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the 14th summit of brics countries in beijing virtually that is it is meant to produce a layout for a new era of global development as the hosts put it but it will also focus on other items russia’s war in ukraine for example and the ongoing pandemic now brix is an acronym for the five major emerging global economies namely brazil russia india china and south africa these five countries are home to 3.2 billion people and that is 40 uh their economies account for almost a quarter of the world’s gdp opening the meeting china’s leader ji jinping had this to say human history like a river will keep moving forward with moments of both calm waters and huge waves despite changes in an evolving global environment the historical trend of openness and development will not reverse course and our shared desire to meet challenges together through cooperation will remain as strong as ever let’s talk more about the brics summit and the role india is playing with charu kartikeya our correspondent in delhi charu what is india’s main objective at this meeting which is dominated obviously by the war in ukraine and its ramifications well chris india’s formal response to the summit and india’s participation there has been very standard it’s been focused on the themes that india has been talking about talking about ever since brics came up and that is essentially a reform of the multilateral order in favor of developing countries and so uh even even this time around the formal response has centered around this theme only but we do know that for the last couple of years india has been involved in this effort uh to give out a message to the western bloc as well as uh its partners in brics that in india is is looking at uh partnerships across the world to further its its own interest so it’s it’s been trying to sort of balance interests of various groups so at one uh on on one handed participate in brics and on the other hand it participates in the quad as well so uh just a couple of uh weeks ago india participated in the quad summit so and uh soon on on on very close on the heels of the quad summit comes bricks so it’s sort of a messaging to balance both the blocks chris let’s stay on the issue of ukraine here for a second amid a barrage of western sanctions russia’s leader vladimir putin says that his country is actively redirecting trade and economic context towards brics countries have ties between delhi and moscow trade ties for that matter strengthened they have definitely strengthened uh chris we know that for ever since the war broke out and ever since u.s and european nations imposed sanctions on russia we saw that india began buying russian oil at uh discounted prices now as the war progressed and as the west sanctions kept on intensifying uh reports started coming in of india’s purchases of russian oil going up significantly and even exponentially later on at heavy discounted rates and just yesterday i think russian president vladimir putin himself admitted that russia’s trade to india china and brazil has gone up by about 38 in a very short period of time in just the first three months of this year so that’s a that’s a significant admission by putin himself and much uh to the shagging of the western bloc but yes that remains to be the fact that trade ties are definitely on an uh upward swing chris and uh charo there is talk about uh expanding this brics group adding new members to it what is india’s position when it comes to that well chris uh formerly india has made no issue about that it has not made any significant statement as to whether it endorses or opposes the expansion of the brics grouping but then there are several uh reports that uh that that do indicate this there seems to be some displeasure in new delhi about china’s plans to expand the grouping to include many other nations in it uh india apparently feels that uh these china wants to bring in these nations to bring in more members which will be under chinese influence to to offset uh the the weight of india and russia in the summit so uh there are reports that india is not happy and that it will try to resist these plans for brics expansion chris dw’s character here in delhi thank you
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