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what’s going on Nation and welcome to maximal growth roots in clause today’s workouts going to consist of followed by a finisher exercise after each exercise are going to be doing three sets following a 1 1 3 10 bow has a three-second negative and you only get to take a 60-second break in between each superset and for the finisher between each regular set cleansing a quick look at the routine and get started before you start the routine I want you guys to make sure you’re properly warming up this warm-up is a really quick one you can do all you need is like a 5 or a 10 pound dumbbell and you can do some floor shoulder rotations what this is going to do is help loosen up your shoulders because believe it or not even though you’re going to be squatting it’s still putting a lot of pressure on your shoulders to keep your arms back and hold the bar in place just do 12 reps per side and then switch arms as you can see I’m making sure that my arm is straight out away from my body and my elbows at a 90 degree angle just go back and forth twice doing 12 reps and only rotate as far as you can don’t force anything the next one what we’re going to do is an alternating toe two-hand touch you’re going to do a 1-1 count and focus on doing 12 reps per side and you’re going to run through this warm-up twice it’s really important that when you’re doing the toe to hand touches the breathing out all the air out of your system it’s going to allow you to really stretch the reach for your toe to try to touch your hand you’re also going to notice that my hands are out by the sides of my body and if you have tight hamstrings you might find it difficult to keep your legs straight as you try to touch your hands but keep working with this warm up and do it before any exercise routine that’s going to involve your lower back and in no time you’ll become more flexible once you finish with those you’re going to go into an alternating scorpion once again doing a 1-1 count 12 reps per side and what you’re going to do what I like to do is complete both of these warm-ups in succession and then go through them again one more time each for a total of I would say two circuits or two rounds of these again breathe out all the air out of your system and try to touch your toe to your hand while keeping your chest as flat as possible and your arms out by the sides of your body now let’s move on to the first superset you’re going to be doing barbell back squats and you’re going to superset this with a seated leg extension now as you can see from the video I’m actually doing high bar squats I used to always do Bar squats but I’ve noticed that it with the high bar I’m able to get a better workout one muscle activation and I’m actually getting stronger with a low bar squad I was relying a lot of my lower back during the lift and putting that much pressure on my lower back because I was getting up to like 325 per sets of five wasn’t doing me too much good you know actually damaging my lower back more than helping me but as you guys can see I’m working with that one 1/3 tempo so on the way down you’re going to count three seconds one one thousand two one thousand three one thousand and really focus on the burn when you get to the bottom just stop for a brief moment and then explode on the way back up now it’s really important that as you do this exercise you work with enough weight that you can maintain proper form throughout all eight repetitions it’s not going to do you any good if you start falling over because you can’t keep your core tight enough because you’re fatigued from drawing through that one one three tempo and that three-second negative is going to be difficult so don’t be surprised if you have to lower your weight a little bit as soon as you’re finished go right into our superset gonna head over to the leg extension machine and with this exercise you know your your quads are on fire so you want to go as heavy as you can but you want to make sure you’re keeping your butt in the seat and you’re getting a full extension once again utilizing that three second- as you can see I grab the outside of the handles as tight as I can to really pull myself down in the seat to stay secured in place and then as I do the extension I’m making sure each repetition is a full extension and then I’m slowly coming back with that three second negative you can see how much it burns just by looking at my face so finish these up you’re going to complete two more rounds of this superset and then move on to superset two for superset two you’re going to do a barbell front squat and then go right into a leg press once again you’re going to be utilizing that one one three tempo the three being a three second negative now front squats for me it’s not an exercise that I do a lot of but I am starting to incorporate it into my workout routine more I have a hard time with with my wrists on this movement it’s just tight wrists from not practicing enough and probably not stretching out my hands enough if you find that you have a hard time with this exercise you can’t get your elbows high enough because your wrists are too tight you can try playing with your hand placement or you can try actually doing some wrist stretches where you maybe stand against the wall and push your hand against the wall to really push your wrist into the way it needs to be for this exercise now as you can see once again I’m doing that three second negative I’m keeping my chest up as high as I can I’m making sure that my back doesn’t go into flexion pushing through my heels squeezing glutes and quads on the way up eight repetitions what I also find helps with these as you start to fatigue because at this point in time very completed three super sets of the first exercise so your legs are on fire is after each repetition just reset yourself take in a breath and hold it in and keep that strong core just like you would for you doing a heavy deadlift now on to the leg press now for the leg press again eight repetitions I’m going to focus on that three second negative and on this exercise you’re going to be tempted to bring it down as fast as possible need to fight that urge fight the urge to not do the three seconds can’t even go a little slower just to make sure you get all three but you’ll see this is actually I film this is my um my last set out of the three my face started to get really beat red my legs were on fire quads were exploding glutes were on fire and it took everything I had to raise the weight a little bit and keep that three second negative but I’ll tell you what the pain is worth it because I know I’m going to see some serious growth keeping up with this kind of routine again on this exercise take a second reset taking a breath keep everything nice and tight and then just focus on the weight on that last rep maybe even go a little slower just to make sure you really see a serious bird the last exercise you can do a dumbbell alternating stepping lunge as you can see all the blood is in my quads right now for this exercise I’m going to use fifty pound dumbbells and you’re basically going to step forward with one leg and then step back using that three second- on the lunge now eight reps per side is a long time especially with that three-second negative so make sure you grab the right about a weight to ensure that you can do all eight repetitions and maintain proper form you can see my body is just thrashed right now vascularity is at a high point blood circulating legs are pumped fatigued and it feels awesome so make sure when you guys try this routine you’re only taking about a 60 second rest period in between each set now it’s crucial that you guys stick to that 60 seconds because the 3-second negative is part of the volume but to make this routine as intense as possible you have to stick to that short rest period you’re not given the muscles enough time to recover which means you got to have to make them work harder to handle some big weight so I want you guys get this routine a try and you know tweet me tag me on instagram the official shf hashtag is sh f athlete I want to see what you guys look like while you’re doing your exercises and I want to see your faces as you’re pushing as hard as possible so you might need a workout partner to capture that moment to see those muscles screams that we talked about because that’s what it’s all about nation say you guys have it maximum growth glutes and quads now remember the key here is those three second negatives so make sure if you need to after each rep stop reset take a breath get your core tight and do that negative go great tips exercises and routines feel free to join us in Scarborough finish calm so ace something I may soon start if you’re looking for a quick way to switch things up login to your shf profile and go to the workout section of the website once there click on the muscles you want to train then you’ll be brought to a page where you can further filter down your search now you have a complete list of all the routines that target your chest and utilize only a barbell or dumbbell from here you can rate the routine add it to your routines in your profile and if you scroll down you can see a write-up of the entire routine as well as photos of all the exercises you can also download a printable PDF just by clicking on it
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