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[Music] we got married in mexico really comfortable our first trip as a couple was cabo san lucas and we’ve been coming at least once a year since then how do you fit in that o i don’t know it’s really tight we’d have had a dream of moving abroad for years so we’re trying to create a like a five-year plan of him getting a job that he could work remotely and ideally me getting a job that i could work remotely so he did that two years ago and my company just got on board to allow me to work for molly it’s a big step to leave to a new country so mexico just made the most sense it’s just so quick and easy for us to get down here less than two hour flight from san diego cabo is a special special place it’s always welcoming before you know it you’re having a carne asada in someone’s backyard and you just went downtown to have a margarita i’m looking for like size wise three bed three bath we both work remotely okay so having like separate spaces for us both to work and then we plan on having a lot of guests come down with my family 3 000 miles away i want them to be able to come and be comfortable i would love to see a pool and i would really like an open floor plan like kitchen flow out to the living room and then a view from like the main living space beautiful ocean views i would like something downtown walking distance to restaurants bars i’m definitely a people person i like to go out i like to be able to walk everywhere i wouldn’t mind being a little outside of cabo okay i kind of like the peace and quiet and serenity that you might get a little outside of town definitely not moving to cabo to stay home i’m not a homebody but uh you know chrissy tries to make me one location is everything this place is right in the middle of all the action oh i love the tunnel it’s like walking out of foxboro stadium in new england this is great it’s a 27 unit luxury condo development the pool seems a little small the pool is actually twice this size with the jacuzzi in the middle this is a three bedroom two and a half bath penthouse penthouse downtown how much is this one we’re gonna pay for it at 499 thousand dollars little cramp coming in it’s a little small that’s my first thought too but the kitchen’s huge the island is humongous and i love the furniture and it’s also just laid out kind of awkwardly for me like i don’t know what this is dave and i can’t sit on that couch together okay it’s a little small i think it’s pretty good for working but my brother’s 6’5 and i’m kind of the medium-sized person in the family so it’s going to be tough squeezing my family in here is the other bedroom about the same size it’s a similar size come on guys let’s take a look at the main bedroom it’s right through here oh nice light in here it feels a little small it’s gonna be hard for us to get ready like you’re gonna have to go in there or i’m gonna have to go in the living room to get ready there’s not a lot of room here the living spaces are all just a little bit cramped dave’s family is uh you know they’re all tall people so i just don’t think it’s really gonna work for them the bathroom’s huge actually it’s almost as big as the bedroom i guess this is downtown living this is great and i can see all the you know the restaurants and bars are all right here i can’t help but see this dirt lot a little bit the view’s not spectacular i didn’t think i was gonna have to sacrifice my awesome cabo view just for living downtown it just feels tight for a three-bedroom but i mean compared to the place we lived at in san diego and this place is a palace so this is a three bedroom three bath and it’s listed at 465 000 still a little over but we get the three bedrooms and it’s really quiet and serene out here i love that it’s a little far from downtown for me but the minis sound kind of cool i guess i’ll take a look i know he wants to walk downtown that’s what we’ve been doing that’s what he’s always done okay all right opens up into it’s a little dark coming in wow but this wow oh my and the room is huge it’s a nice open concept christy that’s what you were really looking for that’s an incredible view of the sea cortez up here that’s awesome and we don’t get those views from downtown that’s by the way that’s true looks like a nice kitchen over here it’s a little tight but it’s it’s very modern i do all the cooking she’s a pretty good sous chef uh five burner gas stove i can do a lot of nice cooking here and it looks out to the sierra cortez what i don’t see though babe is downtown kabul i think with the resort right down the street there’s still stuff for us to walk to and go do wow is this catch big enough for you dave this will work oh yeah this is a very big living room and it’s a big wall over there you definitely need a bigger tv i’ll buy you a big tv hmm oh wow that’s nice it’s a good-sized guest room yeah i think our friends and family would be very comfortable in here yeah i mean it looks like good space i can get a desk in here and a chair and have a little office set up that’d be great this is the main bedroom wow check that out this is nice there’s already a desk in here so even have you work in here or move this into one of the other bedrooms and you know create a little office wow look at the rain showers i can actually get my head under this is nice shower for two yeah this is nice maybe four or five this bathroom’s awesome even got the double vanities i always wanted my own sink i love this place so much this is nice and views on both sides no matter where we look look at that beautiful pool it’s a good size what’s that building down there that’s actually grand velas i would sign right now if dave was on board i told ava that 450 000 was my max but considering what i get with the place i think it’s worth it so this is a 2100 square foot two bedroom two bath i know christy you really wanted a three bedroom i thought maybe somebody could work out here it’s nice and peaceful and quiet it does have a private hot tub the asking price is 475 000 2 bed for 475 000 is close to downtown with these beautiful features you’re not going to find something like this anywhere else i could always just work in the hot tub yeah we could definitely make 475 000 work if the location’s right in the views right look at the views this kitchen is humongous it’s like the size of our old apartment this is incredible i love how it opens up into like the dining room and the living room and this full wall of windows is incredible there really isn’t anything else at 475 000 that’s really a million dollar view yeah have a seat see what you think maybe dave wants to watch his favorite sports team on this gigantic tv look at that tv that’s amazing back here is the dave’s workspace possibly okay oh it’s big oh and a desk here this would work great for you babe nice big bed for our guests too so this is one of the bathrooms what do you think it’s clean it’s modern what look you like check out the main bedroom oh wow this is beautiful look at this huge king bed look when we lay on the bed we can get a view of the sea of cortez i think this is my side no this is my this is amazing oh wow true indoor exactly why i want it look at that i love how you can see the city and the ocean views it’s so different i love this you can see almost to the golden zone of the sea of cortez with the downtown action place we can walk to all the restaurants and bars i just feel like we’ll be tempted to go out way too much but living space is cramped i am worried about that from my friends and family and the price was the highest one of all three that we saw i love the location but i really wanted that awesome sea of cortez view yeah okay so that one’s off the list okay my favorite is the relaxing retreat house it had everything that i was looking for and those views were just to die for the views are also stunning though at the hot tub hideaway up on the mountain there i know it was only a two bedroom that hot tub grotto is almost like a third room we could definitely spend a lot of time there relaxing maybe having a glass of wine i think we can easily make that work and just make it so much easier for transition everything’s right there but it’s still quiet and peaceful with a beautiful view and all the amenities that you want okay but babe we’ve been spending the past 10 years right in the middle of downtown san diego maybe at this point in our lives we can move on to something more tranquil and serene and the resort is like 10 minutes away it’s sort of the best of both worlds but it just is so far out of town 15 minutes is not that far it kind of gives you a little bit of what you’re looking for and what i’m looking for for the lowest price place and the best amenities i mean i think it’s the one to go with it’s hard to argue with that [Music] it’s so beautiful here you know having the grand velas right there we can just walk right down the hill and we’re in paradise both working at home together has been totally fine with so much space here it’s really easy to spread out i think it’s a blessing that we chose the location we did because it definitely keeps us focused during the weekday and then we go have our fun on the weekend you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghVqz36CiYs

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