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Lower Belly Flattener | POP Pilates

– Hey guys, Cassey here. I am so excited because
today we are targeting your lower belly. Now this pooch area is a big
problem for a lot of people because that’s where
the fat likes to stay. But if we attack it with
great abdominal exercises, some cardio and clean eating to really flush out the fat on top, you’ll see a nice defined
six pack on your body in no time. Remember, you got to work hard and then the results will come. Just stay really persistent, okay? It’s not gonna be easy,
but I know you’ve got this. Let’s get started. Guys, bring your hands out,
relax your chin into your chest, tuck that belly button in and slowly roll down with control until your full back is on the mat, okay? So adjust yourself that you’re centered, hands right by the sides. Bring those knees into
tabletop position, okay? Hands long behind you. Exhale, bring it up. Okay, hundreds first. Inhale two, three, four, and exhale. Two, three, four, very good. Through the nose and through the mouth. Good. Make sure those arms are nice and long. They’re straight and they’re strong. You’re not flopping out. Good, we’ll just warm it up that core. Getting ready for this. Roll your abs up. Legs up. Two, three, four, and exhale. Two, three, four. Make sure those heels are pressed, those toes are pointed. Abs in real tight. Now if your neck hurts, bring one hand behind
the nape of the neck, you can also place your head
down until you get stronger. But really you’re using your
abs to lift, not your neck. Bring it down. Inhale two, three, four, and two, three. You’ve got it. Eyes forward. Very nice. Two more. Inhale two, three, four, and exhale. Two, three. One more. Inhale two, three, four, exhale. Very nice. Bring it in. Head down and at the nose exhale, lift up double leg stretch. Reach. Bring it in. Good. Extend the limbs. Point your toes, point your fingers. Feeling that core. Yes? Yes guys, you look so good. Now swim those arms out. Let’s go. Point and pierce the air and flow at the knees. And reach, love it. And in. Eyes forward, a boot. Ahuh! And one more and you stay right there. There it is. Hand palm beneath the neck. Barbie feet. Here we go, up and down, up and down. Really feeling this lower abs right here. Come on, keep those legs straight. I don’t wanna see this. Keep those legs straight. Good. Elbow-super wide, eyes forward. Five, four, three, two, one. These in, head down. Very good. Let’s go into our reverse crunches guys. Hands pierce into the mat. The shoulders rolled away. Abs super tight, ankles crossed toes pointed. Now I want you to lift your
tailbone off the mat, boop. And then come here. So notice I didn’t come back to starting. I want you to always be working, okay? Three, two, one. Here we go. Lift, back, up and hold. Lift. Good. Up. You feel that? Hands pasted by your side. Up. Yes. Reach, you got it. Exhale with every lift, come on. Really feel these lower abs. Up and down. Now I have got a good new move for you. I’m not sure if I’m gonna
do it next, but we’ll see. It’s gonna be intense. Lift and down. Up. You’ve got it. Stays strong, don’t give up. Lift, up. Relax your head, relax your arms. Put all that work into your low abs. Four more, let’s go. Come on! Four, three, two, and one. Bring those knees in, big hug. Perfect. Hands behind the nape of the neck Legs long. Reach one leg out,
reach the other one out. That’s gonna be the movement. What we’re gonna do is cha
cha cha one, two, three, add in a mini crunch in between. All right, inhale. At tail lift. Three, two, one. One, two, three, mini crunch, and one two, extend the leg. Mini crunch. One, two, three, lift the chest. One, two, three, now just lowers. Reach, reach. Perfect. Really lengthening those legs. Good job guys. Out, out. Keep your eyes looking forward. Pierce, pierce. Now lead those legs out, in. Really clicking those heels together. Perfect. Now make sure you’re lifted,
the shoulders are off the mat. In, in. Come on. Boom, boom. Really working. Love it. Four more. Let’s go. Four, three, two. Hold it. Hold it. Lower those legs. Five, four, three, two,
bring those knees in and down. Oh, that was a really good combo. Now take a breather you’re going to need it. This next move is a new one. Did it in the gym the other
day and it nearly killed me. I think you’re absolutely gonna love it. All right, guys. Both hands behind the nape of the neck. The double whammy move. There’s two in here, it’s combo. Legs come up, nice and straight. Heel pressing, toes pointing. Give me a crunch first. Check it out. Crunch. Now once you do that, bring the legs down. Give me a double leg lift and then roll back to where you started. Don’t worry, don’t be intimidated. Let’s go three, two, three. Two, one, bring it up, down, slow. Lift and slow. Prefect. Up, down. Reach. Yes, good guys. Lift up the chest, roll. Kick it up. You feel that? Down. Lift, up. Good. Reach and low. Lift. Woo! Crazy mates. Down, up. Perfect. Lift, down Okay, you’re gonna give me three more. Let’s go. Three. I will stay wide. Two. It goes that straight. Last one. And you’re coming down, relax. Oh, those babies fires on my stomach. It’s good. Both hands behind your tailbone. Lower base, pressing to the mat. Leg super long. Now I want you to give me
little helicopters here. Relax your legs. Helicopters, too easy? You needed that break guys. But now we continue. Let’s go. Low, low, low, low, parallel. Can you chill with me right here? Chill with me. Coming up. Two, three. Again, let’s go down, two, three, four. Stay up. Perfect. Again, low, Abs nice and plaid. How do you feel it? Up guys. One more, let’s go down. Two, three, four bring it up. Legs up, knees in. Relax. Good. Stop. Finally, I want you to
bring those arms out. Inhale and exhale. Kill yourself up to sitting. All right, center yourself. And when you bring yourself
back onto those elbows. So here, knees come in. We’re gonna go into your corkscrew. Reach those legs up. Make sure you’re not (indistinct) And you’re here. Pop legs down. Reach and up. Very good. Beginners bend your knees. Down, low and up. Good. Again, take it slow. Inhale, exhale reach. Counter-clockwise, bring it low, release but not with your heels. And up. Give me one more. Let’s go. Low, up. Right there, hold it. Release in, relaxes hip flexor. Inhale and exhale. Legs up again. Single leg drop. Three, two, one. Down, up, down and up. Give me four and three. Good guys. Two, one, four, one. Reach knees in. Legs crossed, lift all the way up and down. Yay guys! You absolutely rocked it. Are your abs are just
literally screaming right now? Good. Because that’s exactly
what I was going for. Especially with that move
where we’re crunching and then the leg lift. I mean, that combo is just so insane, but it makes you want to just.. Oh! Just keep doing it and fighting
it until you get it right. I don’t know, that’s how I feel. Guys, also be sure to follow
this one’s calendar right here, so that I can plan your workouts
for you every single day, making sure you are not missing any muscle that we can really sculpt a nice tone, beautiful, sexy buddy. I think that’s it. Let me know in the comments below, what other workouts you wanna see and I think that’s it. I’ll see you next time. Bye guys.
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