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you know [Music] hey there welcome to exit I’m your trainer Kelsey Lee and today we are doing a full body workout start with burpees here we go bring it up and down take your time focus on your technique for you got it we’ll probably get to about 12 we’re going for 45 seconds if you need to take a break go ahead and do so number we’re more worried about technique and speed activate the core you got it all right should be going up mine are or is m1 hearts are is keep it up ten more seconds couple more last one nice job take a little rest okay you guys ready for some high knees 45 seconds here we go heart rate should be up relax through the neck be on your toes you got it heart rates are going up bring in that core in the front every time you exhale wash you out on your abs you’re doing good if I’m doing this you better be doing this too a couple more seconds [Music] almost there and take a break nice work all right 45 seconds next Fanning me two elbows gonna look like this hit hit hit okay you guys ready 45 seconds exhale get that isolation pull it up good job then we’re not trying to run a marathon here just try to burn off those chicken nuggets keep it going pull it up line the muscle connection use those elbows draw it down you got it [Music] unless they’re I’m not doing a funny thing on smooth we’re working out you’re doing this with me burning off those nuggets right you got it couple more three two what nice job all right next up with our heart rates up and elevated so I hope we’re going to do this uppercut uppercut uppercut 45 seconds you guys ready get your timers here we go activation still there you go show off the muscles you have a window that’s open your neighbors think you’re crazy that’s okay because you’re in better shape than they are keep it up hit it on those toes bring it all the way up guys little higher more power you got it don’t hit yourself in the head like this don’t do that almost there guys you’re doing good hit it almost there a couple more you got it last one nice job okay next one up we have side to side crosses gonna look like this punch punch face you guys little more and punch punch okay here we go 45 seconds you ready think of someone you don’t like actually don’t do that that’s not nice but think about those chicken nuggets here we go whatever else you ate that you weren’t supposed to [Music] keep those arms up you’re really box me somebody you’re trying to prevent them from hitting your face right you got it [Music] you’re getting dizzy blink in the middle you got it exhale with your hits good job should feel this in your triceps and your shoulders course your core – couple more three two one nice job okay next step this one is crazy and if you do this already on a regular basis you’re crazy it’s gonna look like this plie squat and bring it up rope just like that if you know how to do that really well can you leave me a message and tell me all about it hey you guys ready here we go 45 seconds and up take your time toes out the more you hold it here more resistance you’re fighting you got it take your time something’s hurting you need to take a little break come back to it afterwards [Music] you got it almost there keep going should be burning I am ten for a second you got it couple more last one nice job alright if you guys manage to finish today’s workout then you have turned these into this good job alright well thank you for working out with me today on exit remember subscribe to our channel here and if you have questions leave a video comment or long as you’re not eating chicken nuggets you can follow me on twitter at Kelsey Lee comm see you next time
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