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We did our kitchen. We’ve done our backyard. And me and Chris were like,
it’s time to do the bathrooms. Do you remember our master? WOMAN: It’s original. WOMAN: Yeah, it’s original. And it’s almost not functioning. WOMAN: I mean, I
would love to help. WOMAN: There’s
never a great time. But do you want to help? Oh, I would love to. How much do you
guys have to spend? Well, we’ll have to
ask Chris, but I would say we have, like, $55,000. Yeah. We can totally make that work.
WOMAN: OK. – Gonna be so fun.
– I know. Fun?
– Yeah! Yeah. I know these two,
and they definitely do not always see eye to
eye when it comes to design. So making them both happy will
definitely be a challenge. So looking at the space, I know
you guys have $55,000 to spend. One option would be closing
off this window, which I know you don’t like the light. We create a wet room, which
would be a freestanding tub, and a large bench, and
a bunch of sprayers, and this really amazing feature
that you could have that would feel a lot like a spa. We would shift the vanity
over into the water closet, move the toilet into
where the shower is now. MAN: That sounds incredible. WOMAN: But at that option, we
would not have any leftover budget for the master bedroom. So nothing?
I’m not losing– All the jets.
WOMAN: I’m not losing– OK, so here’s option two. We add a freestanding tub here. We have a double vanity still. We cut in about a foot into
the current water closet. That way, we can have
a bigger shower that also has a bench for you, Kara. And you will still have
a private toilet area. With that budget, you
would be able to redo the master bedroom as well. That’s what I’m going for. I don’t know why you don’t
care about the bedroom. I really like option one. We don’t really need that
much done in the bedroom. Imagine if you walked in here,
and it was an amazing wet room. And then you use
it once a week. Well, we could do both, but
it would probably up the budget. MAN: All right. I guess we can do option two. MAN: We’d have to
reframe everything, move the electrical because this
switch won’t be here anymore. Oh, OK. More tile and then more glass. But you’re gonna
gain about two feet. Oh, wow. That’s what we want. MAN: What will that cost? MAN: So you’re
looking about $2,500. MAN: That’s a pretty good job. It’s worth it, right? I think we’d rather have
the space in the shower than using it in the closet. Yeah. We just have extra
crap in the closet. So that’s probably
a good thing for us. MAN: Yeah, let’s do that. MAN: All right. Bathroom’s moving
along, but I don’t want the bedroom to fall behind. So the top priority
is that fireplace. You guys have been troopers. I know you’ve been living
in the bonus room in chaos. So are you ready? – Yes.
– We are ready. – Beyond ready.
– OK. I’m excited. Oh, my gosh. MAN: This looks awesome. WOMAN: Wow. I can’t– I don’t even
know where to start. WOMAN: It looks like a
whole different room, right? WOMAN: Yeah. MAN: It looks
completely different. WOMAN: It looks like
you just stepped into somebody else’s house. WOMAN: Seriously. MAN: I’m really
glad that we didn’t end up hot carpet in here. I know I kind of voted for that. WOMAN: Whoa.
MAN: Yeah. It looks great. WOMAN: Do my ears deceive me? Mr. Always Right. MAN: The floor
looks really good. WOMAN: Oh, I love it. MAN: I really like
the shiplap too that ties everything together. WOMAN: And, Chris, I
know you wanted brick. But now that the tile’s
up, what are you thinking? MAN: It’s awesome. OK. WOMAN: I’m, like, nervous. WOMAN: Welcome to
your master bathroom. WOMAN: Oh, my gosh. MAN: Really does
feel like a spa. WOMAN: What do you
even look at first? The amazing shower
that’s two feet bigger. And it has a bench. Am I allowed to go in? Oh, yeah. Make yourself at home. This is your shower. I’m not gonna know–
somebody’s gonna have to teach me how to turn it on. There’s no screwdriver.
WOMAN: I know. What are you gonna
do with yourself? WOMAN: Oh, my gosh. Look at the
little body sprayer. The kids are gonna love that. WOMAN: I can sit. I can shave. No more yoga trying
to shave my legs. MAN: The tile in
there is incredible. I’m happy to be wrong again
because I think it was– I know I wanted horizontal,
but it looks amazing. WOMAN: There’s always a
little bit of extra pressure to get things perfect when
you’re designing for a friend. But when they love
it, it’s so rewarding. At the end of the day, friends
and family are what get you through the stress of life. And with my hectic life, I
need all the help I can get.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMOeZyqisWo

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