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Make These Party Easter Hats With Stephen Brown | Glitterville Studios | Handmade Holiday

hey guys it’s stephen from glitterville where every day’s a holiday and today it’s easter here on hgtv’s handmade holiday series where we’re going to be making easter bonnets okay not easter bonnets but party hats which is almost the same thing and dolly loves easter don’t you now i know it always seems easy to make a cone that you turn into a hat but actually one of the trickiest things is figuring out how big a circle do you cut what is the pattern how do i get a party hat the size that i want it to be there’s a simple recipe if you want a party hat that is three inches tall you need a circle that is six inches the circle will be twice the height of your finished product so today we’re going to be making a 9 inch party hat and to get started you need to find something in your house that is 18 inches round and in my case i found a platter in the kitchen and i traced it onto brown craft paper and onto a piece of brown cardboard once you’ve cut out your circle in craft paper you need to fold it perfectly in half like this then you also have it traced onto your cardboard and this allows you to lay your paper onto it and then cast a center line down the middle with scissors i’m going to cut out the circle so once you’ve cut the circle out go ahead and cut straight down the middle i’m going to show you a little trick that you can bend your cardboard flawlessly a little bit of water and a paper towel so you’re just going to dip that in your water and lightly brush over all of your cardboard just dampen both sides so once you’ve dampened both sides of your cardboard you’re going to pick it up and start to roll it together like this and you can see that in one easy step you’ve got a perfect cone you want to secure the bottom with a staple so that’s the basis of our cone if you decided to use poster board you get a hat that looks like this this one is our cardboard which is much heavier but we can also coat it with a coating called gesso which is a white paint that has plaster in it so it gives it a little more durability now that the hat is covered in gesso i’m going to make marks to add stripes to it and to do that take your ruler and lay it on the front of your hat with a pencil i’m going to make one mark at each inch then once you have that move it around a little bit and add another mark and we’ll do this all the way around the hat once everything is marked take your pencil and connect the dots until you have lines all the way around the hat now it’s ready to paint i’ve decided i want my hat to be a metallic gold and pink here’s a metallic that is just a basic paint and when you put it on you can see that it’s very very thin now it does have some shine but it’s still very thin the secret to that is to find a color that’s a lot like an ochre like this one and i’m going to under coat all of my gold stripes with the ochre paint and then once it’s dry i’ll go back and add the metallic over it and you can see here here is the ochre then take a coat of your metallic and put over it and in this case the gold stripes will remain paint and the pink stripes will be glittered and once you’ve got all of your pink and gold stripes painted don’t forget to add a little bit of that metallic all the way around so it really shines now we’ve made the basics of our hat and it’s time for the fun part and that’s adding glitter now the glitter i’m using today is glass glitter but you can use any kind that you have and the best kind of glue to apply it with is a thick gooey tacky glue so once i’ve got the glue applied i’m just going to sprinkle it on and then i’ll tamp it down with my fingers so once you’ve glittered the party hat except for the bottom row take a hole punch and punch one hole on both sides and that’s going to hold our ribbons set your party hat aside because now we’re going to make the rabbit’s ears so for the rabbit’s ears i’ve drawn out a shape like this and i’m going to take my scissors and slice up the center about halfway then i’m going to take this and fold those ends together to give the rabbit’s ear a little bit of a bend once you’ve folded it secure it with a staple and repeat on the other once the bunny ears are folded we’re going to paint them white on both sides and on the inside paint them hot pink and line the backs with white marabou now they’re ready to try on the hat so hold them to both sides and if you want you can always secure it with a paper clip so my bunny ears are complete and i’ve attached them to the hat with a little bit of hot glue now i’m going to take a pair of scissors and i’m just going to trim the bottom the next thing is to figure out what are we putting around the edge and my favorite craft supply for that is something we make called festooning and that’s simply crepe paper that’s all ruched up like this now this particular one i did on a sewing machine with a pleating foot so it’s very tight and uniform but long before i ever did it with a sewing machine i did it by hand which is still my favorite way to do that you’re going to need and i’m using black thread so you can really see it in the demonstration take regular crepe paper like this and you’re going to layer up four layers of hot pink and four layers of light pink so you have eight layers of crepe paper then you’re gonna take your needle and you’re gonna put it in the center of the paper like this and pull it through then you’re going to do an accordion stitch all the way through your paper and just pull gently so you’ll do this the entire length of your paper which should be about four times the length that you need to go around the hat when you have the amount you need just pull the string and rush up the paper like this [Music] measure how much paper you need by wrapping it around the hat and trimming it with scissors but we’re not going to attach it just yet because we want to add ribbons first and i like to just measure up some ribbon and then push it through the hole that you’ve made for it pull it through and then you want to make a knot so i’ll trim the end and move to the other side now once you’ve tied the ribbon on both sides and you’re ready to start adding the paper around the edges so i’m going to finish attaching it with a little hot glue and then trim the ends the next step is to add marabou all around the party hat and just secure it with some hot glue the hat is almost complete except it looks like it needs a little bit of a topper so to make the topper for the hat i’ve taken a paper mache egg that i gold leafed and used a craft knife to actually cut it all the way around zigzaggy almost like the chicken has escaped now i also drilled a hole in the bottom because this is the way we will attach it to the hat using a kitchen skewer we’re going to push a skewer through that hole just about that much and we will fit our egg on top so i put the skewer through the hat and i’m going to turn it upside down and fill the inside tip with the hot glue then clip it with a pair of pliers now we can finish the topper by pushing the egg down a little bit and adding a chick now to do that i’m going to take a piece of yellow marabou and i’m going to tie it in a knot and this little knot will become our chicken and you want to take the ends and sort of pull them down and then trim it with scissors then use a little bit of hot glue to secure it inside the egg so now he looks like he’s peeping out so now the chick is peeping out of the egg but he doesn’t have a face yet so for that i’m going to use small black beads for his eyes and then a small triangle of orange felt for his beak then we’ll just secure them with a little bit of glue [Music] she’s ready for easter so are you ready to make your very own bunny bonnet party hat if so let us know in the comments below and if you like this video give us a thumbs up and subscribe to handmade see you later [Music]
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aP3RFTemZFQ

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