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Let’s Make An Antique Doll Vanity Using Stuff From The Dollar Store | Doll Furniture

what’s up doll collectors hobbyist fabs and besties i was reading the comments and saw a request hmm can we make a new vanity sure let’s give it a try and maybe we can use a few things we found at the dollar tree i picked up some wooden doll furniture two mini dressers and this little sofa table or desk then i noticed the knobs on this one are off center so i picked up another one these were a dollar twenty five each so this cost me five dollars i also picked up a mirror in the candle section hello everyone and a few laser cutouts at a dollar twenty five each all of this cost ten dollars i think we might need some recycled paper board as well and paint i think we can glue together these three pieces to make our vanity so let’s remove the legs from the desk right underneath the drawers that’s going to bridge these two pieces together but this is pretty thin i think i want it a little thicker i measure the sides cut recycled paper board stack and glue layers together i made two and i’m going to glue them onto the sides add paper board to the bottom to extend it glue on small pieces of paper board to fill in the gaps i’m also adding a piece to the top but now we have a little seam cut and stack a few layers to go on top to make it look smooth and cover it up so now we’ve made this piece of furniture a little wider repeat to make two take the long thin table that we cut the legs off of and let’s fill the sides with paper board to fill in the gap then glue another piece on top to make it flush on this furniture i’m finding that the sides aren’t always the same and i have to check my measurements for each side individually now the sides are flush with the top and i’m gonna glue it between the two larger pieces of furniture let’s add a little detail and cut tiny pieces of paper board and glue them onto the front of all the drawers i added details to the side and let’s put a smaller piece on top i would like to clean this up just a little so let’s add a piece right there another strip on top let’s remove one of the knobs from the center take one of the laser-cut icons cut off a piece they cut pretty easily and we’re gonna just glue that there i added a few more to make it extra fancy then take the legs we cut earlier and glue them underneath and i just realized that i could pull off the layers so i have more to decorate my vanity okay back to what i was supposed to be doing which was gluing on the legs adding a little height to the vanity let’s use the other desk for a bench i’m just gonna pull off these knobs oh come on they came off easily the first time all right that one’s good come on i chose to sand it a little and now we have a bench i want to glue the mirror to the back but i don’t want to do that until after we paint and i was also thinking maybe we could add a few more of those little decorative pieces so let’s paint it i’m using a white acrylic paint with a satin finish i needed a little extra support right here so i added some more of those cut pieces of clock in the back you know these things let’s cover the bench i’m gluing a fuzzy material on top and gluing it underneath to make a comfy cozy bench the weight of this is still a little too much so i’m gonna add another set of legs on the inside then paint them to match i think that’s better let’s take a little gold paint get a little on the tip of your brush and then i’m just going to swirl it around a little to get off a lot of the paint then just lightly brush it to help bring out some of those details i like to start with just a little and then if you want more you can just build it up this is the time to just highlight all of those little details i add a little extra paint to the knobs then i take the mirror and glue it in the back i add a jumbo popsicle stick going across for extra support it’s a little center the glue was drying fast there was a lot of moving parts i have a lot of excuses but we’re just gonna work with it today and i’m gonna take the other piece of the clock that we cut right here and i’m gonna glue it onto the back completing our dollar tree vanity even though we added legs it’s not very tall we probably could have used some square wooden dowels to add more height here’s my doll sitting on the bench her legs can go underneath however that little space or countertop in the center is very shallow we could always extend it like we did the sides if we wanted to make it deeper but overall i think it’s a very pretty addition to the dollhouse we can add little perfume bottles from one of our seven quickcrafts videos or some of our other favorites from other crafters like azusa barbie add flowers jewelry whatever you like to make this space your own i really wanted to make an ornate antique looking piece and i think we got it thank you for joining us while we made a vanity for our dolls using items we got from the dollar store like comment share and subscribe don’t forget to ring the bell and follow us on instagram at my froggy stuff the frog vlog and bella of my froggy stuff and we will see you next time [Music] you
Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCuDHf6bGvU

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