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Living The Yogi’s Life: What It Means To Walk The Yoga Path

hey everyone it’s keno here thanks for tuning in to another episode of living the Yogi’s life where I share with you what it means really to live the yoga lifestyle not just on your mat but really in every moment of your life so yoga at its fundamental definition is really about the discovery of the true self and only a calm clear and balanced mind can truly perceive the depth level of reality so the process of yoga is really a process of stilling the mind so that the waters of the consciousness can come to a clarity point and when that clarity descends on the waters of consciousness you can perceive the true self deep down within and so a way to understand the definition of yoga is to root back into Patanjali yoga sutras and Patanjali is the author of the Yoga Sutras which were written about 2,000 years ago and fatah newly defines yoga as yogas chitta vritti nirodh aha’ new DOTA has this state of stillness which comes from the careful inward direction of the mind and as you begin to practice yoga this is a function that happens in the field of our mind the Sanskrit word for mind is cheetah yogas chitta vritti nirodh aha’ so yoga is the process of stealing the mind and this word of Ricci in Sanskrit means waves so in the practice of yoga there is an experience of absolute stillness no waves on the ocean of consciousness no fluctuations or disturbances in the field of the mind and when the mind field is completely still when the waters of the mind are still Patanjali says tada rush to rob a vast Anna which means that you can perceive the true self which is called in sanskrit the drush – or the Purusha the true self the spark of perfection the immutable perfect soul within each of us and the notion of yoga comes from the transcendent peace and the realization that you can experience the deepest self the true self that spark of spirit within you not in an abstract way but in a very tangible real way and I would actually say that any of you who are practicing yoga today have had moments glimmers intimations of that immortal peace of your spirit within and it is actually those moments which we can categorize as epiphany moments in our lives these sort of peak and transcendent moments of peace that leave us with a sense of faith that leave us filled with a sense of knowingness we’re in those moments we are filled with an absolute sense of the basic goodness of life so that in that moment it no longer matters you know what shape our body is what color our hair is where we come from what country we’re from what religion we practice but instead we’re simply filled with the eternal presence of oneness the eternal presence of kindness and humility so that we understand finally that to be a Yogi’s to embody the truth of who we really are the truth of who you really are and what is that essence but humility and kindness what is that essence of spirit but the feeling of a boundless purity the feeling of a love that knows no bounds so perhaps really the definition of yoga is the search for the true self and in the discovery of the true self we can find out that we are so much stronger than we ever imagined ourselves to be we are filled with so much more love and goodness than we ever imagined possible and we’ll all those things that we sometimes focus on like negativity or hurt feelings or disappointments well those are just flickers on the grand screen of life and they’re not the heart of the essence of who we really are through the practice of yoga we gain discrimination the power of discrimination comes when we redirect the objects of our sense organs away from the external world into the discovery of the inner self so that by practicing yoga we learn to cultivate inner sites to focus on the quality of seeing directed at the inner world rather than the quality of seeing directed at the external world when our eyes are directed at the external world we can – we tend to generate desires or retention rate over versions we experience pleasure and pain and we’re caught in that endless cycle of being attracted towards things which we deem is pleasurable or running away from things which we deem is painful whenever we have our objects of the sense whirls directed into what we can see what we can touch what we can accumulate what we can taste what we can smell what we can hear in the external world we tend to draw that in towards ourselves creating a feeling of mine creating a feeling of what we have or what we have not and instead the yogi has the power of concentration to redirect the focal points of the senses into the inner body so they didn’t see instead of seeing things outside of yourself instead of focusing on hearing the external world you cultivate inner sight you cultivate sensation of the inner body you cultivate inner hearing inner sensitivity through all of the organs of the senses and then in that calm stillness your attachment in your aversion to the material world to the opposing forces of pleasure and pain lessens and in that space of lessening there is a narrow road of truth that is revealed to you like a light shining on the path of the discovery of the true self the promise of yoga says that every single person who’s on this path well you can discover that peace you can discover and see and directly experience that spark of the eternal which lives inside of you not outside of you but directly inside of you is if you simply start with the choice the powerful choice that says I’m stronger than my attachment I’m stronger than my emotions I’m stronger than my thoughts and instead I’m going to gain power over the cycle of attachment aversion the cycle over where our senses are going and instead take the powerful choice to focus on the inner experience to focus on the inner body and in the light of the Spirit dawns again not as an abstract sense but as a real tangible experience and over many years of practice we learn to understand that the practice of yoga is really about trusting and surrendering and have faith in the light that Dawn’s when you drop your mind down into the deepest reality so that you never have to force instead you simply have to believe and then there’s a promise that the practice of yoga makes to you that if you get on your mat and you practice every day there’s a promise of more peace there’s a promise of more love a promise of more joy unfolding in every moment of your life and as you begin to do the poses well the poses of yoga are really just tools to help you redirect the objects of the sense were into the experience of the inner body the poses are really never meant as ends in and of themselves but instead that cultivated state of noodled aha the state of stillness this is the essence of the practice of yoga and as you begin to experience stillness the mind stilling the waters of the consciousness stilling the objects of the senses stilling as though there is a quiet peace that descends over your mind over your heart of your body and really over your whole life well that peace is really the truth of who you really are and that stillness well that stillness has the power to speak to you and if you take a moment right now and just close your eyes and place your hands on your heart you may find that stillness revealing itself to you as a calm sense of knowing this as a calm sense of vibration and you may find that that stillness yearns to speak to you and that you carry it with you like a seed and every moment of your life through many years of practice you’ll find that that connection is always there with you it’s not something that ever leaves you and that through the power of your practice the power of your mind the power of your choice to believe in that experience of peace that inner sanctuary is really the seed of truth that transforms every aspect of your life I hope you’re inspired to continue your practice and continue dropping your mind into the inner body I hope that the next time you get on your mats who practice the poses of yoga you’ll breathe deeply and discover that in early i’ts drop your mind down into the inner body thank you so much for joining me on another episode of living the yogi sleight namaste
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