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My Burns Stop Me Finding Love – Will My Blind Date Care? | DATING DIFFERENT

i’m marius i got toes on my hands and my hands are worth millions of dollars today i’m going on my first blind date because of my burns i found it that it’s a little bit harder to date i think at first you might not really know that i’m really burned until she probably sees my hands hi and then she’ll be like oh my gosh what happened can i touch your hands can i hold your hand last time i went on a date it was probably like six months ago i don’t really date much dating apps it’s very hard to kind of get to know someone and it’s just like very fast-paced swipe though no message don’t message and it’s like you will play that game you know and i’m like i i don’t know like i’m terrible at it because of my burns i found that it’s a little bit harder to date it’s more about me feeling self-conscious tonight i’m nervous but i’m excited today i’m going on my first blind date at a bar and i’m very nervous i’m here on my date and i’m nervous to turn around just to be there and i know what to say and excitement too i’m hoping to have a great time get to know her see each other again hopefully right my name is julia i like a man who can make me laugh i like a gentleman chivalry is i’m into that like the guy who’s gonna walk on the outside of the sidewalk or carry my hat hi hi hey hello are you maurice i am hi what’s your name marius mario they have a nice menu here i’ll have their margarita let’s go to albert einstein old-fashioned okay got it how do you like vegas i love las vegas i recently have grown more and more in love with it yeah what does your tattoo say um yeah i got so i got this one first never give up my goal is to like eventually i want to get the whole arm sleeve i think at first she might not really know that i’m you know really burned until she probably sees my hands tell me how did you get your birds i’m originally from romania actually okay yeah and i was in a house fire when i was eight years old my dad was angry one night and decided to lock the doors with me my mom and himself in there and set the whole house on fire i tried jumping to my mom and i fell down unconscious a few times before i was able to break two windows and jump out of the house and then later my neighbor found me crawling and picked me up and the ambulance came and uh the next thing i remember i was uh i woke up two weeks later from a coma your mother and father pass yeah both of my parents passed away in the house fire that night i was burning over 75 percent of the body and losing my fingers and my nose um and yeah i’m sorry it’s all right you know i i think like things happen for a reason but yeah i tried to lift the life to the fullest thank you cheers how’s your dating life it’s good it’s quiet i’m so bad at texting and just i’ve been here 13 years but i just words like they’re so hard for me like two there’s three different kinds of twos which two do you use for what thing what you know will you excuse me [Music] she’s very cute she’s very calm and it’s hard to tell like what she’s feeling so it’s like oh i’m on edge the whole time [Music] can i hold your hands yeah for sure tell me yes so these uh total hand transplants they took about 20 hours for each surgery had some really big surgeries but some of the biggest i’ve had was um the total hand transplants they took six of my toes and they put them on my hands so i could do things again and that was a very complex surgery some people have like five fingers on their hands and i’m like so jealous i’m like you have my fingers you could do so much more than i can like how far can you extend your finger toes well they’re called someone was telling me those tingers this toe right here works really good for like smaller things like hairs and pens and you know really small things the stands for like bottles and opening bottles and holding cups my hands are probably worth around five million dollars the amount of surgeries they put in you look on your face like it’s cool and it’s all so stupid it is it is like i tell people i’m like dude like i just helped you do this and they’re million dollar hands i see him as confident even if he might have his own doubts getting to meet julia was really awesome my first impression of julia were just that that she was very thoughtful ready to go yeah i thought her reaction to my skin i thought was very respectful meeting julie julia you’re right you got it you got it it’s julia yeah you got it you did it time i did have a good time guys will you see each other again it’s quite possible we exchanged uh instagram information and you know we’ll keep up with what’s going on in people’s lives yeah same 100 yeah i thought she would hold my hands most people do and they once they see them so that was kind of cool my favorite part was learning about marius’s hands finger toes and tingers [ __ ] yeah high five yeah high three [Music] you
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