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hello friends welcome to a new happy learning video do you recognize this painting it’s the geoconda more commonly known as the mona lisa the most famous painting in the world she looks like she’s smiling doesn’t she or actually maybe not the truth is it’s a very mysterious smile do you know who painted it of course leonardo da vinci one of the greatest figures of all history [Music] leonardo da vinci was a wonderful artist of the 15th century of the modern age of the renaissance his enormous curiosity and his desire to learn about everything that surrounded him made him the greatest genius in history leonardo invented and designed incredible things such as the helicopter the parachute the bicycle the diving suit and even the submarine but these wonders had to wait hundreds of years before they could be built because in leonardo’s time the materials needed to make them didn’t exist can you believe it that’s why they say that leonardo da vinci was ahead of his time but we are not going to get ahead of ourselves we are going to start from the beginning from his birth leonardo was born in 1452 in a small town in italy called vinci hence his name leonardo da vinci from a very early age he showed a great ability to observe nature and also a great imagination he was a special boy even when it came to writing he wrote backwards instead of writing from left to right like almost everyone else he wrote from right to left and his texts look something like this in order to be able to read them you have to use a mirror strange isn’t it look look now you can read it it’s amazing you can try it yourself leonardo learned to paint with the best master of the time andrea verrocchio in florence he was such a good pupil and such a hard worker that he quickly surpassed his master in addition to painting he designed buildings bridges and even war machines such as this giant crossbow measuring 25 meters he also did fun things he worked organizing parties and shows for those who invented gadgets never seen before like this three-wheeled contraption that resembles a car he imagined cars hundreds of years before they even existed leonardo showed such interest in being curious and learning that he never stopped investigating painting and studying about many different things like the human body which led him to draw the vitruvian man which is one of his best known works you can see it here but leonardo above all dreamed of flying he studied for years the flight of birds and the bat the only flying mammal and he built his flying machine the ornithopter it’s a very funny and weird name isn’t it as you can see it was the first contraption that resembled an aeroplane that ever existed but unfortunately leonardo never got to fly with it but he never gave up he kept on researching working learning creating and enjoying himself until the last day of his life and that is his true genius [Music] the renaissance was a time of science art culture and leonardo da vinci truly embodied this the best 500 years later his works continue to inspire scientists inventors artists and all the visionaries from happy learning we ask you to never stop dreaming or learning and always be curious and never ever ever give up goodbye friends see you in the next video [Music]
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