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Morning Yoga Workout For Beginners, Wake Up & Stretch How To By Total Wellness Austin

new videos every day hi i’m lori from total wellness austin and today we’re going to talk about yoga to help wake you up inside my last video i talked about how to help you to go to sleep and today we’re going to wake up the body so remember to favorite this video so you can follow along at least three times a week and hopefully seven please feel free to leave me any comments any questions and if you would like to learn more about me you can always visit my website at so we’re going to start with when you come out of bed a lot of times you’re going to feel stiffness in your back and in your hips so if you can get out of bed and have your yoga mat ready right by your bed you’re gonna go on to your yoga mat and you’re gonna come flat onto your back and i want you just to really think about the spine here i can stick my hand under my back right now so that means my spine is is bending in its arch i want you to think about flattening the back and relaxing the back okay so now the back is flat i want you to raise your right foot cross it over your left knee okay you’re going to pick up her foot take your right hand through the hole left hand comes around your thigh interlock your fingers behind your left thigh and then you’re going to pull toward your chest so now you’re going to feel a stretch in the right glute and possibly the right hamstring okay there’s a couple of key things i want you to think about in this pose one is the back is flat the bringing the back up off the floor is not acceptable so you want the back flat so if your legs are out here that’s fine you just want to make sure your back is flat if you can’t get your hands around the back of your thigh or that’s uncomfortable take your hands to the top of your right calf and then bring your knee in this way so you can still get a stretch without having to pull from here okay so either way you’re stretching out this side you’re flattening the back which gives that feeling of relaxation lets the muscles around the spine relax and then you’re starting to open up the leg the back of the leg the hip the hamstring and then remember to breathe through the nose exhale through the nose then you’re gonna slowly lower that leg uncross and then you’re gonna take the other foot across your right knee going to lift up the right foot and again you have your options you can take your left hand through the hole right hand around your thigh interlock your fingers and pull towards your chest or you can bring your hands on top of your leg and pull now you’re feeling the stretch and the left side so your left hip possibly your hamstring and remember your breathing as you breathe inhale the belly goes up towards the sky and exhale comes in towards your spine and then lower the leg down to the floor uncross and straighten your lips okay the next position you can stay on your back we’re gonna do what i what i call supine twist so you’re actually going to bend your knees again flatten your back lift your feet and then you’re going to take your knees and feet all the way to the right side so you’re just getting a stretch all through the back in here and all the way down into the hip you can choose to take your arms open which will also give you a stretch in your chest but the important thing is you’re just letting the side body start to open up in the morning if your knees don’t touch the ground place a pillow under the knees or between the knees if it’s still difficult you can lower the knees and that will make the stretch a little bit easier and if you want more intense stretch you can bring the knees up and you can extend the legs out straight so we’re beginning to wake up the body and then breathe and so this is a great position again to put to focus on the breath so you can imagine the ribcage here because you can really feel it and so when you’re inhaling the ribs are moving up and exhaling the ribs are coming in towards the spine so you can even place your hand there and just feel it and if you visualize the ribs moving with the breath that’s bringing your mind back to the moment and onto the breath okay then you’re gonna just bend the knees slowly bring the knees back up to center and go to the other side each side’s different so you may feel a different stretch in this side of the body but the same things apply if you need to lower your knees to make it a little bit easier or place a pillow between the legs or under the knees and remember on this anytime we’re stretching the chest with the arm out if it’s too tight or your arm is off the ground lower your arm towards your feet and again bring your attention back to the rib cage inhale the ribs come up exhale they come in so you’re just focusing on the breath calming the mind before you get started on your busy day and then slowly bring the knees back to the center and then you can roll to one side place your hand in the ground press yourself up to a seated position okay the next thing that tip i have for you for waking up in the morning is what i like to call shower yoga so we we’re in the shower everybody takes a shower in the morning so you might as well use that time to do a yoga stretch and the easiest thing to do is just a forward fold or forward bend just simply come down and touch your toes so you’re going to end how arms are going to come up and you’re going to come forward keep a slight bend in the knees come down and just touch your toes you can let the warm water hit your low back muscles and just let the body relax begin to open up the backs of the legs and the hamstrings and just breathe we’re all in a rush during the day so i understand how important it is to find little times to do yoga and i think this is one of those times in the shower is a great time just to bend down and take a nice stretch give your legs a stretch in your low back and then inhale slowly come up back to standing and complete your shower so you can repeat that two or three times in the shower but it gets the body moving and the warm water also helps to relax the muscles thank you again for watching the video please remember to favorite it and leave me any comments that you would have questions about or want to give me feedback on and if you want to learn more about me visit my website at you
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