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Welcome To HOW TO COOK THAT I am Ann Reardon
and today we are making a new Instagram logo dessert, with a crispy base, cinnamon donut
flavoured mousse, a strawberry gel and a coffee cremeux with a mirror glaze on the top and
the logo on top of that. I made this other chocolate mousse dessert
with the old logo all the way through a long time ago now. So many of you requested the new logo – My
question to you is do you prefer the new logo or the old one? I’ll put a poll in the cards you just need
to click on the little ‘i’ button to get to the cards in the corner there and let me know
your thoughts. To make the crispy base we need rice bubbles,
cookies, oil and chocolate. I’ll put all the recipe quantities on the website for you and I’ll link to that below. Melt the oil and the chocolate together in
the microwave then stir through the rice bubbles and the cookies. Now you can use any cookies for this, the
whole of the rest of the dessert is gluten free so if you need a gluten free dessert
just choose some gluten free cookies here. Place a ring on a tray lined with baking paper
and pour in that base mixture and just press it down to form a disc. Now you can of course follow me here on YouTube
and also on Instagram I am @howtocookthat there as well. For YouTube you can subscribe by clicking
the subscribe button or I’ll also link you below to subscribing by email and I will email
you out each time there is a new video. Now we are going to put that in the freezer
to set hard. Once it is frozen you just push the base out
of the ring, and then I just want you to wrap that in plastic wrap and store in the freezer
until we are ready to use it. Now for the strawberry gel. Wash and hull all your strawberries. As well as the strawberries you’ll need gelatin,
water and a little sugar. Add the gelatin to the water and stir it through,
and we are going to leave it to bloom or just absorb that water and thicken up a bit. Place the sugar and the strawberries into
a blender and blitz them and then turn it onto high to get it really smooth. Pour that into a fine sieve and push it with
a spoon to get everything through except the seeds, the seeds make it taste a bit gritty
and we don’t want that. Heat the gelatin in the microwave and then
pour it into the strawberry puree while you stir it the whole time. Pour that into a ring and then weigh that
down with something like a book to stop it oozing out underneath and freeze it. Once it is frozen to get it out just heat
the edges of the ring and lift that off. For the coffee cremeux you need dark chocolate,
milk chocolate, coffee granules, egg yolks, sugar and cream. Put the chocolate into a bowl and put a fine
sieve over the top and leave that to one side. Then add the sugar to the egg yolks and whisk
them together. Pour the cream into a saucepan and you want
to heat that until it just starts to boil. Remove it from the heat and add a little of
the hot cream into the egg yolks and whisk that well. And now you want to pour that into the cream
and again whisking it straight away so we don’t get lumps of cooked egg in there. Place it back over the heat and cook for just
a moment until you see it starting to cling to the bottom of the pan like this. Immediately take it off the heat and pour
it through that sieve onto the chocolate. Sprinkle the coffee over the top and then
leave that for a minute to melt the chocolate. Stir together the coffee cremeux, this is
one of my favourite bits, and then give it a good whisk to mix it all together. Then you want to pour that into a ring, weight
it down also and freeze that. Once it is frozen lift off the ring, now this
will be quite soft even frozen because it’s going to be like a sauce when we cut into
the dessert. Place that on top of the strawberry gel and
put it back in the freezer. To make the white part of the logo we are
going to use marshmallows. Place them into a piping bag and microwave
for 30 seconds, and now they are all soft and sticky. Cut a piece off the end of the bag and put
some baking paper over the new Instagram logo and rub it with a little oil. Then pipe the marshmallow around carefully
following the line of the camera. At the end just slightly overlap it, the marshmallow
will sink down into itself. You can pipe more than one of these so that
you have a choice and you can choose the best one at the end. And then place that in the freezer so that
it can go firm too. For the donut mousse we need milk, cream,
vanilla, donuts, water, gelatin, sugar, egg yolks, cornflour, more cream and mascarpone
cheese. Add the sugar and the flour to the egg yolks
and stir them together well. Now mix together the water and the gelatin
and leave that to bloom. Then in a pan add the milk, the first lot
of cream, the vanilla and the donuts. Put that over the heat and cut the donuts
in half so they can soak up the milk. Bring it to the boil then take it off the
heat and leave it for about 20 minutes for them to soften right up. Heat it up again and then push it through
the sieve or you could use a blender, either way we just want to get it really smooth. Then add in the egg yolk mixture and whisk
that together. Return it to the heat and stir it constantly
until it starts to thicken and bubble. Add in the gelatin and stir that through,
it will thin the mixture down when you do that and then add in the mascarpone, and whisk
that well so that it all melts in there. Remove that from the heat and you need to
leave this to cool to room temperature. Once it is cooled whip up the remaining cream
to soft peaks like this. Add then add a big scoopful of the whipped
cream into the donut mousse and mix it through thoroughly just to lighten the mixture. Then we want to add the rest of the whipped
cream and fold it though gently so that you keep as much of that air in there to make
it as light as possible. Line the base of your container with baking
paper, an ice cream container would be the perfect shape for this so you use one of those. And then add 5 cups of your mousse. Give it a little shake to level it and place
that in the freezer for about 10 minutes – leaving the rest of the mousse at room temperature,
we don’t want the rest of it to set. Add the coffee cremeux together with the strawberry
gel and push them down into the dessert. Top it up with more donut mousse and then
add in your disc of crispy base. Level off the top using the container as your
guide. Then you want to place that whole dessert
in the freezer to freeze it. For our rainbow mirror glaze you need sweetened
condensed milk, white chocolate, isomalt or you could use sugar, water, glucose syrup
or corn syrup, cream, gelatin and a bowl of water. Add the gelatin leaves to the water so it
can soften. And then in one pan pour in the isomalt so
it can melt. And in another pan heat up the water, cream
and glucose syrup. Once the isomalt is melted and totally clear,
pour in the hot cream mixture, being careful because it will bubble up and steam a lot
as you can see. And then remove that from the heat. Squeeze as much water out of the gelatin sheets
as you can and add them into the pan and then stir that through, they’ll just melt in there
straight away. Then add in the sweetened condensed milk and
then the white chocolate as well. There are so many different glaze recipes
that I’ve shown you how to make before, so what I’ll do is I’ll link you to a playlist
at the end of this one so you can choose different flavoured glazes and different ones there. Split the glaze into three containers making
one slightly bigger and colour them pink and yellow. Split the third one and make it blue and purple. Mix some of the pink and yellow to make different
shades of orange. And do the same with the blue and purple. To get the dessert out of the container you
just need to put the whole container in a sink of hot water, being careful not to let
it get on the actual mousse, just on the sides of the container. Place a cake board on top, flip it over and
just slide off the container. If it doesn’t come off straight away you just
need to pop it back in the water for another 30 seconds. Place that on a cup over a baking dish and
then pour the yellow glaze over one corner on one side and then add some light orange,
then some darker orange glaze.Then add pink across the middle following the shape of the
pattern of how the colours go on the logo. And then to the other side, add purple and
then your two shades of blue. Now that looks a bit like it’s got definite
lines and we want to blend it together a bit more. So what we are going to do is heat up the
yellow glaze so it is a little bit warm and a little bit thinner and and pour a thin layer
of that over the yellow side of the dessert and spread it out quickly. So we just get a thin layer over the top there. Now do the same with some pink, heat it up
so it is warm and thin and quickly spread it over the centre overlapping onto the purple. And that just makes it look a lot more blended
in. Take the logo out of the freezer and sprinkle
it with some corn starch so you can handle it without it sticking to your fingers. Lift it up, shake out some of that corn starch,
and carefully place it on top of the dessert. Then add the circle and the little dot. And there you have the new logo on a dessert. Let it defrost completely in the fridge and
then slice into it to reveal the layers of that donut mousse, the strawberry gel, coffee
cremeux and the crispy base. This just tastes amazing when all of those
layers come together. Subscribe to HowToCookThat for more of my
videos. You can subscribe on YouTube or email and
I’ll link to that below or both if you’re a SUPERFAN. Click here for the recipe, here for more glazed
desserts. And Ann fan of the week goes to Franziska
who made my vegan chocolate cake recipe and took a great photo – if you bake one of the
recipes you can upload it in the comments section on the website or put it on Instagram
and put @howtocookthat in your description so that I can find it. Make it a great week and I’ll see you Friday.
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