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Muffin Top Melter

Englishman okay let me show you how to do that the right way okay windshield wipers they actually look like this so on the ground wherever your hands need to be to get stability and we’re just and okay right like that about a foot off the ground each side little more if you haven’t been doing this in a while okay keep it going you want to do this stuff right give the injury yes but also you’re going to speed up your conditioning process if you’re doing it the right way slow yourself down if you’re doing it the wrong way obviously remember this is all for time so keep going watch those tips for me I need to bring it down right about here to really feel some good isolation as I bring it back up and of course you can stay here in here if you need to I think I’m kind of moving around on my back 10 more seconds see that you got it couple more okay take a break okay next up we have some Russian twist you guys ready for this one so go ahead and bring it up get my hair out of the way here and all we’re doing side to side you can get a medicine ball and rock the weight if you want to but we’re using our body weight so jump on in you got it I know it looks like I’m not really doing anything but I am feel the isolation right through here your obliques you got it go in lean back a little more challenge yourself you notice my knees are rocking back and forth a little it’s ergonomically how our bodies move take a break if you’re foreigner feeling like you need to stop good job guys couple more seconds and six five four three two one nice work okay so this next one we’re doing let me get over here we’re going to be on our side so not side plank position bring it down and all we’re doing is bringing it up like so okay you guys ready jump on in here we go and you really should feel this on the outside are your glutes pull it up now some of the stuff looks funny but it works five more seconds three two and one okay take a break okay move around to the other side okay pull it up you guys ready here we go I’m kind of been at the hip here too so don’t try to be all the way out there okay everything you do you want to do it right do it safely and ergonomically correct the way our bodies are designed to move so something feels like it source might not be a good thing okay good work all right next up we have a single leg play so pull it up it’s up to the ceiling and pull in that name ready jump on it we got it utilizing all your stabilizers I feel actually through the outside might have also all the way up through my obliques you got it should be working up a little bit of a sweat you’re doing it right or maybe it’s just me and six five four three make it count two and one perfect go ahead and switch if your elbows hurt and you don’t have a match grab a towel something I promise it helps okay pop it up here we go you got it pull up that knee helps with you exhales you bring it up that’s when you’re exerting the most energy you got it keep going remember if you’re struggling you can take a break this isn’t a race you’re doing good keep it up last five four three two one nice job all right next up go to the other side start here bend this knee for stability and all we’re doing is pulling up like so okay so small isometric movement to the upper body jump on in my right arm is being used for stability obviously you could kind of push yourself up but that’s going to throw your shoulder off a little bit and you’d be careful so picture isometric movement right through here you got it imagine if you were doing this austin once a week or so with our other workout you’ll be feeling amazing keep it up one more squeeze nice job switch it around here you go send miss me you guys ready and pull it up good job minam s low connections are thinking about physically pulling that leg up and yes a small isometric move it for our upper body who’s doing good make it count you want to squeeze exhale on the way up consistency is key so don’t give up yet keep going and two one sweep and take it’ll break okay last one you guys should be so excited we’re almost done side plank we’re pretty much by Blink code now once you say okay pop it up and we’re doing a hip drop that’s it you guys ready jump on in and whoop all the way up keep it going relax you’ve a Mac you’re gonna feel that try it out just on your shoulder right here kind of being activated and that’s okay but again minor muscle connection you want things up as obliques working keep it up working out isn’t always easy but it’s definitely always worth it try to get rid of that muffin top right okay go ahead switch and mind you there are two other components getting rid of that muffin top so this is a great way to start come fun in hope you guys you’re sneaking up on all your water no soda no sugary juices muffin top is gone keep going get that hip up you guys keep going and take a break awesome work you guys okay so you’ve seen both sides of the spectrum today on what to do and what not to do I encourage you to do it right okay our body clear designs work a certain way if you have any questions about this leave us a video comment subscribe email subscribe also you can also follow me on twitter at Kelsey Wacom we’ll see you soon English muffin English muffin
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