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Meditation For Humility | Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone.
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene, I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have a
meditation for humility. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Okay my sweet friends, we’re gonna start
today in a Child’s Pose. If Child’s Pose
ain’t your thang, just come into a nice,
comfortable seat. A place where you can
connect to your breath. I’m choosing Child’s Pose or
Extended Child’s Pose so we can start in a pose of surrender and
just get our head a little bit below our hearts in
honor of today’s theme. So if you’re into seated you
can just bow head to heart. Otherwise, let’s come
on down to the ground. Bring the knees as wide as your
yoga mat and as you’re ready, send the fingertips out,
take a big breath, and with intention bow the head. Get it lower
than your heart space. You’ll feel the shoulders and
back and hips start to open up. But right away you might,
if you’re willing, close your eyes. Start to listen to the sound of
your breath and just notice what this feels like if
you can really lean in. Getting the heart to melt. Getting the head
underneath the heart. Considering this is a little
symbol of just kind of giving the thinking mind a break. Allowing the heart, the soul to
be the star of the show today. So we often show up on
our mat for asana practice. And that sort of
conditioning and that work, of course, is important and extraordinary
and valuable. But today’s session
is about being still. Residing with the breath. And connecting to
this feeling of humility. In other words, (laughs) it’s not what is on the outside, but what is on the
inside that counts. As you gently continue
to deepen your breath here, just find places to soften and
you might even feel things pop and shift even
just with these long, conscious breaths. Accept any feelings any thoughts
that are coming across your table here, your desk. And then as you’re willing,
start to clear the desk off. Focus on your breath. And then as an individual but
also considering this community, this global connection, just
take one final loving cycle of breath in humility. Tending to the inside. Surrendering to that
which you can not control. Then slowly, nice and slow you
can keep your gaze soft as you press back up and you’re gonna
come into a nice comfortable seat of your choice. And we have about a
five minute vapasana, so a five minute quite
sit we’re gonna do today. You’re gonna want
to stop the video, you’re gonna wanna quit. So let’s see if we can make it
to the end as a grand act of love and humility. Sit up nice and tall. Allow your hands to rest
gently wherever they fall. Tuck the chin just slightly, sit up nice and tall, lean back. Find places to lift
and then places to ground. And remember why we practice
asana in the first place. To connect to our higher self. That divine and historically to
allow us to sit in meditation, to be still, to reflect,
to nurture the soul. You ready? Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in. And let’s begin. Notice the natural ebb
and flow of your breath as you come into your seat. If this is new for you,
you are in the perfect zone. That beginner’s mind. I’ll watch the timer, so you can soften and
relax into this moment. It’s now about four
minutes of your life. You’re gonna be able
to sit here and be still. Trust that you can and you will
do it with grace and with ease, with a curiosity. Keep breathing. Just relax and allow. Notice the thoughts that come
across your desk, your table. And then come back to the
structure you have in your body and come back to the ebb and flow of your breath
and start again. You’re doing great. Continue to sit
up nice and tall. Continue to just observe the
ebb and flow of your breath. And for your
final two minutes here, embrace this moment,
this stillness, this peace that resides within. So whether or not
you’re feeling it today or not, that’s really not up to anyone. But being open to access
that through regular yoga and meditation practice,
that’s the ticket. So stick with it here.
You got it. Serving the breath,
embracing the moment. Relishing this
stillness and this peace. This time for yourself. With the eyes closed
and without moving a muscle, bring your awareness or your attention to
the base of the spine. Slowly and sweetly
from this point start to draw a
line all the way up. Maybe this affects your posture just a bit but you
don’t have to move. Just slowly, in your mind’s
eye, draw a line all the way up through the center channel,
this plumb line, this super highway of energy. That is how this can affect you. If not today,
with practice it will. Connecting all the way up
through the neck and all the way up through the crown of the
head ’til you reach the top. And when you reach the top slowly bring your hands
to your heart space. Take a deep breath in
and then empty it out. (exhales loudly) Inhale in again. (inhales sharply) With the eyes closed, exhale, bow head to heart. The most humble bow. Take one more quiet
moment to notice how you feel. Then gently bat
the eyelashes open. Open your eyes, lift your chin. Lift the corners of the mouth
just slightly and then bring the thumbs right up
to the third eye. Sweet. You did it.
Amazing. Could this be the beginning of
a fresh lifelong romance with meditation in conjunction
with your yoga practice? Maybe so. I’ll be writing a little bit
more on today’s theme on the blog so go check it out and
we’ll have conversation down below, of course, and on the Find What Feels Good
membership as well. Thank you so much for being here
for sharing your practice with me and with so many beautiful
people around the world. We are definitely
lucky to have each other. Deep breath in. Exhale to bow. Namaste. (gentle music)
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