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Mega Meatball Sub | Jamie Oliver

[Music] we’re gonna make the most gorgeous comfort food dish that’s quick easy and is gonna rock your world i’m talking moist juicy meatballs with melted cheese in a show-stopping chunky gravy loaded into a soft fluffy sub for optimum sauce dunkage this can’t help but make you happy so how do we start this lovely story with the best meat ever just because it’s mint meat doesn’t mean it can’t be the best we’ve got an amazing shoulder of pork minced here ask your butcher to get a chunk of pork shoulder and mince it for you there and then it will be spectacular then grass-fed beef like a brisket or a chuck we’ve got a kilo of that in total 50 50. now i’ve got a little secret i don’t want dry balls okay you want juicy balls uh and to do that potato a grated potato is a fantastic tip which is gonna keep it light and moist and then we’re gonna get in there with our hands and just give it a good old mix-up i’m not going to add anything else now that blend of beef and pork is a really clever blend because the pork really lightens the beef and the beef gives it a real kind of base of flavor roll into squash ball-sized portions leaving the meat of about three balls to use later give them a little drizzle of olive oil some seasoning of salt and pepper and that’s it very simple they go into a preheated hot oven at 200 degrees celsius cook for 20 to 25 minutes next some supercharged gravy starting with that remaining pork and beef mince and a splash of olive oil on a high heat we’re going to fry this off and break it up and we’re going to make an incredible gravy as the mince browns chop up one bulb of fennel it’s a delicious big bold flavor that’s going to link in with the pork in the meatballs beautifully and see all these little sticky bits see that on the bottom of the pan this is what we’re encouraging they call it a dirty gravy in america because it’s kind of like it’s rough and ready this is gravy on turbo add two finely chopped red onions and once softened add a heap tablespoon of flour for thickening that will soak up all the natural residual fats in the pan now if you look on the bottom of this pan see if i really scrape it that’s your flavor there so we’re going to break this kind of frying with moisture but not any old moisture right we’re going to use porter beer okay it’s smooth it’s delicious and it’ll start cleaning the bottom of the pan this is incredible flavor happening right now once that malted dark beer is all cooked in it’s time for some beautifully british punches of flavor english mustard number one then a tablespoon of ketchup brown sauce and worcestershire sauce finally a dollop of mango chutney and then one liter of chicken stock bring it to the boil and simply wait for the magic to happen it’s just gonna become one gorgeous chunky gravy reduce to a simmer for 20 minutes and then it’s time to get those balls out and then we simply pour this gravy over the top yeah this is going to be beautiful to add the most incredible perfume and flavor add a few whole sprigs of rosemary and finally sprinkle over 100 grams of red leicester the perfect melting cheese then simply grab a nice warmed up roll back or sub this is game changing and then just take a watch of watercress and then get in there [Music] the whole point of this is you’re dipping it in the sauce these balls can get mighty messy so safety first this is not a time to be free and more proper if you like the things in life that make you very happy then this is the way to go unbelievable
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