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Make This Smoked Glass Backsplash With Carmeon Hamilton | Crafts & Cocktails

Oh my gosh. Like, where’s my cocktail? Like, ’cause we’re gonna
make this a twofer, OK? [jazz music] I am Carmeon Hamilton,
interior designer, blogger, content creator,
and winner of HGTV’s “Design Star, Next Gen.” I’m looking to elevate
the look of my bar with a few crafts so easy, we
can finish them in the time it takes to drink one cocktail. I’m going big today. The craft I’m making is
a mirrored backsplash. And I’m making an old
fashioned to drink while we’re working on it. [jazz music] There is nothing like a
classic old fashioned. It’s gonna be a good day. I’m ready to make a craft. I started working on
my bar some time ago, and I kind of called
it done, but it’s never really felt finished. I’ve always wanted to add
some sort of backsplash. This room is very
deep, dark, luxurious, but I wanted to bounce some
more light around in here. And the idea of an
antiqued or smoked glass really spoke to me. Smoked glass can be
expensive, and the materials was adding up. So we came up with
a little Plexiglass. You guys are not
going to believe how expensive and luxurious this
craft is gonna look in the end. I’m telling you,
it blew my mind. So the first step
to this craft is you want to peel the plastic off
of one side of your Plexiglas and also make sure
that it’s very clean. You also want to take a pretty
good sized spray bottle, fill it half with vinegar
and half with water. And really you just
kind of mist it. Just really quick bursts. When you’re looking at
an actual antique mirror, a lot of the age and wear comes
around the edges of the mirror. So that’s kind of where you
want to focus your spritz. The magical portion
of this craft is taking some mirrored
silver spray paint. Make sure it’s shaken very well. And you want to cover
your entire plexi, including the water droplets. But don’t get too crazy. Don’t spray too close. And move your water
droplets around because you want the droplets
to stay where they are so you get that splattered effect. Not running effect because
that’s not what mirrored glass, antique mirror glass does. Very light coats. It may take a couple
coats to cover the entire piece of plexi, but
slow and steady wins the race. So the next step is super easy. You just take a paper
towel and carefully blot up your water droplets. And you’ll notice that there
will be little spots where the spray paint didn’t go. That’s important. And the last step is
covering the entire plexi with black chalk spray paint. Even coverage, just
like your silver, but make sure it’s nice and
neat because this is going to be what gives us
that mirrored effect and the antiqued effect
on the back of the plexi. So the spray paint is all dry. It’s time for a mini reveal. Look. Oh my goodness. [gasps] Oh my gosh. And you see where our
water droplets were. And you see why you spray
it with a black spray paint. Oh my goodness. This is antiqued
mirrored perfection. And it took us like
five minutes to do this. Like, so fast. This is going to look
amazing on my bar. I love how this looks. I’m almost done
with my cocktail. All I need to do is get
this installed on my bar. I’m just gonna use
some adhesive strips, keeping it easy and simple. Just wait for this big reveal. Oh. These are so simple to install. I’m just using some
adhesive strips. OK, guys, it is time. It is time.
(SINGSONGY) It is time. Are you ready? [jazz music] Yes! Have you ever seen the
luxury, the glamour? You guys, this is some
plexi and some spray paint. Tell me this is not blowing
your mind right now. Like, we did this. It’s perfect.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12fJVnQibiA

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