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Move – A 30 Day Yoga Journey | Yoga With Adriene

– Hello, my dearest friends,
new and old, far and wide. Adriene here, and Benji’s
over there behind the plant. And I have a very
exciting announcement for you. Roll it. (soft upbeat music) It is that time of year, and I am so
very honored, thrilled, excited, you can see the
smile on my face, to invite you to a
very special project. This is a 30 day journey
that we do each year on the Yoga With Adriene
YouTube channel. If you can believe it,
this is our eighth year, and each year I try
to design the program to be a response
to what I’m feeling in our community and
just across the globe our current state is. So this is something that I
pick up on throughout the year and through observation of community comments
and conversations, and then real-life conversations between my friends and family,
we land on this theme. And this year, January 2022, we are gonna be focusing
on the theme of movement and its powerful,
powerful impact that it can have on
the brain and the body and the heart too. Okay, so everyone is invited. Indeed, this program is
designed for all types. So you show up
as the individual, but we are practicing together. And no one is a stranger to
virtual gathering at this point. So this really is a celebration of everything that
we’ve been through. You get to connect to yourself while connecting to
people all across the globe. This program is entirely free. There is no
credit card required. It is a total gift
from my heart to yours. And all you have
to do is sign up so that you can
receive the free goodies that accompany the
free yoga practices, which will live on YouTube. You’ll receive a
downloadable calendar so you can follow
throughout the month as well as a written component that accompanies
each practice each day. And this is a really
beautiful part of the program where you get to kind of go a little more
in depth off the yoga mat and see how the
philosophy of yoga and some of these
questions and opportunities for contemplation that
you experience on the mat can help us in our
everyday life as well. All I ask, after you sign up,
is that you subscribe to the Yoga With Adriene
YouTube channel. I’m so glad that you are here. This is a really
special time of year where I feel like we
get to pause and get clear on how we wanna move throughout the year,
the upcoming year. We get to ask
ourselves questions like, “What do I wanna move towards? “What matters most? And, “Why does how I
move matter in the world?” I am really honored to be able to share this project
again for another cycle. Thank you so much to
Find What Feels Good members, I get emotional
thinking about it, (laughs) for allowing us to keep the Yoga With Adriene YouTube
channel healthy and alive. And yeah,
I’m just really excited. So accountability is awesome. Please invite your
friends and your family. (chuckles) My friend
behind the camera here is giggling at me
because I’m emotional. But this thing is gonna
kick off on January 1st. If you’ve never done
this program before, January 1st is kind
of like a welcome day, an orientation day. And then we begin
with our practice on the mat on January 2nd. So I look forward to
seeing you January 1st. Until then,
get yourself signed up, share it with your
friends and family, and have a
beautiful holiday season. Take good care. (soft upbeat music)
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