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Memorable Mother And Daughter Stories

[Music] here are some of our most memorable stories about mothers and daughters first up an amazing rescue susan wenzel and her daughter spent a weekend in atlanta back in 2018 their mode of transportation the city subway system i heard the horn that’s what i heard so i knew the train was coming in out of nowhere someone violently shoved susan from behind i do believe he did intend to kill me susan went flying and found herself sprawled across the train tracks she was knocked unconscious with only seconds to spare her daughter katie leaped into action i looked down to see how close the train was saw the lights and i just thought i needed to save her and i jumped that’s all i can remember is jumping down to save my mother katie repositioned her mother to lay in the middle of the tracks she knew going in that she was she had a possibility of of dying herself seconds later the train ran right over them look at this that’s mom amazingly she crawled out from under the train and sat their dazed she escaped with minor injuries but katie was much worse off she actually flatlined in the ambulance the eighth grade school teacher also had toes amputated and three plates in her head her shoulder was pinned back together and her necklace got caught as the train passed overhead it yanked it and cut just missing her windpipe just missing her carotid artery how she did everything how she didn’t get electrocuted how sue didn’t get electrocuted when she fell and then came off and nobody knows to me it’s a miracle but katie doesn’t see herself as a hero i just did what any other daughter would have done for a mother that they absolutely love a first grade teacher recently got the surprise of her life the mask comes down and her jaw drops because her mom an army sergeant is back home after a year-long deployment in iraq our students quickly figure out what’s happening the last thing i expected was for my mom to walk through that door she is always one for surprises but this one i was not expecting at all everyone keeps telling me how funny it was that i pulled down my face mask i just had to make sure i was singing it correctly this mother and daughter shared everything including nose jobs i’ve always really hated my nose some people have told me that my nose is big and that’s bothered me i have a hump here so i would like it to be straighter when 23 year old emily said she wanted to get a nose job her very competitive mom sammy admitted she was jealous well of course i mean she can’t be prettier than me mother and daughter poured over celebrity noses and fell in love with lindsay lohan’s nose i would love to have lindsay lohan’s nose it’s very narrow i’ve watched her movies and she is very very beautiful hey dr rose we’re getting our noses done together houston cosmetic surgeon dr franklin rose got to work using a photo of lindsay as a guide mom’s nose has quite a pronounced bump daughter’s nose is a little more broad next stop the o.r where dr rose sculpted mom’s nose we’ll take this down then we’ll sculpt in here we’ll reduce the tip she’s a very defined tip and just the right amount of slope nice little slope and a nicely defined tip one hour later mom was wheeled out of surgery surgery went great mommy’s done daughter is next dr rose then worked on emily’s nose afterward she joined her mom in recovery four weeks later [Applause] we feel awesome a big texas-sized party showing off their new noses to family and friends these gorgeous women look like sisters they regularly take selfies together posting photos in bikinis and fun dance videos but you may be shocked to learn they’re actually mother and daughter can you guess who’s who it’s not so easy is it i’m jolene the mom hi i’m meilani the daughter jolene is 24 years older than milani when i say like mom like in a store they’ll be like mom i thought you guys were sisters and i’m like oh no that’s my mom jolene is an elementary school teacher outside of san francisco and meilani is a college student they wear the same size making clothes easy to share wait are those my jeans yeah they also hit the gym together multiple times a week to stay in shape jolene and meilani said they don’t mind being mistaken for sisters because they really do consider themselves best friends finally in 2021 a los angeles woman celebrated finding her mother after over 50 years lisa wright put up for adoption at birth found her biological mom after submitting dna to a genealogy website i grabbed her hugging i said my baby my baby my baby turns out her mom was actress lynn moody ironically her best known role was in the 70s sitcom that’s my mama which her daughter watched as a kid i watched her all the time it’s just been crazy it’s incredible journey for inside edition digital i’m andrea swindell
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