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Milkshake In A Cake – Epic Meal Time

[ __ ] what do you got we got already which one didn’t you add your sorry in here no over here just get get loaded much as you can get out of there my man taste that boy more course my boy look at times in space is such a beautiful spirit enough with it taking baking so seriously we got the kitchen caked up sugar lace stuff Baker’s hate to see a G come up in the kitchen so we have to make a incision five inches from the diameter of the circle so pretty much I bought that one I’m gonna try that one it’s pretty much gonna be it here we go I’m here you become a very innocent brownie Baker no doubt about it this one is I don’t know guys he’s just ice brownies do that or just like they stick does that do anything and mine Oh careful that part through the week yeah that’s okay brownie I think it’s it’s brighter stuff to you after you promised I’d it off now I imagine it definitely was a double Spach you guys double scratch it someone has to push a little yeah this my branches I don’t know yeah we get it off we can cover those cracks with the next layer yeah that’s round brownies are cracking this meal is right off the baked baking ideas list a list of baking ideas we concoct when we’re baked a chocolate cake mugs for layering this cake up over three feet with the intention of turning it into a mug through a milkshake kiss logo kiss a dangle it’s tough to get the straws it’s a logo here chocolate bar chocolate mug handle on this bad boy with maximum chocolate bar chocolate mug manipulation we had no good idea at all this work or not we didn’t care worth the ballsiest bakers in the goddamn baking game is that that can go up this quickly quickly yes you [Music] slowlyslowly yeah looks great are you gonna fill up in there [Music] [Music] the defects wire mine grab those two balls Lexi let me know grab those two balls I gotta fix the bacon hotter [Applause] get something [Music] he like we have need like epicMealTime words I’ve also taken I think we take like a little baby but that’s awesome good job George Scott we call him [ __ ] brain freeze hahahah highfive hon how was that experience low good yeah man they did it I didn’t know she had a kid we’re back here [Music] [Music]
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