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[Music] you look fancy man trying to cover my style no more shorts it’s rubbing off i know so what do you think about this house i like there’s a fancy windmill right here this house is a three to twelve hundred square feet the seller said there’s an addition that is permitted i don’t have confirmation i’ll check it out all right let’s go look what a weird entry this is it’s like very strange it actually has a kind of cool look to it because you have vaulted ceilings it definitely has that mid-century feel why isn’t this open this would be so much better if i had a big island or something well we’d have to open all this up that wall looks load burnt so this whole kitchen what do you think 15 yes so this is dining room kind of funky kind of cool and here is the bathroom a bathroom off the dining room it has a shower has a shower yeah remodeled this bathroom costs about 7 000 eight thousand okay so this is the edition oh my god this thing’s huge they said it’s permitted but i see an exterior slider and i see stuck up from the looks of it and the appearance seems like they built it correct well it makes a big difference in value if we have this or if we don’t have this oh my gosh this is a really interesting design everything’s like miniature does anyone else notice the fact that um i look like a giant in here this is not even functional bedroom one so it has two decent sized bedrooms and we could make this one a master suite because there is a bathroom right there but it has a door to the hallway what do you think it would run just close that door off got this whole thing and just make it awesome eight grand all right so eight grand for this bathroom oh my god what do you think we’re looking at back here about 3 500. all right is he time to talk some numbers buddy what a walk very interesting house what do you think it’s gonna cost we do this entire place in and out outside exterior bonus room kitchen two bathrooms about seventy thousand dollars seventy thousand dollars yeah the seller’s asking five hundred thousand the only thing that concerns me here is this ginormous room because if it’s not permitted we lose square footage and we have to tear it down so i think we play it super safe we come in at 4 40. and that’ll still leave us a little bit of room to come up all right i think that’s a good game plan we have to find out about the permits i’ll check on it today let’s hit it the walkthrough with tariq went really well this morning he’s probably in a great mood so i think i’m going to call him and let him know that i want to put the house on the market you’re about to see stage one of the five stages of tariq avoidance hey what’s going on hey uh i need to talk to you about something so hear me out okay yeah what’s up i want to sell the house our old house yes [Music] hello um hey i can’t really talk right now so i’m gonna i’m gonna go okay all righty all right bye [Music] izzy confirmed that the bonus room is permitted so our offer of 440 000 left some room to negotiate we got the house for 465 000 so now it’s time for demo all right let’s get going [Music] you okay in there some things never change do you know how many times christina’s come running from the other room to make sure everyone’s okay that was life with tark i mean the things we’ve been through together the housing bubble crash cancer cancer again ivf back surgery paparazzi following us everywhere i mean i’m always on high [Music] alert what’s up izzy hey all right so i guess we got not the best news both sides of the house are being held up by that post so we take the post out the house falls down yeah how much would it be to remove the post 7 500 what a bummer yeah it’s just unfortunate that right when you walk in the door it’s just like blocking everything you know not only do we have to keep it now we’re probably gonna have to figure out a different design for the kitchen i think we definitely use it to our advantage let’s do a peninsula and actually if you look at the tile that’s kind of what it’s going to look like just wrap it around you’re right if we add some type of cabinets here and make this an actual space people aren’t going to notice the post as much right there you go kitchen layout perfect and you saved 7 500 that’s always a good thing [Music] this pony wall actually really really works the kitchen’s actually a lot bigger too kitchen’s huge i haven’t talked to christina since she told me she wanted to sell the house i mean really what is there to say it’s her house if she wants to sell the house she can sell the house honestly i really don’t care and i just want to get to work all right ready to design i was thinking because it’s mid-century modern the kitchen i was thinking going really bold doing this for the backsplash luckily i like it and that would go really nice with this flooring this countertop and white shaker cabinets then we can also incorporate it into the bathrooms like maybe the bathroom flooring that just happened my side butt hit nice little shower oh so what um okay next time would we lean let’s lean off the wall speaking of shower okay i was originally thinking the blue with this for the bathroom flooring i like this one it’s a little bit softer i have an idea let’s take him into the bathroom and then we can make an executive decision i’m so wet it’s not the biggest shower no so we have two options for the shower balls one we could do like the blue jean look or tone it down with a more simple tile the flooring is like so cool and so unique i think it really needs to stand out so if we wanted to stand out i think we’d go with something a little bit softer i definitely think that’s a good choice and then do like white shiny cabinets white counters and then maybe like white one by one um shower pan to tidal in yeah they’ll look good this project is going really smoothly so far but i think it’s because targ’s still in denial mode mark my words there’s a storm coming both bathrooms right yep same look like you know yep cool [Music] [Music] all right bathroom’s coming together floor looks really good what is this i’m confused this is the blue jean tile we picked the gray this is definitely not the gray is it in the master i hope not good luck uh-oh how did this happen i i’m like really confused on how the blue tile made its way in here i guess the news i got from christina about wanting to sell the house affected me more than i thought i was a little bit rattled and i didn’t communicate the right tile choices to the installer but i will never admit that to her so we have two options we could take it all out and do the gray or we could leave it and have a really bold design in both bathrooms we’re gonna have a very bold design in both bathrooms it’ll be interesting to see what buyers think hopefully it’s not too bold what is that that my friend is a change order that is termite that’s a support beam right yeah and it goes all the way to here so you’re talking about a brand new support beam that’s about 14 feet correct so what’s it gonna cost whole thing material labor install free drywall the whole nine yards fifteen hundred dollars that’s not in the bid there’s no way i could have had it that’s totally unacceptable it’s my money i’m spending i get it it’s not your money it’s my money and it’s getting really expensive we have termites in every house come on what’s up dude because i know it’s not the termite you’re seeing us selling the house oh sorry about that you know i i shouldn’t care but then i think about it and it’s like that’s the house i’ve been working for my entire life you know and it’s just so many different memories there that for it to be gone is just it’s just weird like bro it looks like it’s hard but you got to talk to christina about this because it’s it’s affecting the work i know sorry ah dude you know how to apologize we’re good [Music] hey hey tar’s coming over to my house to pick up taylor’s soccer bag i forgot to send it with her so i’m hoping that we can finally talk about selling this house while he’s here [Music] i mean it threw me off a little bit but at the end of the day you know it’s your house we put a ton of work into this house to make it our dream home giving it to christina in the divorce watching her put it up for sale it’s not the easiest thing but in the end i’ve come to terms with it and it’s time to move on [Music] a little bit more all righty well today’s a big day it is house looks great paint looks amazing can’t wait to see the house stage you’re gonna love it oh it’s so pretty it looks amazing there’s so much counter space now the stagers did a really really good job defining the space because we have a living room here living room there our dining area looks so pretty this house has such a cool hip vibe i was a little bit worried about this room because it was just so big but the staging really defined the space and it really turned out nice every buyer is going to fall in love bedroom wine i like the ceilings in the house adds a lot of character bedroom two i’m glad we went with more like a lighter blue yeah it looks looks really good oh this bedroom’s so cute i like how it has a view of the backyard too makes it look more luxurious the best thing we did here close off the hallway door create a private master bedroom bathroom and i’m actually really glad a little mistake was made in here and there’s blue in both bathrooms because it actually goes really good with the house even though this house did have a lot of issues it was a great project and the house looks amazing this is what makes us a great team we can still get through the mess and make it into something awesome i’m sorry didn’t work for our marriage but it still works for flipping houses i like the white kitchen i love the backsplash in the end the buyers absolutely love the remodel and after only a few weeks we accepted an offer at 639 000 a little bit under our aggressive asking price but after closing that still left us with a profit of almost 70 000 time to find another house to flip you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IF-4d1u5zrY

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