things like bacon or your fingers a little bit of bacon advice don’t get caught up in no [ __ ] enjoy the sunrise [Music] this delicious little treat is called the black hole get some dark liquors this one oldie act demas you know how yak Dimas likes to do some Johnny black aka black Johnny the secret of the black hole is how you consume it we like to consume it from a garbage bag and just nibble the corner there at the bottom and that’s where you suck from doughnut-dog straight up cookie dough nuts pancake batter we plan on making this pancake stack a fat triple stack all right this drink is called the hipster drip basically we get some homemade rum a mussels glasses it makes us froze it’s delicious it’s uh actually probably never heard of it before but you take some of this home made of rum mix it with some fresh organic green whatever the heat it up all right now make sure you drink it before it’s cool and also Instagram yourself drinking it being tactical about our bacon strip flipping handling it for five strips at a time this drink is called the fpsrussia named after a boy dimitri some russian vodka Bulleit Bourbon served in a hand since we want a cure our hangover we throw some liquor in this whip mixture some Bailey’s creamy whipped cream smart this ain’t no cake bro this is a big-ass pancake this drink is called the fancy bastard get yourself a fancy glass some very special Hennessy some Grand Marnier Gordon oh wait what’s that oh look what I found in your hair and a dollar bill to the fancy bastard there you go Gordon each of these donut cooking pancakes weigh about eight to ten pounds this dense making a fat triple stack and separating each layer with Bailey’s whipped cream oh we ain’t done yet dicing [ __ ] love Nutella so we cover our pancake triple stack with Nutella and use it as a delicious glue to stick on bacon strips all along the outside of this triple pancake fat stack finish off the rest of this Nutella we ain’t about wasting Nutella are we’re gonna show you how to make the Canadian Burley breakfast shop pay attention some parts grenadine big jug of milk milk milk my bench miss Butterworth because us Canadians love our maple syrup from Crown Royal maple flavored and over here we got some bacon grease make sure you get yourself a tube because this is how we serve the drink to keep it Canadian you got yourself a burly Canadian breakfast shot chunky plop this bad boy with Bailey’s whipped cream and just some more whipped cream we want to make this pretty [Music] and some bacon sprinkles [Music] this liquor infused own unaccompanied cookie triple stack pancake is meant to cure your hangover as long as you enjoy it with a glass of liquor now my new year’s resolution is to be wasted the entire year so I no longer have hangovers however if you do have a hangover this big old boy will cure that true Nami [Music] next time we squandered potential [Applause] [Music] [Music]
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