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Neck & Shoulder Pain Relief At Your Desk! Fast Stretch & Self Massage Tips With Jade

[Music] hi I’m Jade Nelson and today I’m going to lead you through a self-care routine that focuses on people that work at an office and are sitting at a desk all day today people are sitting for longer periods of time than they used to and especially when we work at a desk so we have issues with our wrists our arms all those things so we’re gonna go over some things that will help you so for neck and shoulders it’s important our posture is extremely important we want to roll our shoulders here let’s roll them a few times let’s do about ten together roll back six seven eight nine and let’s take it forward now [Music] five six seven eight nine and ten so you want to open up that chest a little bit very concave right like this one we’re sitting so you want to open it up and imagine you’re dropping your shoulders and sliding them into your back pockets and take a deep breath because you’re gonna be able to open it up in here so now relax and those shoulders down I want you to drop your right ear to your right shoulder and hold it there for a few counts and remember to breathe if you’d like to hold it longer than I do go ahead and pause the video and then start it up when you’re ready again but you should feel a nice stretch through here and then take a deep inhale as you’re coming up and exhale over and hold this one this one might be tighter than the other side and again feel free to pause the video and hold it and when you’re ready you can push play again and we’ll inhale up nicely now this time you’re going to slightly turn your head to the right and drop your chin down this time you should feel the stretch through here and hold that as W need [Music] slowly rotate back to Center inhale deeply Phil turning and then slowly drop the chin on this side again hold as long as you need you will feel the stretch through here again and pause the video if you need to if you like to hold it for a longer period of time and here back to centre and roll shoulders back and drop them down now we’re going to add a little bit of the massaging right so we’ve warmed things up so take your hands here and place them on the back of your neck and we’re going to start at the base of your skull at the top here if you have earrings like me and you’re wearing them at work it might be a good idea to take them off and they won’t get in the way so we’ll start massaging in a circular motion working our way down and then you can slowly work your way back up and go ahead at your own pace and then slowly once you’re at the top just slowly pull like you’re pulling the muscles off the spine and go up and down nice and slow then go ahead and take your thumbs like so and place them at the base of your skull sometimes it will be very tender here and put a little pressure there and in circular motions we can carry a lot of tension here because our heads are tipped down looking at our computers or our cell phones and circular motions and then slowly pulling out towards the ears [Music] and uses little or as much pressures that feel comfortable feels comfortable for you and then slowly release and roll those shoulders a little bit and so you’ll see that our chests tend to roll in and concave because we’re sitting for long periods it’s important as I’ve said to open up the chest so another massage of massage technique gets to take your four fingers and just imagine pushing the chest muscles back like a stripping motion you can do that on both sides you can do it for maybe five times ten times and do it on both sides comfortably and use as much or as little pressure as you want whatever feels good and then do it both at the same time in a circular motion just find the source box you may find that you’re more sore and other areas if you want you can take your thumbs and place them right here it can be very tender just hold that and remember to breathe deep inhale and exhale so the last thing we’re gonna do for the chest as an opener is to interlock your fingers behind and pull down opening up the chest so I just felt a little pop in my spine that felt really good so you can hold this for a few breaths you can pause the video and hold it for a little longer than a few breaths whatever feels comfortable and then release it slowly so now we’re going to move on to forearms this is really important because when you’re sitting at a computer desk like this it can get very sore so I’m gonna grab a table because it’s very key so working at a desk sometimes our forms can get really tight from typing on the computer so another technique for self-massage is you can place this form here if you feel like your desk isn’t level enough and you’re doing this motion you can grab a book and place it underneath your form like I have underneath this give it a little more level and so you’re not hunching and then go ahead and take your other arm and use your elbow to put a little pressure and these sore spots you’ll find and you can hold it there as long as you need it maybe won’t be long at all maybe you’ll feel a little tension and then it will release immediately and then you’ll work your way to finding other source pots [Music] we will switch and do the other arm you always got to make sure it’s even and you will find depending on if you’re right handed or left one might be tighter than the other and remember at any point feel free to pause the video and work a little bit longer than I am showing at this time [Music] and as always remember to breathe deeply it will help release the muscles once you’ve done both sides to the point where you feel comfortable you can go ahead and stretch your arms out in front of you like so so I’m gonna start with my left you’re gonna go ahead and take your thumb and place it up here at the elbow you’re gonna slowly just strip it down like you’re squeezing water out imagine it’s like this towel that’s all tied up and you’re wringing it out and just strip it all the way down to your wrist you can do this one time three times five times as many as it feels comfortable for you [Music] and then you can go ahead and flip your hand and do it on the back [Music] if you feel like it’s too difficult you can go ahead and add a little lotion and that will help but when you’re at work you can’t always do that if you find a spot that’s a little tender like I have right here put a little extra pressure and maybe hold it for a few minutes [Music] that’s always flip and do the understand [Music] I say at least three times [Music] go ahead and shake them out those fingers around we’re gonna move on to the wrists now so you’re always bent like this sometimes working on the computer like this it’s always like compacting things right here people can get carpal tunnel all kinds of things so let’s start with some wrist rotation [Music] one way I’d say about five times [Music] and you might hear some creaking and cracking and snapping and then your hands out and span the fingers stretch them all so everything gets really tight in my hands and then make fists and I’m gonna do that about three times here but feel free to do as many as you want pause that video [Music] and then release shake it out a little bit and flip your hand over and we’re gonna do some slow stripping in the palm of my hand just all over you can do this for a few minutes if you find a sore spot fold it just nice little massage well the fingers out and then switch the other side and do the same thing [Music] just get some blood flow going there and a sore spot hold it a little bit here and as a little side note if you’re sitting at work and you have a headache this is perfect right here for hours trigger point for headaches and health and just massage it and both both hands do thank you so much for watching this video and I hope it helped you you know keep in mind that the best thing is to get out of that chair a couple times a day go for a 10 or 15 minute walk but if this is all you can do in the day it’s better than nothing right [Music] with hundreds of videos that you can stream on virtually any device to help you reduce stress lose weight or just improve your health and well-being overall at wellness plus TV we are dedicated to helping you on your health and wellness journey join wellness + TV to find hundreds of videos to help you improve the health of your body and your mind wellness plus dot TV get well feel better [Music]
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