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Make A Boxwood Garland With Rajiv Surendra | DIY Evergreen Garland

[Music] garlands for centuries garland’s have been used to adorn things to venerate things to appreciate things and every year during the holidays i make an evergreen garland that goes up for just a couple of weeks in my chalk and calligraphy work i’m often looking to early examples of ornament this is a book of ornaments that was used for architecture and for furniture design and in all of these books there are garlands it’s wonderful to see in the facades of buildings and you really have to look up garlands carved out of stone over doorways or over windows even right outside my window on the pre-war townhouses across the street at the very top there are garlands there really is an aesthetic about how the garland hangs and how it’s pinned up in the corners and the silhouette of the garland the heaviest part the lightest most dainty part so that’s what we’re going to be doing today to make a garland you need some jute twine something nice and heavy it could even be heavier than this not lighter than this you need some wire this green florist’s wire on a paddle and the third thing you need lots of greenery i am using boxwood today and you create a kind of under structure to the garland with something else today i have some pine you want to figure out where you’re putting your garland in your home if you’re putting it around a banister then it’s a very good idea to take the twine and actually twist the twine around the banister so that you really know how much you need and then add like two feet to it once you have your twine cut to the right length the next step is covering this raw twine with something something that’s green and fresh before you make your actual boxwood garland you need um kind of a thick solid structure to which you can tether the boxwood what we’re going to do first is take this twine and cover it with a layer of this pine you just cut off the little branches this branch is too thick to be tied onto this it just doesn’t flow and bend so you you have to avoid stuff like this but these small branches that are kind of loose they’re perfect so i just cut a bunch of this in preparation for making my under structure whenever i do this it just like it just starts to feel like the holidays and it’s very relaxing i have my twine the first little step is to take your branch put it next to the twine and then anchor it with this wire so put a bit of wire on there like that twist it around and then go above and below where you initially twisted just to really secure it in place you don’t want this wire to slip off while you’re pulling because we’re going to be pulling this tightly as we make the garland so just make sure that it’s anchored initially the second thing is when you’re layering on any greenery you have to be consistent in the direction that you’re putting the greenery onto the twine it shouldn’t be placed on willy-nilly some parts up like this and some parts down that’s not good because this is going to be sticking up like this and when you touch it it’s going to poke you and that’s not the way to do it all the greenery goes in the same direction got it so the first little bit is anchor to the twine second gets overlapped about an inch and then i take this wire and i wrap it around i twist it around both the pine and the twine and that rhymes before i get to the end of this right so i have a little piece sticking out here before i get to the end of that with the wire i put the next piece on so you’re overlapping what that does is it creates a continual strand of uninterrupted green and little bits like this don’t matter the ends sticking out like that that doesn’t matter because that’s going to get covered up afterwards with the boxwood you could make a garland that isn’t very thick like if it’s going around a banister you probably don’t want it to be too thick so that would require less greenery this part that i’m making right now is my swag that’s going to go in the middle so i want this to be nice and flexible this is going to be the most dramatic part of the garland swag it’s already starting to look like something the garland i’m making today i’m going to make in three parts i’m going to make the two side pieces separately and i’m going to make the middle piece separately and that’s because i want the corners to be clean i don’t want bulky greenery to have to make the turn over the hardware that i’m going to use to hang the garland up so what i’m gonna do is leave a bit of this twine at the very end uncovered by greenery so that i can tie the components together okay i’ve come to the point where i’m going to stop and i’m just going to cut this wire off and again use the end of the wire to really tether the greenery to the twine this wire on the paddle is just great you can really pull it and it does the job so that’s my middle piece for the garland the swag so now that i have my understructure made i’m going to prepare the boxwood and same thing you want to cut off the boxwood so that you have pieces that will twine around the garland so see this right here you don’t want to put any of this in this is too stiff this is such beautiful boxwood i think this boxwood is from new jersey so just just across the river just a short swim away [Music] this is a nice pile so i have my under structure the pine is pointing down so this is how the garland’s going to hang this is one side of the garland i’m making and i’m going to lay the boxwood onto this understructure in the same direction so the boxwood is also pointing down i’m just going to gather a few pieces and put them around the bottom i get my wire wrap it around those few stems and really anchor it there see you can really pull this wire with this paddle and it secures everything in place and then i am going to do what i did with the pine and just start layering and moving up the length of the garland so this is the underside of the boxwood leaf this is the right side or the top side of it the shiny side you want to try to keep this shiny side up so that that’s the part that you see on the garland and that you’re laying this dull side in and it’s covered there look it’s starting to grow isn’t that beautiful and i’m just gonna cut more boxwood you can sit and watch while some music plays [Music] now i have made one side of the garland look how nice and pretty and i’ve made the other side of the garland look how nice and pretty all that’s left is to make the middle the swag that’s going to be in between these two side pieces to make the swag i have to be very conscious of which direction the boxwood’s going to be facing is it going to go down this way or is it going to go down this way well the answer is both for the swag the central part of the garland i need it to start here and go down towards the middle and then i need it to start over here and move down towards the middle so that both sides are leading to the center of the swag to do that i actually start attaching the box wood for the swag in the middle so i’m finding the center point and i’m laying my first piece of boxwood down pointing towards the middle and anchor this in place you want the center of the swag to be the fullest part they should taper slightly towards the end so make this just very bountiful and you can kind of view this as sculpture you’re creating a form with greenery but you are able to manipulate the shape of it by which branches you choose they’re all different and what you do with the wire how tightly or how loosely you pull i’m coming to the end so i’m going to just put on a couple of thin branches nothing too bulky here look at that now it’s going like this and coming to a really elegant curve and point now for the other side the greenery has to start in the middle like this and move out this way i’ve come to the end of my swag final piece of the garland the other thing that you can do to finish this off is look at it and don’t be afraid of trimming like with the scissors if you see little bits that are sticking out that are just a little unsightly trim it to the shape that you want so now all i’m going to do before i hang the garland is i’m going to tie the ends together i want this to be really tight look at this beautiful big box with garland this is this is what it’s all about um yeah let’s twine some lights in it and hang it up so when you’re ready to hang your garland it really really helps to have another pair of hands and tonight i have my very good friend caroline to help me hang that big garland but tonight is also a very special night for me it is the arrival of this lion and healy harp caroline is not only my good friend but an incredible harpist she graduated from juilliard and she’s the one that initiated me learning the harp and because this is so special i wanted to kind of bless it in the hindu tradition which is by adorning it with a flower garland so i made a flower garland and i want to welcome this beautiful instrument to its new home and caroline do you think that before we do that you might be able to play something for us on this new harp thank you [Music] do [Music] do so uh you can feel free to comment and tell me what you thought of that garland it was it wasn’t good it looked amateur the garland looked amateur and i don’t want it to look amateur i want it to look great not everything that i make is even nice the first time sometimes it’s just garbage and this is my approach do it if it’s not good fix it take it down remake it don’t just leave it up there and say it’s good enough it’s not good enough [Music] do [Music] so [Music] what do you think you want to try this at home let me know in the comments below if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and if you didn’t give it a thumbs down but please subscribe for more videos just like this one [Music] it feels like like i’m an animal nesting a bird
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIl_BLs3xBI

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