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Meditation For Stress & Anxiety Relief ♥ 10 Minutes Of Heaven

hi guys welcome to our meditation stress relief today we are going to take a moment to let all of that negative energy leave your body if you’ve had a stressful day if you;ve had a busy day this is the perfect time for you to take the time for yourself and let go of all that energy that no longer serves you beginning to relax our body by rolling our shoulders back a few times big circles with the shoulders again letting go of all that energy thats been stored within your shoulders thorough out your day and then doing a head roll to the right letting go of any tension in the neck head roll to the left and gently placing your right arm to the side and taking a big side stretch up to center other side and then coming back to center coming back to your comfortable possition and at this time come your eyes and resting your hands on your knees taking a couple of deep breaths allow yourself to bring all of your awareness to your breath and if you need to take some extra time to release feel free to take as many breaths as you like as were sitting here with our eyes closed i would like you to bring yourself to a happy place in you mind it may be on a beach maybe in front of a beautiful water maybe in a personal place like a cottage or your old home anywhere where you feel safe and happy imagining this place in your mind seeing the wonderful details about each and every place and taking a seat in your mind where ever you are in your mind allowing yourself to fully let go of your body weight in your happy place now i would like you to take a deep breath in gathering all that energy everything that has stressed you out today anything that bothered you and as you exhale letting all of that energy all of those things that bothered you today away and out of your body and again deep breath let it all go you are peaceful and safe in your happy beautiful place you can take as many breaths as you like here if you’ve had a super stressed out day feel free to take some extra time to breath and let go visualizing yourself exhaling anything that no longer serves you and inhaling all the positive energy into your body almost imagining like you’re inhaling beautiful white light energy of happiness joy compassion kindness and love continuing to breath for a few moments letting go of the old and inhale the present and whats to come and now slowly when you’re ready gently move your fingers beginning to be aware of your hands and gently take yourself away from your beautiful place and as you slowly begin to open your eyes Array continuing to take deep breaths feel yourself lighter carefree and content with where you are and who you are and know that anything that has happened through out your day or anything that has happened throughout the past has no longer any power or effort over your mind it has no control over who you are and what the future holds for you deep breath in lets lengthen your spine and exhale slowly bring your hands down to your heart lets do that one more time deep breath in biggest breath of the vening exhale bring your arms down to your heart and just staying here for a moment and thinking of everything that you are grateful for in your life everything that makes you happy in your life and then when you’re ready you can slowly release your arms down to your body thank you guys so much for joining me on this beautiful meditation together Array i hope you feel better more relaxed and stressfree doing this exercise this meditation a few times throughout your week will allow you to let go of all that negative energy we tend to hold on to within our selves and allow yourself to renew your body your mind for the day to come thank you guys so much and i’ll see you soon again
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