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[Music] we’re working with chef mauldin today he’s an old friend he’s a fifth generation laurel light i went to school at ole miss moved all around the country ended up coming back we really like this street it’s a good one joe’s not looking for a forever house no he’s a bachelor what i’m really looking for in laurel is something that i could enjoy myself in and that also could be a good investment chef pretty flexible on budget he’s just adamant about staying low on price per square foot budget is right around 250 000 but ideally i like to stay under 100 square foot range this one is the car house gertrude and william carr lived here for 40 years he was a doctor in town 2 800 square feet okay four bedrooms three baths they’re asking 140 000. this one was done in the 50s 60s but you looked down the street and it was all done in the 20s it’s time for an update yes a refresher to bring it back into the 20s but i would agree with that i have ideas though i did a painting of how i envisioned the car house wow that’s incredible remove all the vinyl siding go in with new lap siding all new color i’m gonna add a cute little shed dormer especially since there is a second story adding historic windows and a new front door that’s more craftsman style then raise the porch up level with the bottom of the door love it wrap them in okay it’s already a bachelor pad yep big screen tv it’s very subtle i’ve never seen a bigger sofa well it talk it does they match yeah things we did to the exterior would change this room right so you’d have bigger windows more light coming in i think the windows would really open this house up all right what do you think i honestly am dumbfounded this kitchen has all the modern amenities there there we go oh nice and i can play my dvds what we do love about the kitchen is the size of it it’s plenty big for a king size bed and nightstand on each side great master bedroom could be oh my goodness well it’s a pink highlighter exploded and you have a bathroom but this is the best part of the bathroom like we can use a mirror like this bring it down here exactly what i was thinking so to do all of that brings us to 117 for the renovation yeah they’re asking 140 so all in 257 2800 square feet 92 dollars a square foot that would work you said you wanted us to stay under 100 and we’re trying to stay under 95. yeah that’s great and the next house also stays under 95. the grubs house that is green that one’s a little different just a tad well we call it the grubs house because caroline and don grubs lived here for 45 years and he was the principal at r.h watkins your alma mater how about that built in 1920. it’s four bedrooms two and a half bath 2 400 square feet they’re asking 139 it’s a little more price per square foot but it doesn’t need as much work what do you think i think the house desperately needs a front porch it’s got to be painted what is your favorite color green man but that doesn’t do it for me this is what i would want to do oh that’s awesome paint the whole house a really soft sage almost a gray color take off these shutters because they’re not functional keep the flower boxes and a new front door something that’s more of a bungalow cottage style build a gable and build a front porch so we bring out some dimension okay it’s good light but i mean other than that there’s not much to say they said it all out front it’s very quiet in here it needed to calm down a little look great floors if you say so they’re oak they just need to be sanded okay in here this is what i would change i would definitely replace this crown paint a new light fixture in the center of the living room i want to take down most of this wall separating the kitchen from the dining room it would make the whole room feel so much bigger so let’s go to the kitchen [Music] i mean it’s a good space for this old of a home it’s just not being utilized very well i mean i don’t feel like there’s much counter space the whole kitchen’s right here it’s good light i like the windows bedroom here and a bedroom here and we were thinking that this would be your master because here’s all he’s got a master suite check it out oh wow who needs a shower yeah no who needs a bathtub you think that’s small check out this master closet no the you can’t walk in you could hang all of your ole miss bow ties yeah yeah obviously it doesn’t work like this i would recommend that we use this as the door into your bathroom and this all went away okay because we then use this bedroom on the other side of the wall to become your master bathroom it’ll make more sense if you can see it from here this bedroom becomes a bathroom we would annex this closet and half the half bath okay it’s part of the master closet so well more than double nice all right they’re asking 139 right everything we want to do is 70 grand so all in 209 it’s 2 400 square feet we’re at 87 a square foot nice [Music] jeff i don’t know about this is it gonna hold this uh with ben on it it makes me a little nervous i wouldn’t step right there though did you think about houses i did think about it and um did you get the blue house of the greenhouse grabs your car with the greenhouse cause green’s your favorite color yeah grubs grubs was his favorite grubs is greater i mean there’s some things i like about the grubs house that i didn’t like as much with the car house and vice versa yeah but i just went with the one that got me most excited i’m glad feeling won i think it was my talk about the kitchen you said modern masculine and seemed like would fit him those are buzz words for a dude okay let’s hit it we’re peeling the onion today all these little white layers everything in this kitchen is white everything that houses waiting on the lead removal guys to get here because we can’t take this kitchen wall down so they come do their thing so i’m drawing chef’s future life here well i think he’s got a hot date coming up as soon as that house is ready who’s this a chef’s lady friend and she’s like oh chef your kitchen’s so pretty i love it we got those black stone countertops she’s very impressed with wow he’s got a glass of wine in his hand because there’s gonna be a wine fridge here oh yeah for sure big glass of wine look how fun and sociable they’re living the life aren’t they well dang this doesn’t look good katie what the heck you’ve got this brace up here so it’s totally safe for right now but look right here there’s so much sag on where this structural wall was giving no structure it’s so scary because right there it looks like it’s not supported at all huh yeah our plan is is that we’re gonna put in a laminated beam here to hold this load it looks like there’s some rot in the floor here we can get mike to go ahead and replace that we’ve got a beam going up between the dining room and the kitchen i like that good looking solid tough i think you about got it yeah today on the porch the goal is to get all the posts set then drop the concrete in then we’re gonna have to peel back the roof so that we can get in there and actually frame the forge yeah to the house [Music] getting ready to build my bench the leg shaving apparatus is what that is because this is what happens when you don’t have the bench break your neck i’ve got the tile sample so this is shower tile yes it’s going to go all the way up to the ceiling and the walls will be painted like a deep cream color so the grout is going to match the paint color oh oh slipping slip and slipping slipping got it i got it [Music] all right [Music] cabinet day are we there already why are we stopping here well we just cause they gotta go get the rest of the cabinets so we’re just getting them off the trailer did you intend for these to be the same color as the house yes it’s such a lovely neutral gray grain i thought we should just go ahead and carry it on into the kitchen it’s like a great neutral to work from because the backsplash is gonna be really cool is it gonna be as cool as those window boxes the window boxes look amazing i think that my little touch on the planter boxes made a big difference it did make a big difference and it’s subtle which is not a big difference subtle so these are fillers i think let’s get some spillers spillers chef’s house is done it is here we’re gonna have a gorgeous house a solid house period full stop oh oh he killed it you love it oh my goodness still the greenhouse it’s just not that green i thought it would be great a really soft sage love it check it out wow that’s awesome oh it’s perfect i love it it feels like a completely different room y’all did an incredible job in here ah unbelievable i mean really is [Music] i’m having trouble remembering what it was like before a lot of white tile yeah lives everywhere the countertops i thought it would be cool to go with like a very luxury heavy black granite it’s incredible guys i like the pools i love the cabinets [Music] the room feels completely different yeah yeah love it check this out i want to see this this is the car promised you a bigger one wow great closet i mean the house needed it master bath it was really tiny this is no longer oh wow we moved your closet this wall came out that is incredible a master suite is what makes a house resellable someday absolutely unbelievable yeah what you guys did for that i love it you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-o4yfeUnzU

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