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hey everyone it’s keno here thanks for tuning in to another episode of living the Yogi’s letters where I share with you what I found and the lessons learned on your yoga mat into your everyday life what I want to talk with you today is something that actually was pretty hard for me in yoga pretty hard for me to learn also my life and that is how to relax easier said than done when you begin to do your practice you’ll be driven towards trying new postures like headstand or even handstand and when you work and work on those you’re gonna feel like you know you want to achieve them you want to orient towards the goal of the posture but in yoga orienting towards the goal of the posture actually is not the deepest intention that you can set in yoga the idea is to set your intention for the inner journey the inner spiritual tradition so that you can discover who you are at your deepest and most fundamental level through the technique of awesome or yoga postures in that sense when you show up on your map you don’t need to you know do your maximum every day give yourself permission to have a light day give yourself permission to not try to press up into a handstand or not put your leg behind your head or not lift up and not try to do your mask it do your do your best or give you know 150% when I started the practice I thought that I needed to do 150% of my effort keep my full life force everything I’ve had every posture or wasn’t really trying only after many years of practice I realized that in order to truly try you need to relax because the relaxation is surrender and in surrender is how you received nothing that we do we do with the small ego in fact the effort that we put in is more just to remove the obstacles for the experience of the true self within so all of the effortful striving in yoga it’s not actually about the posture but it’s about the removal of obstacles those obstacles what is in the way of you perceiving who you really are the obstacles that we carry around inside of ourselves and time our body inside of our mind are often are deeply held perceptions our paradigm about life what things we think on a sort of Perpetual or automatic way and in yoga what we’re asked to do stored is to clean off the lens of the mind so we can see reality more clearly scrum all the thoughts real clean and we get rid of those things are blocking our experience of the light of the inner self or the true self so when you begin to do your practice don’t think that you need to do all of the work yourself in such a show up on your mat every day some days do it lightly listen to your body when that’s appropriate all the days when you feel like you have a lot of energy give it your all and be open to receive be open to receive the strength that is naturally yours from a power that’s higher and grander than yourself always find the balance between activation and release never things you need to do it all yourself instead just relax surrender it’s just a yoga posture after all you wanted use the practice to make you a better person to make your whole lifestyle be a commitment to the Yeomen lifestyles that you can become an ambassador of peace in the world one of the things that I love about the journey of yoga is that it is a constant reflection of your truth is a constant reflection of your authentic self something you can never escape from then can never really gloss over when you begin to make peace with that deepest part of yourself and you experience it you experience all your beauty and all your power and everything that’s like your deepest and most fundamental level there’s this relaxation that naturally happens because you can relax into being exactly who you are no need for story is no need for anything else let me for pretending no need for anything else other than just exactly who you are you don’t need to try to be perfect you can let your imperfection be the truth of who you are and then you’ll just do the postures as part of a whole lifestyle of truth as part of a whole lifestyle of freedom as part of a whole lifestyle of peace this is the yoga path now I have a fun announcement that if you’re interested in sort of following my journey I’ve been on this dirt and developing inner strength and inner fortitude something that I wasn’t naturally born with if you want to join me on the exact way that I built strength in the body and in the mind check out my new series called be strong on the Kodiak and I definitely recommend that if you’re thinking about cultivating not just physical strength but the inner strength that comes when you do the journey of yoga deep into the center of yourself that this course is really free you check it out on the link right here we need the video and you can join me on the exact the journey that I’ve taken in order to develop not just physical strength with spiritual emotional and mental strength as well I hope you’re inspired to do this practice with me and I hope you’re inspired to be strong namaste
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