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My Arms Are Fused Solid – What Will My Blind Date Think? | DATING DIFFERENT

i definitely embrace what i have i think that we’re all born a certain way for a reason and you just have to make the best of your situation i’m not scared to you know approach a woman and talk to her the worst thing they can say to you is no or you know smack you in the face but whatever works today i’m going on my very first blind date you’ll know things are going well you see me with a big smile on my face currently just brush my teeth and wash my hands and get ready for this blind date today i’m going on my very first blind date i’m not scared to you know approach a woman and talk to her the worst thing they can say to you is no or you know smack you in the face but whatever works i have no idea about what this date’s even going to be or who she is you’ll know things are going well you see me with a big smile on my face i’m sarah i moved to dallas right before the pandemic hit so still kind of new and getting to know the area i know nothing about my date just that we had a lot in common on a scale of one to ten i’m at about a five or six level of being nervous [Music] hi hi how are you i’m good how are you i’m good i’m sarah i’m ryan it’s nice to meet you nice to meet you as well what do you what do you do for work i am a nurse you’re a nurse yes oh okay yeah so it’s kind of a hard time to be a nurse but it’s okay yeah with covid and everything going on yes so what about you i actually don’t work but i do tick talk so like i get paid on my tick tock nice there’s a lot of people who are really successful at it yeah i’ve i’ve gotten pretty big on there so it’s been exciting all the positive feedback that i get on my my tick tock videos has really boosted my confidence and i’ve been called things like boomerang arms and other negative names but i try to make the best of my situation and i you know won’t let that stop me or hold me back it’s so interesting that people are like capable of making these like intricate videos making people laugh as a gift so yes that’s really awesome so what’s there to do around fort worth what do you typically do um i usually whenever i don’t have my son because i have a four-year-old son that’s nice yes so whenever i don’t have him i hang out with my friends i have a four-year-old son he’s my best friend he’s very adapted to my disability so he’ll help me get stuff out of drawers and cabinets he’s definitely been the biggest blessing in my life we play with legos and he thinks he’s a power ranger so he always wants to fight i have a six-year-old nephew who also likes to beat me up so he’s a sour patch kid though he’s super sweet and then he’ll beat you up so right right so have you ever like been on a date or like talked to anyone that has a disability not that i can recall i mean i have i have several friends that do i’m really more interested in like who someone is right and i’m a little bit picky about dating yeah it’s a it’s kind of hard to find like genuine people these days because the way i see it a lot of people want to like date people quote-unquote just to like see what they can get out of them exactly like there’s no stick there’s no like where i’m trying to make this relationship work i really want to get to know this person so what can i get out of them immediately and then let them go right do you mind if i excuse myself to go to the restroom right quick sign okay thank you i think that uh we’re having very good conversation we seem to have kind of the same mindset on a lot of stuff i thought she had a very pretty smile and very pretty eyes when it when it comes to my condition and how she views it i don’t think it’s it’s even a factor to her she seemed to be pretty open-minded to it are you okay with talking about your disability yeah so um whenever my mom was pregnant with me i didn’t have enough room to grow like inside of the room with the womb and so it my joints and my arms and legs basically didn’t develop all the way so i was born with arthrogryposis multiplex congentia so i’m not paralyzed or anything i can’t bend and like my knees only bend a certain amount and my arms they don’t really bend at all i can move them but i can’t like bend them i feel like you’re in control of your own happiness you know that life’s all about how you look at it and i said i always try to end like each day thinking about something positive i’m one of those people that just sings all the time like in my head or out loud especially when i’m at home by myself i do karaoke quite often i feel like i get too nervous and then i don’t sound like i do in real life it’s so hard with like coveted and like all these places have like all these so many restrictions yeah if you ever want to go to karaoke though i’m down i’d be down for sure sounds good to me i’d like that a lot i think the date went well really i didn’t feel any sparks but it wasn’t that they weren’t there i just felt like we could be really good friends it went pretty well the date went the date went good she seems to be a very intelligent woman very pretty very smart i believe that we could we could be friends we could uh we talked about going and possibly singing karaoke together sometimes so i’m looking forward to that i think after doing this date it’s really opened my mind to trying to be more open-minded to you know meeting people you never know until you just take the chance [Music] you
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