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Morning Yoga Perfection | 5 Minute Miracle | Rise & Shine Sleepy Bear Yoga

Hey guys, welcome to my 5 minute miracle class today I’ll be showing you a 5 min yoga routine you can do the minute you get out of bed it is an amazing routine to get the blood flowing through your body to clear your mind and set the tone for a perfect day and lets do this alright guys so, were going to start on the mat or you can also do this on the floor on your bed the very first thing you want to do when you first wake up us lengthen the body so what your going to do is extend your legs all the way out Array and reach your arms over your head a nice big stretch take a deep breath in exhale out and then from here slowly bring your knees into your chest your going to give yourself a hug and begin to gently rock side to side so this rocking creates a bit of a massage for your lower back as well as your sacram and if you’re on a hard surface you’ll feel it a little bit more then if you’re on a softer bed and from here your going to hold on to that left knee and releasing your right hip flexor by extending the right leg all the way out pull that left knee breathe feel that nice stretch in the right side now from here your going to open the left knee out to the side towards the left shoulder opening the hips and then form here your right hand is going to guide the left knee across your body into a spinal twist so you can just keep your left arm right by your side nice stretch you’ll feel your spine crack a bit sometimes thats totally fine you’re readjusting yourself and then coming back to centre holding on to the back of your left knee flexing your left foot your going to extend that leg as high as you can so feel that stetch in the left hamstring in the morning it might feel a little bit different than in the evening so just be patient with yourself extend as far as you can and then slowly begin to bring that leg into your body you can also do a bit of a massage up and down the back of your leg warm up the body we want that blood to start flowing through your body slowly lowering your left leg right knee comes into your chest were going to repeat the same thing so first your pulling that leg in opening it out to the side towards the right shoulder watch how my left hip still stays down open up your hip breathe and then your left hand is going guide that right knee over your body to your spinal twist your right arm extends and you can push that right knee down as far as you like if its not comfortable for you to come all the way down you can stay half way as long as you feel that nice stretch back to center flexing the right foot extending the right leg holding the back of your knee and just breathe slowly pulling that leg towards your body feeling the stretch and again if you like a little bit of a massage go ahead and rub your leg awesome and then from here slowly lower the leg down and were going to bring the soles of your feet together opening your knees reaching your arms above your head feel that nice opening in the hips and then knees together just a little bit of a rock side to side creating a little bit more movement into your body and then bring your body all the way over to your right knees together resting your head on your hand to your seated position on your mat if your on your bed you can allow your feet to hang down and from here going to take a deep breathe inhale reach your arms right up to the ceiling lengthening the spine filling your lungs with oxygen exhale hands down to your heart one more time inhale exhale releasing your hands down o your heart taking a moment here with your hands at your heart release them down towards your knees and bring all of your awareness to your breath and setting an intention for the rest of your day visializing how you would like your day to start and where you would like to finish sending gratitude for all the things that you have in your life and seeing what your going to accomplish today take a deep breath in bring energy to your body feeling energized balanced and ready to have the most amazing day thank you guys so much and I hope you have a wonderful day, a wonderful morning, and please subscribe to my channel for more videos ill see you soon.
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