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Main Bedroom Renovation For $80K!! | Brother Vs Brother | HGTV

this is versus brother san francisco bay [Applause] oh it feels so good to win and especially to win over drew so i’m gonna keep this momentum going and we’re gonna win another one and another one and just keep on winning i bought this house for 420 000 and i budgeted 460 000 for the renovation i spent 50 grand on the living room and another 108 500 on the kitchen and i’m going to allocate 80 000 to transform my master bedroom and bathroom currently you have to go through an unnecessarily large landing then past an awkwardly shaped master bathroom then around a corner to find the master bedroom this layout needs a lot of work smashing away at the wall here i hit it i tear it open all of a sudden i’m like you’re kidding that is so bizarre this place got better look there’s a mirror in the wall i don’t know why that’s weird oh i feel like a ninja don’t mess around man i’m telling you you’ve seen moves like this before losing the kitchen challenge does not feel good i actually thought i had that one in the bag this master suite we are taking this one home i bought this house for 520 000 and i budgeted 370 000 for the renovation i spent 35 grand on the living room challenge then 74 000 went into my kitchen reno there’s been a lot of spending so far so i’m hoping that a 45 000 budget will be enough to complete my master all right we gotta shake it off no more losing we don’t have it in us jonathan got lucky in the kitchen but the master suite is ours we can take this you got it it’s not the biggest master bedroom but we can make it feel more relaxed and comfortable i still can’t believe that they staged the bedroom with this dirty mattress yeah so i say we like arm wrestle to get rid of that loser has to take it out all right let’s go let’s go actually no we’ll figure something out yeah [Music] usually i try to reuse what i can during a renault but because of my design plan and my target market for this house it’s just not an option these weren’t installed very well so i’ll give away what i can and recycle the rest we’ll donate these don’t throw them in the garbage this second floor is just really really awkward i want to simplify things i wanted to make sense and i wanted to feel spacious so the new master bathroom is moving to the back of the house because i want to put a walk-in closet here which is why i’m throwing the old layout right out the window this is how much i don’t want to carry the toilet through the house it’s dripping not a drop inside the house perfect it’s hard to imagine that this was a functioning bathroom for the previous owners for i don’t know how many years it’s not functional at all it’s already looking better it was basically a large closet with a sink in it leading into this little room with a shower and toilet i can’t add any square footage so i’ve got to work really hard to make this layout more functional oh yeah i’m gonna get a good shower of my lower half not gonna do much for my head [Music] we’re being cautious because we found some nasty stuff on the lower level but up here i had my assumptions that we would have some rot maybe a little bit of mold here and there but i had no idea that underneath the drywall it was going to be this bad [Music] i think we’ve got a massive mold problem you know what i’m honestly he should stop yeah yeah i’m going to get the remediation team in here they’re going to take out all the plaster all the drywall everything else they’re just a lot more expensive yeah so it’s a lot more money it’s a lot more time and that cuts into my profit margin so this is gonna look a little better when we have the new doors in uh something to help out with the pets we could uh keep that screen door easy in and out for the pets you know i love this but yeah that’s what i think of that i want this gun i want to have a beautiful new door in here because we have beautiful new windows throughout right i want to have that great indoor outdoor flow for the master suite so let’s pop this out pop out the frame and we’ll go from there that is a black widow that is a black widow yeah they’re all over the place around here uh you just gotta yeah just watch where you swing all right let’s be honest here spiders are freaky just go down they have lots of legs they crawl into places they shouldn’t be they’ll get in your hair and in your clothes i do not like having black widow spiders which i know are deadly standing above my head removing the roof over the master suite is a big expensive job to squeeze into my two week timeline but it’s going to be worth it because when we’re done the angled ceiling in here will be about 10 feet high it’s such a dramatic change that i know drew won’t be able to match i mean there’s open concepts and then there is open concept my big concern though is i figured we would just top this off straight across there and build up to our nine foot level but look at this we can’t use any of this it looks like they just went for scrap wood and tacked it in there look how bad this is everything nothing is really load-bearing when it’s supposed to be in order to build my dream eco chic master suite i’m having to spend a lot of money on reframing but it’s totally gonna be worth it master suites in my opinion are really what helps sell the houses because this is the room for the buyer this is the homeowner’s domain jason and scott have things under control in my master suite and to stay ahead of the game i have to get out and make my tile order today the master suite is not the biggest space so i need to find wow factor anywhere i can i love recommending the picket for force where you can install it either horizontal like this some people do it vertically but personally um my favorite way to install it is actually braided it actually looks like a braided robe yes i like this this is different great so color i want to stay in the blue family because i think that’s gonna work well with the wood tones i think it could be a little bit darker not too light between these i think this is a bit too dark and navy i actually i think this is the winner i think that would look really great in that shape yeah actually this braided picket tile on the floor looks like it could be peacock tail feathers very much so and when i beat jonathan i’m going to shake my tail feather this is me peacock you want to beat jonathan i’m tiling my master bathroom and i have no extra tile so if i break even one i won’t have time to reorder and i will not have a finished space so this is some high stakes tiling don’t break any tiles don’t break any tiles don’t be sloppy [Music] we finished the tiling and i didn’t doubt it for a second okay maybe a little bit but it’s okay we finished without a tile to spare but that was nerve-wracking i’m a happy guy because the colors and textures of this master suite are coming to life we’ve got flooring in the master bedroom i’ve got nice big tiles going up in the shower and my peacock blue floor tiles are going down jonathan always tries to one-up me with tile but this time i think i got him beat are you hating me yet for the braided pattern it’s a little tricky at first but once you get the pattern down it just flows pretty nicely this looks awesome it looks really i mean the main thing for me is i want buyers to walk into this house and i want them to look at the towel and say i have never seen this pattern before the color is amazing good material i like that they do the glazing right here in california as well so they are very unique i was really hoping to stick to a 45 000 budget for my master suite renault there were some extra costs rerouting the hvac through the closet but we saved some money going with prefab closet organizers and not having to replace the subfloor so i’m on budget and the master suite looks spectacular i budgeted eighty thousand dollars for my master suite i had to spend extra on mold remediation plus restructuring and reframing that back wall so i went over budget but the value i’ve added in here is huge so it’s gonna pay off did it turn out beautiful yeah i know i love this black we are like down to the wire but everything looks amazing so i think we have this one in the bag last week i won this week i’m winning again aubry and bristol are experts when it comes to flipping houses they flip houses in las vegas and i love the fact that they’re here to judge our master suite so there’s a canyon house and a hilltop house i like it it’s so open in here yeah i love the straight lines very clean oh and i like this too i like the colors very bright i love the colors yeah i love the wallpaper that really just makes the room i feel like i think so pull it back and oh wow nice i like it the tile very cool i love this pattern i love the pattern and you know what i love even more than the pattern the color the color oh great choice very cool and the white grout really makes it pop i’m trying to remember the before photos the carpet in the bathroom this is a good use of space and this glass around and look at this big shower feels open in here and the vanity very modern but yet it still has the wood tones is this a wallpaper or is it hand painted i love the effect it’s hand painted wow very cool it’s the details like that really go a long ways it does buyers are very savvy and they know when there’s something that’s custom done like that and this is perfect the closet right off the bathroom and the organizers help so much every buyer loves that it’s like an upgrade for them very deceiving from the outside sure is it’s a little modern here we go oh okay i like the little separate areas that there’s a little reading nook over here is perfect i love how they use the pop of color behind the bed with the green this is nice it feels more spacious in here from what the photos look like it does i love the little built-in shelf behind the bed that’s great very organized you can put all your reading material there oh okay i like these dark floors i do like the dark floors i like the contrast with the lighter greenish tile on the shower this is really nice i like the floating vanities i knew you’re gonna say that really popular right now this bathroom feels trendy and i know that a lot of buyers want that i love that there’s different tile on the shower pan and then it goes into a different pattern on the walls right a nice little bench here in case you want to sit down and relax take a load off i’d like it i think we should go look at the closet oh it’s a good size walk-in closet yeah it’s nice has it organizers again yeah the organizers are great oh boy are you second-guessing no i’m gonna go with my original i think this is drew’s house i still think that the other one was drew and this is jonathan the winner of the master suite challenge is you ready i’m ready the canyon house [Applause] you know what sold me honestly the blue tile in the bathroom braided tile it was the blue tile it was the blue tile i loved it it just was perfect in there welcome to alcatraz this is called broadway this is where they brought in brand new prisoners this is what i’ve wanted since i was a little kid seriously no one gets to do this no nobody just us yes all right ready rackham prisoner number two please step inside yeah enjoy your five foot by nine foot tour while the rest of us go and do our own exclusive tour you are so losing next week you
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