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Molten Iron Vs. HUGE Magnet

hey guys backyard scientist here and this is a huge rare earth magnet it can hold 800 pounds so today we’re going to see what happens when molten iron touches this magnet so this magnet is so strong I can pick up these paper clips from like a whole foot away right what I think I’m going to do first so we don’t destroy the magnet right away just put it under a table so how would I forgot that was under there so I’ve got the 800-pound magnet and I’m putting it right under the thermite and I’m going to put the board on top of it to protect it so when the molten iron comes out it should like maybe make cool patterns from the magnetic pole what I’m trying to do is create a cool metal sculpture that looks like something you’d get while playing with ferrofluid and if you don’t know what ferrofluid is it’s a pretty cool toy it’s basically magnet shavings suspended in an oil and when you put it next to a magnet you get really cool shapes like this so let’s see if I can make one with molten iron I like how it going Magnus fine alright so we’re going to see if this is actually molten iron that got attracted to the magnet oh yeah I can feel it picking up stuff pretty much all of this is molten iron is picking up a lot but then again it’s picking up a lot of stuff from the grass I think I was wrong I think this didn’t work at all because all of most of the iron went onto the grass so I actually picked up more iron from the grass around the board than on top of the board so I think the magnet didn’t really attract it wow this is really on there oh jeez when they said 800-pound Pole they weren’t lying look at this Boop so what I’ve done here is I’ve stuck the magnet to a piece of metal in the ground so it’s parallel to the thermite so when it goes off we’ll see if the metal stream gets attracted to the magnet or not and it doesn’t fall straight to the ground let’s see if it bends alright here we go three two one so that thermite turn the wooden bowl into a raging fire storm but I’m beginning to think that there’s no reaction between the molten metal and magnets in fact I think that molten metal and magnets don’t mix very well at all that was pretty cool I might have broken my magnet those completely engulfed in flames right there but it’s not very hot okay it’s kind of hot but not like destroyed hot once magnetic materials reach a certain temperature they lose their magnetism that’s 600 for this magnet and 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit for iron this is called the Curie point and below it the magnetic fields are nice and aligned but above it they’re totally random this is why we don’t see any attraction between the molten iron in the thermite the iron hasn’t cooled enough to align into a magnetic field yet yeah so this is the wood bowl that the thermite fell into there’s not much left but it’s got a pretty cool pattern in there now I just want to see how much iron is in here so see if it grabs it oh yeah there’s a big chunk of it yeah it’s pinching me Iowa oh that really hurt the magnet actually pulled that metal so hard it cut me when it hit my finger so these things are no joke I think our last test is to do the thermite directly out of the magnet I don’t want destroy my magnet all right guys now it’s the time you’ve been waiting for I’ve got the magnet in the bowl I’ve got the thermite above it let’s see if anything crazy happens place your bets down below in the comments section tell me what you think is going to happen three two one all right it is pretty hot I can see lumps of steel like right here this is a huge just lump of iron but I think it’s lost us magnetism there’s a magnet and I think the magnets cracked in a couple places break the stuff off hot gosh it’s super hot so this is the remains of the magnet after the thermite hit it it’s a you know it’s pretty much shattered the thermite like heated up too fast and it cracked and when magnet when magnets get super hot they lose her magnetism so this magnet is basically just an ugly stinky paperweight now so at least now we know what happens when molten metal molten iron touches a magnet so I’ll see you next time bye
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