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[Music] so what are we looking at three bedroom two bath it’s a little over 1200 square feet they’re asking 490. well you picked a beauty well i’ve been looking at the entire neighborhood for like weeks this area of anaheim is actually unique because it has a pocket of homes that were designed by the mid-century architect cliff may we flipped one in long beach a couple years ago and this one might be our next project israel hey wait is that the front door let’s go to the front is that the front door no well in the other house they didn’t have a front door that’s the front door it has the landing and everything remember cliff may house long beach yeah there was no actual front door it was through the courtyard you’re right one of the distinct architectural details of a cliff may home is that you enter into the courtyard and then into the house someone must have added this front door at some point which messed up the flow of the entryway which was originally intended when the house was built oh my lord yikes [Music] this is really weird that was the style well you got to remember the cliff me was the architect this is probably the homeowner’s special wow it’s like a time warp with this type of house we’d have to open everything up any idea what it would cost to get rid of all these walls which walls are you talking about this wall those walls and this makeshift wall just open it all up so this you could open up how do you know it’s not littleberry because all of this area is opened up so the rafters go from this beam to the end of the house ah but i’m positive this is load bearing okay why because that’s too long of a span from that beam to the end of that wall you got to have some type of support and i’ve done plenty of these if we open it up we would have a post here a post here a gap and then a second there’s no way around that you would have to increase the budget well how much would it be you’re talking about 6 500 bucks and time we can’t leave a post in the middle of the room two posts we can’t leave two posts in the middle of the room i’ve done it before it’s a lot of work here oh don’t start with a lot of work stuff i know what that means 10 12 grand with an island and everything say about 12 grand oh this is a weird like non-permitted cover patio thing it’s a sun room what do you think it would take to 86 this there’s a lot of things right here that could create a counter worms we don’t know if they took down the stucco we don’t know if they took down the siding the roof i don’t want to give you a number then you hold me to it i’ve never done that oh yeah you have all right so we have one small bedroom really weird funky looking small bedroom fancy decor and we have a tiny bathroom is he what 8 000 less than that that’s this is small this is a small bathroom seven 6500 so what are your thoughts is he if we just do your basic flip you’re looking about 75 that doesn’t include the contingencies of this illegal sun room the breezeway is a total disaster and you guys always seem to spend a little bit more money on the finishes 75 is my base number all right lot to think about after negotiating back and forth a few times with the seller we ultimately paid 445 thousand dollars [Music] hey you can see through dishes are done man israel go geez so this roof over at the courtyard is a lot worse than we thought well they built a roof on top of your roof jeez what are we looking at thinking about 35 3800 bucks really for just this one area yeah this thing’s a disaster dude yeah i can tell [Music] what’s up izzy hey what’s going on hi looks like a different house yeah it’s coming it is without a creepy patio cover it’s looking better already you know what look at this space it’s actually a lot bigger than i thought protected by cliff oh that’s actually pretty cool his stamp of approval so the question is do we just run a big island here still have a little dining area here living room there so if you run your island over here then i mean it’s just gonna block everything there i think it’s really weird to open the doors and walk straight into the island that doesn’t make sense i don’t know if this is within budget how difficult would it be is he to move the doors to this side and then this whole thing would be kitchen wall you enter right into your dining area but i mean it’s better than you know not having the wall for cabinets and walking into the island i think i had allocated money for this whole section so to relocate them it’s not a cost to you and now these doors need to be closed off they’re clearly not original to the house framing putting some batting board and drywall that it’s gonna be about 1800 bucks all right let’s close it up israel hey guys you guys on vacation what’s going on here i wish it was vacation time man this house is really beating me up man wait no what’s going on really we just got here nothing’s done okay so didn’t think moving the door from one side to the neck it was gonna be a big deal inspector stopped us he had a absolute fit why wait yeah why apparently that was a lateral brace door that triggered off a bunch of structural issues so now that’s gonna that’s gonna bring some delays two days three days i wish it was days i got to redraw the house new details the engineering and city permits i don’t even wanna say it it’s gonna be more like two to three weeks ouch a three-week delay is actually a really big problem because time is money and the longer it takes to finish this house the longer it’s gonna be until we can sell this house when you’re flipping houses you have to move as fast as possible because if you take too long the market can change and you can actually lose money [Music] it’s still raining israel hey are so wet like we’re not even in california anymore the house isn’t done uh we got some major issues wait wait we had major issues last time yeah i know though these are a little bit more major major yeah yeah you see all these weapons no oh god they’re everywhere and um it’s not just the house so wait so we need a new roof for the house itself and this huge garage yeah oh geez my luck this already has like two three layers tearing it all out new roof covering it’s going to be 7 500. my god it’s a big hit [Music] it’s my favorite design we’ve done so you love in the backsplash yeah the whole design is beautiful i wish we could do more of these mid-century houses because you actually um get really into the design love everything about it i love the cabinets that they’re dark i love that we did the light flooring this island is huge it’s open if we would have left those doors right here we never would have had this layout yeah i would have ruined the entire design hey door looks better they do look better but what do you think of the courtyard out of 10 i’m gonna give it like a seven the entire rehab everything was a hundred thousand dollars yes we paid 445 for the house selling costs closing costs all that to sell the house our break even is going to be 570 000. okay down the street is a recently flipped cliff may and that one sold for 662 000. okay it had one more bedroom than us our design is nicer that one had a pool but we have more yard okay so based on that what are you thinking you know originally i was thinking 659 but now that i’m here the vibes i’m feeling i’m thinking 649.99 i think that’s definitely a smart price i just feel like we spent so much time and money here we should go for more but in the market we’re in if we get greedy we’re going to lose right and that’s still a good profit so i wouldn’t get too greedy oh yes this is by far the coolest house we’ve done in a long time [Music] i love the geometric on the geometric like it actually works and this long island looks amazing and one thing that doesn’t bother me having the poster i don’t even think about it yeah it goes away especially because the staging looks so super cool like no one’s gonna notice i just love these bathrooms we did a lot of little details here oh it opens to a courtyard it’s like your own little compound here well this is something for the kids to play at huh yeah we can put little swings not too big not too small oh my goodness what a beautiful bathroom i love the black hardware wow it’s a lot of nice natural lighting yeah you got all these beautiful windows pedestal sink there’s no storage that’s kind of a downfall you can always put those really cute baskets sure it’s workable the lady with the dog didn’t buy the house but 10 days later we received an offer at 650 000. [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nzvys4fk8lE

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