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Make This Hot Air Balloon Ornament | DIY Handmade Ornament Ideas

[Music] [Applause] [Music] hi everyone welcome back to handmade with me karen today i’m going to be turning this christmas ornament into a hot air balloon i’ve seen a few different ways to do this online some are very simple and some are very complicated so i’m going to try to land right in the middle the way that i’ve decided to do it is basically like a jewelry project so we’re using like jump rings and chain and jewelry pliers so if you do a lot of jewelry making then this project is right up your alley so before we get started let’s talk about what kind of ornament you should pick i bought a set of these pesto pink ornaments and within that set just happened to be this kind of quilted design which i think looks just like a hot air balloon you can do this project with just a plain ball ornament but we are going to be drilling into the side of the ornament so if there’s some sort of decoration that will help you keep all of your holes even all the way around also since we are going to be drilling um you really want to make sure that you’re using a plastic ornament this is really important if you try to drill into glass it could break and you know really hurt you so please please please if you’re going to do this project only use a plastic ornament so to start grab another ornament that has a gold hanger like this and go ahead and just pull that out we don’t need the ornament itself just the hanger so you can put this to the side so you should have something that looks like this just pull the wire out to get two separate pieces now grab the ornament that you’re using for the hot air balloon and if there’s a hanger on the top of that one you can just pull that off so now we’re gonna drill our first holes we’re gonna drill two holes right here in what used to be at the bottom of the ornament but now it’s gonna become at the top of the ornament [Music] so now it should look like this just grab the metal piece from the other ornament and we’re just going to slot that right into those two holes next you’re going to grab the gold cap from the other ornament and this is going to be the basket of our hot air balloon just fold back four of these tabs that are evenly spaced around the circle and then we’re going to drill a hole through the top of each of those four tabs be really careful with this because it’s pretty small and finicky so once you have all four of the holes drilled you can bend those tabs back up so the next thing is we’ll want to cut four pieces of small gold chain to be just under an inch long you just want to make sure all four pieces are the exact same length so i counted the links in each one to make sure that they’re identical then we’re just going to use small gold jump rings to attach one chain to each of those holes if you’re brand new to jewelry making and all of these supplies use two jewelry pliers to open the jump ring with a twist then you can just thread on the chain and the basket and then use the pliers to close it up once you have all four chains on there just to set that aside and we will get back to it in a minute [Music] so the next thing we’re going to do is add jump rings to the side of the ornament i already marked the two spots where i’m going to be drilling i’m not gonna lie getting the jump ring in there is probably the trickiest part of this entire project you might want to practice on a spare ornament so that you know exactly how far apart you need to make the holes for your jump rings all right i’m not gonna lie that was really difficult even for me but now i have four jump rings on the bottom of the ornament and four jump rings going around the middle of the ornament next we’re going to bring back the basket that we made earlier and we’re going to use a tiny little jump ring to attach each of the four chains to those four jump rings that we put on the bottom of the ornament [Music] once you have that on there it’s easier for the rest of the project to have the ornament hanging up so i’m just going to add a piece of string to the top and then hang it on a necklace holder for the rest of the project so now you’ll want to cut four short pieces and four long pieces of gold chain again counting the links to make sure that they’re all the exact same length mine are around an inch and a half for the short ones and about three inches for the long ones so we’re just going to use jump rings to attach these to the sides of the ornament so that the long pieces arch between the jump rings that we attached before and the short pieces just fall down the side in between them and this is where it really starts looking like a fancy hot air balloon [Music] so you can embellish this as much as you want as you can see i added a second layer of chain to make mine even more over the top and there’s just one more step i’m going to finish it off by attaching all of these pearl beads as you can see there’s a piece of wire with a little end cap and then you can just hook it right onto at the end of a piece of chain for this project you can really decorate it however you want so you can use whatever jewelry supplies you already have [Music] and to finish it off i looped a small piece of chain around the hanger and i secured it with a jump ring to bring some sparkle up to at the top of the ornament and that’s it i love how by using jump rings instead of glue it looks really clean and professional this will definitely be a standout ornament on any christmas tree [Music] so a few hours and many jump rings later and i have a super glam hot air balloon christmas ornament i’m not gonna lie when i was developing this project i almost quit and gave up multiple times but i’m so glad that i stuck with it it came out so pretty and it is perfect for my pink and white christmas tree so you can of course customize this project to really make it your own you know you could paint the christmas ornament to make it look more like a hot air balloon you could also use like a miniature dollhouse basket for the hot air balloon basket if you want it to look more realistic but i ended up going super fancy and glitzy and i think it is so cute so i’d love to know in a comment if this is the type of project you would want to take on or let us know what other types of christmas ornaments that you’ve been making this year so happy crafting and if you decide to try this all i can say is good luck [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATfzO42UnPE

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