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My Motivation To Work Out; The Real Reason I Eat Healthily & Exercise + How To Get Motivated

hey guys it’s Kelly from fitness blender comm and today I want to talk to you about how to find motivation to workout and eat right on a regular basis so I thought one of the ways that I could best do this is to tell you what motivates me personally to workout and I know a lot of people they want to lose 10 pounds 5 pounds 30 pounds maybe 100 pounds and that is their motivation to workout and eat right and I just don’t think that weight loss or a nice butt or great toned abs they’re just not they’re not real motivators they aren’t real for me it wouldn’t work when I think about oh I’m not going to look like this if I don’t do that that is not motivating to me what does motivate me is it’s I’m not trying to scare you but there’s a very long list of completely preventable diseases conditions ailments that can either completely affect the quality of your life or in your life and I can lessen my chance of dealing with those things by eating clean foods healthy foods and by working out so my reason for working out and eating right is that I’m scared of cancer I’m scared of heart disease I’m scared of all of these things that I know that if I take care of myself I can help avoid those things happening to me in my life so like I said I don’t want to scare you but those are the things and I don’t live in fear because the the truth is that you could be walking down the road you can get hit by a car there’s all kinds of terrible things that can happen in life that are completely out of my control and that is what it is and you have to come accept that but these are things like I said that I have some element of power I have some control in how I feel and my likelihood of living a long and healthy life and where I can I’m going to do what I can you have to kind of make peace with those wild variables because they can happen they do happen they happen to good people all the time and so in order to not make yourself a complete basket case of stress you have to kind of realize I’m doing what I can and then just live your life at least set the odds in your favor and that’s really all that I’m asking and the truth is – if you treat your body well all the physical stuff falls into place you know it kind of changes the conversation from how many calories are in that – what are the ingredients what am i putting into my body you know like I care because I want to feel good I mean if you stick with it for a week or two you will find your own motivation because you will realize how much better you feel when you’re taking care of your body for me personally I have more than one chronic health condition that can be completely life-altering if I’m not taking care of my body so for me in order to stay happy healthy out of pain and functioning in my life I need to take care of my body and I think that with health and fitness we kind of have this situation often where there’s kind of this concept you either are healthy and fit or you aren’t and a lot of people who maybe don’t consider themselves healthier fit doesn’t they don’t realize that in order to feel healthy and fit you have to do X Y & Z on a regular basis you have to eat well you have to nourish your body in order to feel good you have to move you have to exercise in order to feel good a lot of people might look at me and say you know well if I felt better I would exercise and so you know you don’t really understand what it’s like for me but the truth is if I don’t eat right and if I don’t exercise I do not feel good where we all have to be careful and accountable for the way we’re treating our bodies so many of the things that we’re dealing with now are preventable either preventable or enormous ly improved by treating your body well and you know we have medicine we have modern medicine it can swoop in and treat everything it’s got it all under control but the thing is have you read the side effects and the warning is on these pills and potions and you know like all these medical treatments not to say that they don’t have a place but they should be a last resort think preventive medicine food and exercise is our best and most underutilized option for feeling healthy and staying healthy what you really have to do is find your own personal starting place because you’re going to lose motivation if you try something that you both don’t enjoy and something that is too hard for where you’re starting its you’re shooting yourself in your foot because you’re not only going to lose motivation very quickly but you’re not doing something that’s smart for your body you’re not increasing your likelihood to adhere to a program so finding someplace where you’re comfortable where you’re working hard but you’re not killing yourself and you’re not making yourself hate your body or hate exercise but the other part is sometimes you really just have to fake it until you make it you have to just commit to just get one day of doing it doing things right under your belt and then you can build up from there it’s just take it you know break it into baby steps so my message to you and my biggest tip to you in finding motivation to workout and eat right would be to think about how much better you can feel and we’re talking like all across the board all day long all different kinds of aspects of your life can be vastly improved if you take care of your body and not everyone’s motivation is going to be the same something that motivates me might fall flat for you and vice versa maybe seeking the these great abs maybe that works for you for motivation and if it does that’s perfectly fine there’s nothing wrong with being motivated by superficial goals it’s just the ultimate goal should be that you have a healthy body because without that you really have nothing I mean we’re talking about our lives here you know this is important stuff so this is my personal reason for working out I want to feel good and if I don’t eat right and if I don’t exercise I do not feel good so I’m proposing that you think about it in terms of health instead of weight loss instead of some kind of physical appearance so thank you for tuning in to listen to me ramble about my own motivation I would love to hear what motivates you guys sign in and tell me in the comments below otherwise I will see you guys soon for a new workout
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