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Make Sophisticated, Modern Wall Art With Carmeon Hamilton | Crafts & Cocktails

Oh, this might
go a little faster. It’s good. [chuckles] I’m Carmeon Hamilton,
interior designer, blogger, content creator,
and HGTV’s “Design Star– Next Gen” winner. I’m giving my bar a little
bit of an update by making a few simple crafts that
I can finish in the time it takes to drink one cocktail. So I’m going to
show you how to make some super-simple DIY artwork. And along with it, how
about a little French 75? I’m a nervous wreck
about things that pop. I hate balloons. [cork pop] [squeals] [laughs] That was a heart attack. Yay. My bar has some open
shelving that would greatly benefit from some wall art. As a designer and a homeowner,
when it comes to wall art, I always go for original. Why go out and buy what
5 million people have when you can just make it,
and it’s immediately yours? I have three different
sized frames. And I’ve already
cut some white paper to fit in each of the frames. I have some black paper. The tip is to tear it
along a straight edge. And we just– [ripping paper] –rip. I’m going to rip a few more. [ripping paper] The color black became
very critical in my life and my design aesthetic. The more I researched
my culture, the more I became conscious
of not only my culture, but how important being
Black is to me and my family. And once my eyes were
opened, I never looked back. And then I realized how
good black looks everywhere. I mean, hello. Black is necessary in
every single space, just for a moment of grounding. Every space needs
a little black. [ripping paper] I’m not trying to create
anything in particular. I just want to see
where the chips fall. Maybe you should just,
you know, do one of those and see what happens. And if you don’t like what
you glue down, I mean, it’s glue and paper. Make more than one. I’m really liking how
this one is looking. I’m just going to
start on the other two. [music playing] Well, I really love where
these are right now. We need to add a little
bit of, mm, you know, like bubbles in a French 75? Just that, mm-hmm. I really want to add some gold,
something organic in here. Organic, rustic– those are the
words when it’s not perfect. Let the French 75 lead you. The more imperfect,
the more hand-done it looks, like a human did it. That’s what you’re going for. [music playing] Last one. Little baby– Mommy,
Daddy, and baby. But you guys are
probably watching this like, what is she doing? But once you put this in
a frame, (SINGING) ah, I mean, everybody’s
going to ask you, where did you get that from? So I’m just going to accent
our black paper pieces with some gestural lines. I didn’t plan any of this out. I just wanted to
go with the flow. You know, if you
plan too much, you’ll probably never get started. [music playing] We just made original artwork. [taps glass] Right on time. This is a perfect
one-cocktail craft. Now, let’s see one of them
framed up because, of course, you’ve got to admire
your work, right? Oh, my goodness. Getting this framed
totally took it from arts and
crafts to original, one-of-a-kind, unique wall art. I cannot wait to gift the rest
of these framed and on the bar.
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nimf5KYGDKM

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