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Mint Coins With Mints!

conveniently portable fresh breath anywhere my hand almost fell over because it got stuck on your toe sounds like a personal problem in today’s video we’re going to be melting down some lifesaver breath mints to see what we can do with them hopefully we can cast them into coins to mint our own currency [Music] lifesaver breath mints apparently come in a very strong bag there we go looking at the ingredients list here it’s not very long you can see that they are made of sugar corn syrup flavoring and stearic acid which is why they worked so well when we put them in a cotton candy machine a while back sugar and corn syrup are the ingredients that work well in the cotton candy machine and as you can tell this is almost entirely sugar and corn syrup there works great that made me think if it had to melt down to turn into cotton candy they’d probably melt down pretty well in other ways so I want to try taking a whole bunch of these melting it down in a pot and seeing how liquid they get I’m curious if we can then pour and cast wherever they melt down into so that we can make our own hard white candies in whatever shape we want we have a couple of molds and we’ve got supplies to make our own molds as well so I’m gonna start unwrapping a whole lot of these and then throw them on the stove I’ve got just a thin layer of these mints at the bottom of our pot here and you throw it on the stove just with these and then add a few more after these start melting kind of like we do with Jolly Ranchers so the mints melted down pretty well however as they were melting I think they also caramelized a little bit and so instead of the nice white color we have this lovely golden caramel color so I’m not entirely sure how the mints get their white coloring in the first place I imagine it has to do with how the sugar is cooked and air is introduced to it but they do melt down nicely so now it’s time to test if they cast nicely so to test the casting I’ve got some leaf molds I’m just gonna fill these see how they turn out I know mint leaves are thing but we’re gonna have mint leaves in the shape of oak maple and Aspen make a Yoda while I’m at it [Music] what all right let’s see all right tastes like mint it’s so strong absolutely taste like mint but also caramel really it has a camel flavor mm-hmm tiny tiny bit I did just take like a quarter Taichung no shoot means okay it’s not bad that’s very odd melting down work pretty well they did caramelize the not white anymore if that’s different but they do have this nice honey golden caramel color and I think that will work well for the other idea I had which was to make my own mold and what I want to do is I want to sculpt a king of random style coin make a mold of it using this two-part putty mold and then see if we can cast that when you make your own money that’s called minting coins and so I think it’s funny because we can mint coins with I get it yeah it’s funny so I’m gonna sculpt the king of random type coin and hopefully I’ll be able to get detail on both sides of it without like smashing it but we’ll see we’ll try it so I brought some sculpting tools from home quite a few of these are actually for stone carving as well but that I brought these this is how I used to do detail work at the studio that I used to sculpt that guys having a dentist for a dad is wonderful if you’re into sculpting because you got all the old broken tools [Music] okay I think my coin is complete I’ve got a mint leaf on one side and the TKO our logo on the other side so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna do a two part mold and going to start by just making a mold of this side after that’s whole cured I’m gonna flip it over and make the mold of the other side [Music] I’m gonna spray this with a layer of this clear so that when I make the other side of the silicone mold and press it on it doesn’t stick to this side [Music] I’m gonna point out that this is probably the sloppiest and laziest way to make a mold of something that I know so because these are so sloppy guys this is the worst thing I’ve ever made it’s just a little Mario coin okay nicely if we do have some bubbles which is to be expected because we’re pouring sugar onto silicon molds and it’s covered a zillion times you give bubbles they do look very pretty I really like here’s the thing we do a lot of stuff in the studio’s with chemicals and I usually think I want to eat that you see the problem this time I can’t you got a really nice finish on them they really do have been bubbles much shinier than I would have expected I really like that there’s our slightly bubbly face to Yoda Nate made a very lazy mold by taking one half letting it a kick and then putting the other half on separating it with a clear coat I’m gonna go even lazier I’m just gonna wrap it in in the silicone and then I’m gonna cut the clay out because I don’t need the clay the last after this so I’m just gonna make a big bowl here [Music] you wash this off and then trying for some candy into it you’ll notice right here it’s a little pour spout that I’ve given it wasn’t really attached all that well so it isn’t fully cleared out so I am going to Parv that out so we can actually pour bicarb I mean this silicone is so soft but I’m just able to sort of break it out of there [Music] as we said this is the laziest quickest way we possibly could’ve made a couple of molds today but it worked it’s all we needed I’ve got my ring pop as well see if it will just come up out of the mold I think it will oh there we go that’s that’s not the cleanest bold none of these are the cleanest mold is look inside that you can see Wow wall cavities that’s okay I was worried about my coin I’m not worried about my coin anymore what was high early sure what went on here cuz like I have the nice geometric edge but it’s like offset maybe I squished it around and then when I squished on the other side it like pushed it or something like that the other case of flashing I’ve ever seen that’s alright all right excited to see what these look like yes yes this is so bent and flaw because when I was trying to squish silicone around the clay was bending because it’s very thin in the middle there but I did it I have a little Mario coin some detail definitely was lost you can see like the letter K and oh here just had some bubbles and the whole thing is a little wiggly wobbly because this was very thin mold than it was being held together by two spray-paint can lids but we got a result it looks kind of like a coin you can melt and mold lifesavers we have successfully minted our own currency what the heck we minted coins guys that’s it for today but you know we’ve always got more for to see click that box up the top to check out our most recent video and we’ll see you the next one talk to you then [Music]
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