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Meat Farm – Epic Meal Time

previously on Epic Meal Time I know you can hear me over all that thank you says like nobody wants to see a douchebag shut up soup somebody wants to see a fatso eat soup instead freely perverts out there we got a little girl hey double sunrise don’t McDonald’s still sleeping like a little why not be meal time we take farming to the next level a whole bunch of meat for our bacon barn so hop off your tractor throw on some overalls and tell your daddy to stop sucking on the cow’s milk nipples save your tears for someone who gives us slicing up bacon and mixing it with onions throw in some diced pork and toss on some epicMealTime bacon some to make an official pork stew farmer that’s a pirate we’re ground beef and some was drinking the diet 7up that’s weak and ground beef cracking eggs and prison a South’s all over this meat then we mash it up but she cook this is our ground beef meat foundation we made a bunch of them milk in the liquor utters into my buddy’s mouth it’s not gay it’s just friendship trimming the fat so I can make a meat soap to wash myself with when I’m a dirty boy I’m all is dirty slices of steak a handful of sausage pause break them out of their casing this is how we make meat glue mother a whole bunch of ham [Music] we got a car of a bunch of little porkers out of this Punk next-level crafting in the kitchen mother this is art following bacon we’ve lesson is brought to you by me you owe me one man you can owe me one I know what you’re thinking how many bacon weaves does it take to make a pair of bacon pants for your daddy well that’s a different episode cooking steaks like this cause it’s cold outside flipping steaks and flipping bacon weaves we take our meat maneuver seriously a handful a horse meat hello heart says this is lean and high in protein so if there’s some kind of Jack douchebag eat this part of me really enjoys the way raw meat looks it almost looks tastier I guess that part of me is a sicko a wood up ribs hey [Music] all these links and we put them in the oven and cook that up we’re looking for maximum meat experience we scramble up a heap dozen and then begin construction on our bacon barn steak bricks meat glue as mortar skewers to hold this down honey badger [Applause] now we build we lay out all the sections of our meat farm using tons of phallic shapes meat treats we make a fence welcome to the farm we got a playful pig pen roll pigs roll on our own we got a horse area for all the horses that are religious we got a chicken coop farming nothing unborn chicken fetuses and our bacon bar where all the cows graduating the double cheeseburgers [Music] next time we eat an apology next time we’re done next time we eat your hairy gut next time we eat your daddy’s gut
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